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BUT DON’T CRACK OPEN THE CHAMPAGNE – WANNA BUY A HOTEL IN PATTAYA? A hotel in Pattaya which is already mortgaged to a bank has now joined the list of properties offered and sold to foreigners. The Ahmedabad Mirror in India is reporting that Indian travel agent Bhargav Verma, has lodged a case of fraud against Saleem Veetil owner of …

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Getting results where BBC Panorama fails* Two more Britons were awarded the title deeds of their condominiums in Thailand today as judges ruled on a scam by the property company Harlequin, run locally by former video store owner from the British Midlands. Paul Rose and Maxine Warhurst won their case at the Pattaya Provincial court, following on the victories of …

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If you ever wondered where Richard Haughton – the businessman who sold condos at Emerald Palace in Pattaya and then hawked them to the bank – , is then keep checking this site.  Currently however he is now promoting himself as managing director of Snowden Holdings and claims to be adept at bank repossessions. #RichardHaughton is of course a man …

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COURT KNOWS HOW COMPANIES WERE JUGGLED The Emerald Palace Property scam in Pattaya which was first exposed on this website is coming to a close.  Property buyers from Britain and other countries have been getting possession of their properties. What’s more the Thai Courts have been ruling that the buyers should either get all their money back or the company …

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Harlequin lavished millions on promotions but built little

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 £1 MILLION SPENT ON 2 DAY PROMOTION ATTENDED BY THE PRIME MINISTERS OF ST. LUCIA AND ST.VINCENT. HAVE PATTAYA OFFICIALS LUCKED OUT? (In the British sense of the expression) Intrepid local paper sleuth John Austin of the Basildon Echo in the U.K. is pressing on with his enquiry into the locally based Harlequin Property Company – a company responsibility for …

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Is Thailand’s Attorney-General Moving Against Dodgy Developers?

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Emerald Palace Visited By Police – Sensation A controversial condominium project in Pattaya linked to a British company, which has taken billions of pounds for property projects, which have never been built, in the Caribbean and Thailand, was yesterday (Wednesday) visited by police and Pattaya Consumer Protection Officers. (Picture by CB) Emerald Palace on Pratamnak Hill, Pattaya, initiated by David …

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Harlecon! Property Developers in Thai rip-offs face High Court – UK –

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HARLEQUIN RAN ‘SYSTEMATIC FRAUD’ – CLAIMS THEIR ACCOUNTANT (Picture: David Ames) – A company run by a former bankrupt British double glazing salesman responsible for selling off plan developments on Thailand’s eastern seaboard is finally going to be grilled in the High Court in London over its activities. The boss of Harlequin, Essex businessman David Ames, who promoted several projects …

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Attorney General To Consider Complaints of Ripped Off Condo Owners

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Coming Soon – A Can Of Worms. – Following an earlier report here owners of Emerald Palace condominium in Pattaya who found that their properties had been hawked to the Kasikorn Bank by a local developer have received a  sympathetic hearing at the local office of the Attorney General. With all the faffing about which has gone on during the …

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Foreign Owners Protest Thailand’s Low Life Foreign Property Cowboys-

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WILL JUSTICE PREVAIL IN THAILAND AGAINST THESE PROPERTY FRAUDSTERS? – Foreigners, who arrived in Thailand to find that the deeds to the homes they had bought in Pattaya had been hawked to a Thai bank for a loan by the developer, will protest tomorrow at the local office of the Attorney General. After banging their heads against a brick wall, …

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Grumpy Old Men – The Good Life – And Financial Scammers

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They’re irritable. They like a tipple. They don’t like fakes ruining their retirement playground. Could the mysterious ‘Grumpy Old Men Society’ in Phuket, Thailand, help put an end to charlatans on the island. Read On. Flying Sporran’s Bangkok Midweek Diary I am going slightly off my beat today to say hello to the fine residents of St. Vincent in the Grenadines.  …