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BUT WILL CHEATED BUYERS PUT HIM IN JAIL? THAI POLICE WON’T. Briton Richard Haughton – the man behind the ‘Emerald Palace’ condo scam in Pattaya has returned to Thailand and now lives in a village in Hua Hin run by the infamous Dutch property developer Dingeman ‘Dinkie’ Hendrikse. Haughton The corpulent former President of the Pattaya-Jomtien Rotary Club has settled …

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Getting results where BBC Panorama fails* Two more Britons were awarded the title deeds of their condominiums in Thailand today as judges ruled on a scam by the property company Harlequin, run locally by former video store owner from the British Midlands. Paul Rose and Maxine Warhurst won their case at the Pattaya Provincial court, following on the victories of …

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COURT KNOWS HOW COMPANIES WERE JUGGLED The Emerald Palace Property scam in Pattaya which was first exposed on this website is coming to a close.  Property buyers from Britain and other countries have been getting possession of their properties. What’s more the Thai Courts have been ruling that the buyers should either get all their money back or the company …

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Harlequin – Investors Clamour For Answers

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BUT DEVELOPERS ARE KEEPING SCHTUM!  + HARLEQUIN’S THAI FOOTPRINT British investors, who brought property in Pattaya when it was being promoted by David Ames of the Harlequin Property Group and never got it, are encouraged to contact the Serious Fraud Office in London. Haughton While most of its problems are in St Vincent and Barbados in the Caribbean several Harlequin  ‘You …

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Is Thailand’s Attorney-General Moving Against Dodgy Developers?

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Emerald Palace Visited By Police – Sensation A controversial condominium project in Pattaya linked to a British company, which has taken billions of pounds for property projects, which have never been built, in the Caribbean and Thailand, was yesterday (Wednesday) visited by police and Pattaya Consumer Protection Officers. (Picture by CB) Emerald Palace on Pratamnak Hill, Pattaya, initiated by David …

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Pattaya – Where Consumer Protection Is A 'B' Word

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A ROTARY CLUB CONMAN – & THE ANATOMY OF A THAI PROPERTY SCAM (CONTD) May 10 2012 A Flying Sporran Update Richard Haughton – the fat cat of Thai Media & Property Exhibition Co., Ltd – is back in Thailand after successfully avoiding investors he had ripped off .When they come he goes. Here one of his victims tells of what happened when …

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Video Exclusive: CROSSING THE LINE – Rotary Club Men and Media Meddlers

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A six year scam comes full circleCOMMENTApril 15 2012Six years ago the Pattaya People Media Corporation began heavily promoting Harlequin Property and Thailand Property and Media Exhibition Company Ltd.Now it has become clearly obvious that Harlequin run by Essex former double glazing salesman – turned bankrupt – David Ames, and taken over in Thailand by Richard Haughton, a former President …

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Royal Marine Was Scammed By Pattaya Businessmen While Serving in Iraq

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BUT MARINE’S MISSING CASH IS JUST A DROP IN THE OCEAN A Flying Sporran Inquiry Pattaya, April 5 2012A British Royal Marine was scammed out of £30,000 by foreign businessmen in Pattaya while serving his country in Iraq and Lebanon.Toby Brockhurst, 28, from Bristol, was with 45 Commando, Royal Marines, based in Arbroath, Scotland, when he was talked into buying …

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The Scandal Of The British Property Fraudsters (contd)

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A SAD DAY FOR ‘CONSUMER PROTECTION’ ‘You have the dream – we create the nightmare’ March 14 2012A Flying Sporran Enquiry   British property swindlers allegedly under investigation in Pattaya are openly running rings around so called Consumer Protection department officials by continuing to offer dodgy deals while under investigation themselves. While fending off victims seeking their money back from housing scams in the Thai resort …