Thai police tell Win Zaw Htub and Zaw Lin to wai and ask forgiveness

Following the complete retraction of the confessions of their suspects and detailed reports of torture under interrogation assisted by a translator whose real job was selling banana and Nutella pancakes, the Royal Thai Police were left last night with uncorroborated DNA to bring to trial two migrant workers for the backpacker murders on Koh Tao.

Win Zaw Thun and Zaw Lin today emphatically denied being involved in the murders of Hannah Witheridge, 23, and David Miller, during a five hour visit, said human rights lawyer Rassada Manurassada

“The suspects said they did not do the crime they were accused of. This is very important.” 
“The suspects said they were beaten during the police interrogation. The interpreter kicked them in the chest”. 

In fact the interpreter used by police turned out to be a local roti seller of Bangladeshi descent and was not always intelligible.

Apart from allegedly beating the two suspects, the interpreter also extorted money from Win, Rassada told the Khao Sod newspaper.

“The interpreter told Win that his personal money could be confiscated, so he asked Win to give him the money – a total of 4,300 baht -and promised to send it to the suspect’s parents in Myanmar,” Rassada said. “We will investigate whether that money has really been transferred to Win’s relatives.

The parents of Win are due to fly into Bangkok tomorrow.

It is understood the two young Burmese want to present evidence of an alibi.

This leaves Thai police with what can be only regarded as ‘untrustworthy’ DNA profiles which they say match the young Burmese.

But according to Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunan ,Thailand’s Chief Forensic Pathologist, the Royal Thai Police did not employ an independent forensic pathologist from the start. That left the police able to do what they want.

“It is essential the work of the forensic pathologist is independent from the police.”

What this means is that even the original sperm DNA allegedly taken from Hannah may be unreliable.
If that is the case then the only other authority which could have the DNA of the killer is the Norfolk Coroner’s Officer.  A post mortem has been carried out in the UK.

From the CSI LA Facebook page tonight – what purports to be confession in Thai

In that case the Thai Police would not especially welcome British detectives due next week to examine a case they consider to be closed.

COMMENT: That could pose a problem for diplomatic relations. If for instance the National Human Rights Commission asked to see them they could decline seeking diplomatic immunity etc. But Britain is now a strong advocate of human rights, something the current Ambassador H.E. Mark Kent is quick to spell out. The NHCR could easily extend its brief. Or will the British police delegation just quietly come and quietly go?

 Roti seller with a right hook? Seated on left watching Burmese officials interview Ko Maung Maung


  1. Andrew, thank you for confirming that at post mortem was carried out in the UK – It is very likely then that the UK police have DNA evidence against which to conduct a test of the alleged perpetrators DNA.

    But this is Thailand so strange things can happen.

    I and many others are already seriously concerned for the safety of the two Burmese suspects, but we should not save all our concern for them alone.

    I recall that during the hunt for the Saudi Jewels (the disappearance of which was closely linked to the boys in brown) – The Saudis sent over government representatives to 'assist' in the hunt – from recollection two of these Saudi gentlemen wound up floating face down in a Bangkok Klong.

    I feel this case is nowhere near the end, and this being Thailand could get even more bizarre than an episode of the magic roundabout.

  2. I've always thought that some day, some where, some time, the world would know just how corrupt and inept the Thai police really are. We've all watched for years with open mouthed disbelief at how outrageously corrupt the Thai police have been in handling the murders of foreigners in Thailand. This case has followed the usual farce with influential people, friendly cops and dodgy forensic methods being involved, along with the usual allegations of patsies being arrested and tortured to confess.

    The really sad part is this is all seemingly done in a misguided attempt at protecting the 'national image.' This shows how far removed from reality the Thai leadership really is. As long as I've been going to Thailand it has been known as a very corrupt country, a country ruled by a predator ruling class who think the laws only apply to the poorer masses. The ruling mandarins seem to think Thailand is seen internationally as some ancient Buddhist Kingdom with a peaceful and happy population.

    This case has revealed to the world what every long term resident knows. Thailand is hopelessly corrupt and the Thai police are inept, inefficient, secretive and use barbaric methods to extract confessions. They will happily put innocent people in jail for life if it some how protects the imaginary image of the country. The omnipotent tourist industry must be protected at all costs, even if that means lying and setting up innocent people as murderers and rapists.

    The Thai police have got away with this nonsense for far too long.

  3. Isn't it great this so called translator is so compassionate. As a Rohingya living in Thailand, you'd think he'd understand what it is like to be persecuted. I've seen many refugees like this. They arrive claiming persecution and claim if they are sent home they will be killed etc. Once set up in their new country they themselves become exploiters and persecutors of new arrivals from their own country. Instead of offering compassion and kindness, they exploit and take advantage of their fellow countrymen.

    This guy probably pays the police to be allowed to run his pancake business. He's probably their snitch and go to guy when their is trouble involving Burmese. The fact he's allegedly happily taken the side of the Thai police in this case shows a lot about his character. He's supposed to translate only, not get involved in interrogating the suspects. Now he's allegedly stolen one of the suspect's money, This case just gets better and better.

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