The courts antics of three men, who are becoming widely known as ‘The Three Stooges’ reached a new level of absurdity today as one fake lawyer representing another fake lawyer asked a court on the island of Koh Samui to consider a libel case against a man who they did not know and had no idea where he lived.

Following on the circus of David Hanks, 65, former pimp and owner of the ‘Masquerades Brothel’ in Keysborough, Melbourne, Victoria, representing Scots fake lawyer Brian Goudie,aka Goldie, 46, in a libel case being brought against journalist Andrew Drummond in Pattaya, today it was the turn of Brian Goudie to represent American Drew Noyes, one time publisher of the Pattaya Times, in a libel case against an electrical engineer, based in China.


Drew Noyes

Drew Noyes, who was exposed in the Morning Star in Wilmington, North Carolina, as a man of ‘myriad lies’ before even coming to Thailand fifteen years ago, he says, ‘by Royal proclamation’ is seeking to establish he is a ‘real man’ and is understood to be suing over a picture of himself and Goudie, as butch and leathered gays.

Noyes boasted about owning Thailand’s only nationally ‘Gay’ magazine -‘Spice’ but that business, which of course was not Thailand’s only nationally distributed gay magazine collapsed in an acrimonious dispute.

His magazine was promoted in his Pattaya Times newspaper.

Noyes Pattaya Times ‘owned’ Spice magazine – but he apparently believes gays are not real men

Ironically all three of the ‘stooges’ have much more serious criminal cases against them in the courts in Thailand.

*Drew Noyes,57, who falsely advertised himself as an American lawyer in Thailand, and his wife Wanrapa Boonsu,30 are on trial in Pattaya Provincial Court for the extortion of the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien and is also being sued by a Dutchman for 2.5 million baht.

Brian Goudie

*Brian Goudie, has been ordered to go to trial for cheating a 75-year-old American woman out of US$300,000 while claiming he was a British barrister and Captain of the Marines. He is also being sued by British estate agent John Jepson for misrepresenting himself as a lawyer and former Royal Marines Captain.

*And David Hanks, who is trying to get back to Australia, has been charged with racketeering in that he ran a scheme to lend cash to Russians in Pattaya at the rate of 60% per cent a month. The investigation was conducted by the DSI.

In court Goudie described the defendant Ally Cooper as a ‘chang fai’ (electrician) who lived in Songkhla. This came as a surprise to the oil company executive I spoke to later, who said he had never ever been to Songkhla, and was living in China.

In court Goudie told the judge that he was familiar with the law and wish himself to conduct the prosecution in Thai. Although he runs a company called Alba Laws Goudie has never been a lawyer.

He had even given a (false) address to the court, which sent out their equivalent of a bailiff, in this case a local gardener, to find the elusive Brit and deliver the writ, unsuccessfully. While he clearly was wasting the court’s time this is a matter which could be raised in the future – but as the case seems unlikely to go ahead it may not arise.

At any rate the case was not even discussed. Goudie, who under the name Goldie, was jailed in Australia for six years for stealing from his employees, a mining company (not the first time that accusation has been made), was told by the judge that he had up to February 20th to find the missing defendant or the case would be dismissed…and will be added to the long list of failed attempts at the law made by two make believe lawyers.

David Hanks

Goudie left in the pouring rain having arrived in Koh Samui by bus.  He failed to turn up at Pattaya Provincial Court last week to hear a judge demanding he stand trial on criminal charges also in February.

Comment:One wonders when the Thai legal system is going to catch up with these clowns.

The author does not know whether this is the picture Ally is being sued over. It would make sense because he is trying to sue two other people over it, but he is puzzled as to why Noyes thinks the message of the photo-shopped picture is that he is gay.
“I thought it was startlingly obvious. The original poster of this photo-shopped picture obviously saw that these two men (Goudie buttocks protruding – Noyes in pouch with white stripe) are not who they pretend to be, i.e, when you take off their clothing there is nothing there. They have no substance. In Scotland we have the expression ‘all fur coat and nae knickers’ Goudie, who is from Falkirk, and Hanks, who is from Girvan, must have appreciated the irony surely”.

Today’s weather in Koh Samui.  WET WITH MORE WET EXPECTED.



Another Devil’s Advocate bites the dust

6 thoughts on “YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE IT UP! PART MMX11

  1. Somewhere I read that Drew Noyes at one time published a magazine that the target demographic was the male gay community of Pattaya.

    If so, could these pictures be considered a tribute from the Pattaya gay community for Drew's magazine's support?

    It would be nice if more information about this magazine Drew Noyes' allegedly published that focused on the gay community in Pattaya would be made public, even if it was a failed venture.

  2. They seek him there……they seek him here……hey seek that blasted Scarlet Pimpernel COOPER…every where……so now you've resorted to perjury in the Thai courts…….mmmmm very, very interesting…..
    I'm 2500K away in Shanghai…… deliver that imbeciles….

  3. Not finding out the name and address of the other party does not bode well for Brian's career but as he reads this site here is some advice for him:

    "Brian, this requires much the same information as for filling in a Part 20. This would have been covered in the module called "Drafting" when you took the Bar Vocational Course in order to be Called to the Bar"

  4. I see on his blog ex-con Brian (who reports his involvement in his cases in the third person) is claiming that will get his Thai lawyer to ask the leave of the court to allow him to serve the papers on a company who has offices in Singapore, Thailand, US etc.

    Apparently he has some hope that the company may be Ally's employer and may pass them on to him somewhere in the world if they knew him ……….. wow, that is not the way to start a case, admit to the court you have no idea who he is or even which country he lives in.

    Rattling through his blog I noted many bold assertions and claims on every facet of every case in his busy life except:

    1. That he is an ex-con who has served a lengthy term in prison for a dishonesty offence whilst in a position of trust; and
    2. That he has told potential and actual clients that he is a barrister and ex Royal Marine whilst he never been either, just a lowly bank clerk and fraudster.

    Advice to Brian:

    "Post on your blog your Call certificate and commission and explain where you were for those years that evidence points to a Brian Goldie/Goudie having been in prison in Australia. Clear all this up, if you can."

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