One of Hua Hin’s most famous developers, former Brit drugs supremo Darren Oxley, is in the centre of a controversy again after a Russian buyer was allegedly stiffed for the 3 million baht which he put down on an Oxley Home.

It turns out that the land, which the Russian bought through an estate agent in the town, did not belong to Oxley’s wife after all and after discovering the ‘mistake’ the Russian demanded his money back. Needless to say it was not returned.

Oxley’s wife was last year sentenced to life imprisonment for conspiracy to murder retired U.S. Marine, Don ‘’Biffo’ Whiting, whose car was firebombed before he was gunned down at his Oxley home in Hua Hin.  He had complained Darren Oxley had ripped him off and had instigated legal action against him.

Perhaps the Russian had heard of this because at this stage he is merely suing the agent who, I understand, claims that he passed on the cash to the Oxleys and they won’t give it back.

Evidence presented at Mrs. Oxley’s trial with the gunmen showed that money to them could be traced back to her account.  However Janpen of course got bail, as all influential people do in Hua Hin, to appeal the verdict. So it’s business as usual.

In 2001 Oxley went on trial with nine members of his gang at Sheffield Crown Court.  His colleagues were jailed for a total of 60 years in 2001 for ‘flooding the area’s clubs with cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines.’

During the trial it was claimed that Oxley was the ringleader of the operation and his crew had “lived in fear” of him. He was described as “violent” and “not a man you mess with”.

Oxley at work in Hua Hin

However mysteriously Oxley skipped bail between his guilty verdict and sentencing – and even though a bench warrant was issued South Yorkshire police failed to put a stop notice on him leaving the country.

(Janpen) Yongyu Oxley

Requests for information made under the Britain’s Freedom of Information Act were met with a no comment by police claiming it was ‘ an ongoing operational matter’.  That suggested he was grassing on other villains or at least had come to sort of deal.

Then later a Crown Prosecution Service spokesman confirmed that there had never been any attempt to extradite Oxley and said: 

“Due to the type and age of the offence, the file on Oxley has been destroyed in accordance with CPS policy on retention.”

Don Whiting, now 70, remains paralysed and wheelchair bound.

Hospital treatment and nursing care has been catastrophic on his finances.  He was shot four times and a bullet is still lodged in his spine

He was also the victim of one of Thailand’s many dodgy IFAs (Independent Financial Advisers)

As a foreigner Oxley cannot own land of course and it was claimed that the parcel in question was owned by Janpen, now going under the name Youngyu.

Neither the Russian or the agent were available for comment. But their names will be revealed if a promised private prosecution takes place (Police as usual will not take action).

The guilty verdict does not appear to have affected their life style.  From their mansion in Soi 88 – Oxley House, they still put on lavish parties and entertain local dignitaries and some of Hua Hin’s growing British criminal fraternity.


  1. Looks like Oxley met his match. She looks as mean and spiteful as a cobra with a purse.

    Two peas in a pod. Lets see how Karma proceeds with these two reprobates..

    This one will take some time, as the twin-roots grow deep..

  2. It appears that Britain and Thailand have a mutually beneficial relationship, particularly for the relocation of certain individuals who can lend their talents for the benefit of selected Thais at the expense of a few "victims", who are more likely to be foreigners than Thais. If it's Thais getting the rough end of the stick, I doubt that the relationship would be tolerated.

  3. Everyone normally gets the rough end of the stick except the Perpetrators – but the tide is changing, largely due to the efforts of this website.

    There is strength in numbers, so here's a message to all you "silent majority" readers out there with a modicum of conscience – GET INVOLVED!

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