Drew Walter Noyes, the former publisher of the Pattaya Times newspaper, said through lawyers at court today that he would not be coming back to Thailand to attend court appearances as US laws prevented his return.

His lawyer told Bangkok Criminal Court that Noyes, who last month failed to turn up to hear his appeal against a 2 year jail sentence for extortion, would not return because American laws required him to look after his children and he would not get permission to leave the country.

In fact there is no such American law, but of course #DrewNoyes cannot desert his children. He would be required to arrange their care. That it appears is what he cannot do. Last month he announced that his ex-wife Nittaya Chaisit, would be getting a visa to the United States. But Noyes told his lawyers there was no-one else to look after his children.

Noyes brought five children to the United States, two by his current Thai common law wife Wanrapa Boonsu, (Kung) and three by his former wife Nittaya.

He was found guilty last year of extortion. He had threatened the owner of the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien, that unless he paid up some 7 million baht his clinic would be subject to a police raid when illegal drugs would be found, and he would suffer bad publicity in his newspaper.  Both he and Wanrapa who assisted in his scam were given bail while appealing conviction.

Noyes ‘I shall not return’ statement came as his lawyers formally withdrew charges he had laid against  Andrew Drummond, the owner of this site,  Kanokrat Nimsamooth Booth, and Alastair Cooper.

In a related cases in Pattaya Scotsmen Brian Goudie, from Falkirk, and David Hanks from Girvan, failed to turn up for their cases.


#BrianGoudie, who re-invented himself as a British barrister in Thailand after being jailed for six years in Australia for defrauding a Perth Mining Company, sent in his latest girlfriend Jirapun Mootsopa, 19, with a doctor’s note to say he had been involved in a motorcycle accident.  On the last occasion his lawyers said he had injured himself falling down the stairs of his Key Bar Restaurant and Guest House.

The judges informed lawyers that a warrant will be issued for his arrest if he did not turn up next month to face charges related to ‘revenge porn’. The Pattaya Court will also issue a warrant of arrest for Drew Noyes.

#BrianGoudie is currently on bail appealing a three year jail sentence for posing as a barrister and former officer in the Royal Marines to cheat American Barbara Fanelli Miller out of some US$300,000 in Pattaya.

And in another related case David John Hanks, 67, from Girvan, Ayrshire, the former owner of the Masquerades brothel in Keysborough, Melbourne, also failed to turn up to face perjury charges. He skipped his trial in September saying he had problems with his Thai Visa.


Hanks worked with both Drew Noyes and Goudie and was involved in an attempted scam on US publishing magnate Bill Monson.  He also worked out of Drew Noyes’ ‘One Stop Service Center’ in Pattaya, and according to evidence presented in court played a part in the attempted extortion of the Thonglor Clinic, but was not charged.

Goudie in an email today was still litigating: “Oh, I was not at Court today,  no problem the case was adjourned, but I think the cops finally got Nang, just waiting on confirmation. Your pal from Hull also now has a warrant coming. Oops.”
More on Hanks later.


  1. The scrawl of the child, hey Bwian…….
    First it was immigration outside Pattaya court……then you were screaming down the phone to a fellow champion of the right and good that I would be arrested by immigration when leaving Thailand next….but of course you'd failed to tell this to immigration……duh….… as I'd been there all day in Khon Kaen, now it’s the cops (who next….the girl guides of Thailand) who are going to arrest me……for WHAT? WHAT have I done except highlight the activities of you….a multi convicted life time career fraudster? You couldn't even mention me by name because of course it’s yet another bunch of “a stuff of nonsense” and if you had mentioned my name that would be LIBEL.
    In the words of Captain Mainwaring……
    "You stupid boy"!

  2. It matters not to the courts why a person defies a court order to appear unless you are dead or otherwise incapacitated.

    The Thai system is to blame after releasing noyes and allowing him to leave the country… What moron would return to spend a couple of glorious years in the infamous Thai penal system?

  3. I wonder how much a billboard in his hometown would cost Saying Wanted for jumping bail in Thailand case number ####. Would love to see him explain his way out of that… lol

    1. aha Brian. You're still in the land of the living. I dont think you are in a position to arrange anything at the moment – hiding upstairs in the key bar with a warrant for your arrest for putting porno of your assistant on the net and appealing a 3 year jail sentence for fraud and embezzlement. U need to check out the validity of those warrants too btw.

  4. Maybe the law that is preventing Noyes from leaving US is the one that allows authorities to confiscate/cancel the passport of those under investigation (in US) who may be considered a flight risk?

  5. Is there an extradition agreement between the United States and Thailand? If there is, I wonder if the Thais will seek to have Noyes returned to their country.

  6. The Thais dont want him back. That was the whole point in being so lenient with his travel permission and bail extensions.
    He was….is….. an embarrasment to certain individuals and organisations that he ingratiated himself into. Having him gone is the best way……..why extradite the liability back where he could cause a fair amount of problems?

    1. I think the meal with the whole judges of Pattaya sums up this now ..? hint the reason for the picture and hint why he not now coming back ?

  7. His status as a convicted fugitive may warrant Interpol listing…?? But, thaksin is a fugitive and wanders the globe with impunity, I doubt there is much interest in pursuing noyes although the US justice dept has a long arm now and very keen on jailing US citizens with felony convictions abroad.

  8. Maybe he has been unwittingly cunning. The septics are a funny bunch, they regularly seize passports at the US Embassy under the Passport Denial Program and allow them a one way document back home. If you owe more than $2500 in child support back in the good ol' US of A this can happen:

    "Under the Passport Denial Program, states certify cases in which an obligor owes more than $2,500
    in unpaid child support. The Office of Child Support Enforcement transmits the information to
    the Department of State so that a U.S. passport will not be issued, or renewed, to someone who
    is not supporting his or her children. Passports can be seized if the holder requests a change,
    such as a new address or an additional dependant. In some cases, the child support
    agency can help to obtain a federal warrant. The Department of State can then start procedures
    to revoke the passport or arrest the obligor at the border when he or she returns to the United

  9. You must be hitting his revenue flow big time Andrew?
    His old 'Noyes Reality Building' ( bungalow or low rise house )at 613 Green Valley Drive is now a fencing contractor.
    Cory's Custom Carpentry Wilmington, NC, United States

  10. Well done..commonsense and justice has finally prevailed albeit in a long and protracted time span. I hope DN remembers who he "dudded" including myself, and can never return to Thailand, I will now comfortably return to live out and enjoy my retirement there…without having to put up with his presence or nonsense. Ahhhh…. life's good.

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