The Thai resort of Pattaya – a hub of criminals and con men running charitable worthy organisations – has recently welcomed a new man on the block.

He is Norman Edwin Steele, also known as Norman Moxon, and is now the Master of the Trident Lodge of the Freemasons.

Actually Steele has been around for a few years  stealthily networking but the Trident Lodge is a new Lodge, operating separately from the West Winds Freemason Lodge in the same city, which of course starred Scots paedophile Martin Frutin.

It seems Norman is in the financial advice business or a person with his name and same appearance is.

But that person appears to have first been driven out of the UK,  South Africa and the Channel Islands and the Costa del Sol where he was selling products to avoid Inheritance Tax

Norman is not answering my calls. Perhaps he does not take calls from  unrecognised telephone numbers for indeed a lot of people appear  to want to meet up with him.

Recently he has been selling products from Cornhill Management – giving a bank in London.  Cornhill, here’s a well-known name in finance.

But wait a minute it’s not quite Cornhlll Management , not even Cornhill Management LC, ( a clone)..This one is Cornhill Management  o.c.p – SA and  registered in Eastern Europe.

No need to get into the nitty gritty here.  Potential customers need only know that this Norman Edwin Steele is not registered to give financial advice in Thailand or indeed to sell financial products.  So if you lose money – you won’t get any back without a shot-gun.

As for the other Norman Edwin Steele, well the Jersey Financial Services Commission  issued this notice way back in 2002.

Then three years later the Financial Services Board issued this notice against Steele who was hanging out in Durban.

A report that a police arrest warrant was issued cannot be confirmed at this time.

But this Norman Edwin Steele shortly afterwards turned up on the Costa del Sol where again he seems to have upset a lot of people.

The online magazine of the Costa del Sol Action Group published an article shortly after this Norman Edwin Steele left for Thailand.

The article had Norman’s name with a cover picture depicting a shark and the article inside was headed with a picture of a rat.  – and look! This Norman Edwin Steele has got a thing about Freemasons.

The editor of the magazine who was sent a picture of the Thai based Norman Edwin Steele said: ‘Yes. its the same man’.

Freemasons are meant to help each other right?  Seems that Norman might have taken a few by surprise.

You have been warned about #NormanEdwinSteele or #JamesNormanMoxonSteele

James Norman Moxon Steele  has since been in touch and denied allegations made by the Costa del Sol Action Group which he says have been conducting a  vendetta against.
His says he is no longer operating as a financial advisor.

Here are his points against CDSG which are contained in pictures in this article:  I am happy to publish.

The warnings by the Jersey and South African authorities have not been withdrawn.

 “I was in Holland at a dressage seminar when they visited my offices. This they were aware of but didn’t take any notice.

 “I didn’t desert my wife and lave South Africa that day – I wasn’t even in South Africa. In fact, I didn’t leave until 7 months after this took place i.e. April 2002.

“My wife and I remained good friends even to this day. She didn’t join me in Spain because of family commitments which she now regrets. I am asking her to produce a sworn affidavit to this effect. My son never worked for me. There was no death as reported – a complete fabrication.

“The CDSAG started this campaign about me because I was defending my business partner who they were also making false allegations about.

” I started legal action via Baker & Co., in Jersey (various copies of letters attached but I couldn’t afford to continue because the fees were too high.

“There was never an arrest warrant taken out on me but the FSB did try and report the matter to the policy but they threw it out – see attached letter. There is more’.

A document supplied from the Commercial Branch of the South African Police Service dated September 7th 2007 shows the that the police case which was sent to the prosecutor was subsequently withdrawn by the prosecutor.

Famous ‘iffy’ people in Thailand’s worthy institutions

Pattaya Police Foreign Volunteers – 

Niels Morten Storm Colov, (Danish) former pimp and member of Copenhagen underworld (still active)

Pattaya Jomtien Rotary Club

Niels Marten Storm Colov (as above) former President.

Richard Haughton (British):  Property fraudster, former boss of Harlequin Thailand, then Thai Media and Property Exhibition Company (still active). Sold property then raised a 70 million baht loan with other people’s property deeds.
Pattaya Optimists:

Drew Walter Noyes (American): Exposed in the United States as a con man, Sentenced to two years in jail for extortion in Thailand, currently in US says he will not return to face sentence. 
Michael Strouse (American) former pornographer, Given a BOI licence to manufacture softweare in Thailand.
Brian Wright (American):  Ran an agency giving Thai women US marriage visas. Convicted of child sexual abuse.
Paul Richard Bell (American):  Boiler room fraudster (now reported dead)
John Guccone (American) Boiler room fraudster.
Freemason’s Lodge – West Winds

Martin Frutin, (British-Scot): Convicted of possessing child pornography. Lived with young boy in Pattaya openly.
International Bar Association

Brian Goudie (British Scot) Totally fake lawyer and fake officer in Royal Marines. Jailed in Australia under the name Brian Goldie. Convicted in Thailand of a US$300,000 fraud on 78-year-old Barbara Fanelli Miller of Madison, Wisconsin.
Lions Club of Thailand (Silom 310D)

Drew Noyes (as above) Resigned 2015

David John Hanks (Australian-Scot): Former owner of Masquerades Brothel, Keysborough, Victoria, Australia, currently facing perjury charges in Pattaya. Resigned 2015.


  1. Interesting to note that of the list of scoundrels, a minority even bother with Linkedin. One of the "MIA" ratbags has a Linkedin page that could be used as a prime example of "truth stretching to the nth degree." Interestingly, I was surprised to see bona fide business professionals who I communicate with in business as connections to the same person. It makes me wonder how people screen invitations, or if they do simply accept out of habit. The scoundrel probably spends hours pressing the "connect" button, much like a scatter-gun fisherman casting his net.

  2. Like this gentleman I have lived in several countries over my lifetime. Unlike him I have never had anyone file suit or accuse me of fraud, never had the police raid my business, never had allegations follow me, never had a run in with police or even been in court. In each place I was in positions dealing with the public and my honor and credibility were never challenged. It's curious or perhaps he's just extremely unlucky that regardless of his excuses he has been accused of fraud and investigated in every place he has been and it is likely that he would be welcomed back to each with a room he found confining.

    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and hangs out with other ducks, it's a duck. Keep exposing these quackers please. Even if it only limits their abilities to prey on people it's well worth it.

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