If you ever wondered where Richard Haughton – the businessman who sold condos at Emerald Palace in Pattaya and then hawked them to the bank – , is then keep checking this site. 

Currently however he is now promoting himself as managing director of Snowden Holdings and claims to be adept at bank repossessions.

#RichardHaughton is of course a man of multiple companies but now believed to be settling in Koh Chang in Trat Province, far enough away from Pattaya not to be bothered, but also a tourist and property boom area.

His victims of the companies TPME, Thai Property Media and Exhibitions, Harlequin (Thailand) Maintenance, and Headland Holdings are still fighting for their units at Emerald Palace scam through the courts and winning.

And an investigation by the CSD is ongoing but at a snail’s pace apparently. However it does now look like British television wants to have a look at Haughton more closely.

Meanwhile Limcharoen, the British Embassy recommended lawyers., who now own Headland Holdings, are fighting of course to ensure British citizens cough up to the fullest.


  1. It's always the same old story, hard working, blue collar people who place their trust and savings in people who turn out to be complete scumbags. It's one thing to say buyer beware etc, but honest people just can't comprehend how these people can be so devious and cold-hearted in stealing their cash.

    They are decent people and the old saying 'none as blind as the righteous applies.' They expect people to honour a deal and why the hell shoudn't they. The problem is Thailand's civil laws work so slow that before action can be launched the villain has either disappeared or safely squirreled the cash offshore and out of reach of the courts.

    Seeing the bloated old conman enjoying a glass of wine must be infuriating for the victims of this guy. Someone should get a show going where they door stop these guys and show the world who they are. That way at least others will know to avoid them.

  2. Hang on a minute… He says May 2006 – present (8years 2 months) Thailand. Unless they have changed basic math since I was at school, May 2006 + 8years and 2 months = July 2014. So everyone has two months to expose him before he starts trading. Good heads up Richard

  3. Thank you for making this information accessible to the public. At the time when he was piggybacking the various projects and shuffling buyers, there wasn't much out there to find. Hopefully anybody dealing with the man will at least google him and be led here. But hey, at least the Emerald Palace was actually built!

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