Just when something happens which makes you doubt the innocence of the two Burmese  accused of murdering Britons Hannah Witheridge and David Miller on Koh Tao,  for instance the statements today by the families of the victims saying they have confidence in the police investigation, something always seems to come up to make you think, well there’s something not quite right with this place.

But I guess local DJ David Love pictured here (no prizes for guessing this is not his real name) is happy with the news.

The statements were issued with the approval of Scotland Yard.  And DJ Love has even got a British police cap  (possibly Scottish military police unless he got that from an Scottish Assistant Commissioner) which he dons on the suitable occasion.

Love, who works at the AC bar and also the Cancun bar in Koh Tao, also seems to have a fascination with guns and western women and is not shy to say it.

The following pictures appear on his Facebook page and they are not all toys – though some look more dangerous than they actually are.

Makes you think local police might have better things to do than continually stopping the Burmese and charging them for motorcycle offences.

Of course you do not need to read anything into these pictures. We have already seen some Dj’s and Thai woman posing with a hoe – similar to the weapon used in the double murder of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller – though reportedly used on Hannah only.

Despite the ‘I hate Thailand’ video which promotes Thai hospitality and care sometimes locals do not take into account foreign sensitivities.

Currently it looks like the two 21-year-old Burmese will go down for these murders and may even be sentenced to death.

Thailand meanwhile has taken a hit on tourism and the AC bar, where Hannah and David had been drinking, can claim possibly to now have a collection of the some of the worst tripadvisor reviews in the world  – though it had most of them before the barbaric murders and rape in September.

Not quite sure what the bottle opener and ‘Counterpain’ are for. Suggestions?

Barbaric they were, but the two Burmese, it is admitted, had no significant marks of injuries on them, apart from those discovered and examined by the Thai National Human Rights Commission.  Thai Police have denied they were tortured for their confession.



    1. I agree. Straight out of the suburbs on a gap year. Nothing more exciting than a few locals for guns, especially while downing a bucket.

  1. Why don' t those boy just drop their pants? All that gun display is just a surrogate for genitalia.

    RE murder case; Have the families been told by Thai police the case is "perfect"? Are they perhaps basing statements on the DNA evidence which seem to be the most doubted evidence by the general public in Thailand. Are they aware the Thai head of forensics stated the crime scene was not processed properly and that General Panya, initially tasked with the case was relieved the day after stating the killer's were known and references made to a man who had escaped to Bangkok?

    1. Have they also been updated on how Britains record of cover ups to keep International trade and even arms deals going at all costs? If not, try reading Saudi Babylon. This whole case is one stitch up to help Thailand save face. Shame on all concerned if innocents rot in prison or even face the executioner in the name of International trade and debt just like Australians Government left innocent Schapelle Corby to rot with a gagging order to reveal the truth.

    2. Christy, there are a number of posts where you have taken offense with young women being referred to as "girls". It seems you're being a bit of a hypocrite referring to these young men as boys. 🙂

  2. I have, over the years, seen many females, mostly from the UK with these young "Thai" men. There seems to be some kind of fascination with the girls in their hosts though more often than not as with their male farang counterparts, they learn the lesson very quickly that Thailand is NOT farang land and the same rules that exist back home do not apply in the Land of Smiles. Abuse in all its forms is the rule. Young testosterone fueled Thai and Burmese men with a fascination for fire arms is common place and look out any farang poo ying who takes a fancy to the well tanned smiling cuties who are in reality penis sized and educationally challenged. .

  3. I can't help wondering what those Scotland Yard fellows thought of Thailand. Assuming they popped into places like Cowboy and Nana Plaza….maybe Soi 6 Pattaya, I guess they talked to a few locals on Koh Tao and watched their fellow countrymen and women disporting themselves in the bars and beaches. They must think the place is bonkers.

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