In a day the likes of which Bangkok Criminal Court will have never seen before, three whining foreigners failed in their attempts, sometimes farcical often comical to get criminal libel and computer crime act cases against them delayed and even struck off.

British journalist Andrew Drummond, owner of this website and Alastair Cooper, an electrical engineer were returning cases against Drew Walter Noyes and Brian Goudie, two men who had been posing in Thailand as lawyers, and David John Hanks, former licence holder of Masquerades, a brothel in Melbourne, Australia, all of whom had been attempting to stifle stories about themselves.

‘Ally’ Cooper had been accused of being a drugs dealer and on the run from the US Secret Service by Hanks, Goudie and Noyes after being identified as a supporter of this site.

Drummond had been variously accused of being hunted down by the Department of Special Investigations, the Crime Suppression Division, the RTP Immigration Department and Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

Hanks as a bleached ‘ginga’

The day began in court 703 where #DrewNoyes posted bail of 100,000 Thai baht and asked the judge for his passport back. He told the court he needed his passport to go to the bank and for other such issues.

That’s not a problem said the judge, who immediately offered to sign a photocopy stating that his passport was being held by the court. That should suffice, she said. Then Mr. Noyes, former boss of the Pattaya Times  insisted ‘I might need to travel’. This may have been on the judges mind because she still refused to hand his passport back.

Then Noyes pulled out his trump card.

‘But your honour. I am holding a seminar with the army’.  At which point a 2 star general sitting on the front bench of the public seating area came smartly to attention. He was indeed holding a ‘national reconciliation’ meeting in Pattaya later in the month, he said.

This came somewhat as a surprise as Noyes and Wanrapa are now heavily promoting the club below which is due to open in Jomtien Soi 12 shortly. The army chief has expressed shock at the number of foreigners in the sex trade in Thailand so we assume this place which has ‘hotel rooms’ is not one of them.

(More of this to come later).

Don’t expect any blonde greek goddesses  serving wenches

However the judges ruled that they would not give Mr. Noyes his passport back but he could of course apply through the usual channels and make a formal submission to the court. Currently Noyes also cannot travel without the permission of the Pattaya Court where with his ‘wife’ Wanrapa Boonsu, he is charged with extortion.

Fifteen minutes later there was pandemonium in court 802 as Goudie, Hanks and Noyes faced multiple charges of libel and libel under the Computer Crime Act (brought by Alistair Cooper and Andrew Drummond) all of them ranting, sometimes at the same time.

Drew Noyes approached the bench wearing his ‘royal decorations’ pinned on his jacket pointed to them and told the judge again that ‘that man accused my wife of providing oral sex services* to foreigners in Pattaya’.

He demanded the case be delayed and that the court should not hear the witnesses who had arrived to testify as he intended to cross examine Drummond for ‘six hours’.

‘Fine’ said the judge over-ruling his application sensibly adding: ‘We will take the witnesses first’.

Noyes demanded to know the private address of Andrew Drummond. The judge ruled that he could have the address of his lawyer – but that could only be used to send documents in these particular cases. Turning to Drummond Noyes said: “I have an army after you!”

Meanwhile former convict E000274 #BrianGoudie boss of Alba Laws, who had turned up without a lawyer, demanded that the trial be halted completely as he was bringing charges against Drummond in Koh Samui and the case should be delayed.

He turned to Noyes and said: “I have put a real spanner in the works”.

This request was immediately refused as well as the case had quite clearly nothing to do with anything going on in Samui where Goudie was suing Drummond for publishing a series of photo-shopped pictures  lampooning Goudie amongst others as a British barrister and a Captain in the Royal Marines.

I cannot cross examine the plaintiffs as I have no lawyer, said Goudie. No problem said the judge. You can cross examine at the next hearing. Bring a lawyer.

Hanks, missing lawyer, Goudie

A lawyer had turned up to represent Goudie, the same lawyer pictured smiling with him in Koh Samui, but for an unknown reason would not represent him.

This may have something to do with the fact that Goudie did not wish to pay his fees and the lawyer knew that he had acquired at least 7.9 million baht in legal fees from a 76-year-old American woman for which he was now subject to criminal proceedings in Pattaya.

Meanwhile Noyes, whose activities in America before he arrived in Thailand were exposed by the Morning Star in Wilmington, North Carolina, approached the first witness, Barry Kenyon, former British Honorary Consul in Pattaya, and told him he was filing   more ‘100 cases’ again Drummond and he would be the co-defendant in two.

And he shouted across at the second witness Chris Gleeson joint owner of the CTLS language schools and called him a ‘faggot’.   Mr. Gleeson, married to Dr. Tewi Gleeson, a Senatorial Advisor, did not take this kindly. But he checked himself. This accusation rang somewhat hollow from a guy promoting a ‘Man Club’ named after someone called ‘Gentle’ and certainly not PC from a man who was once owner of ‘Spice’ – ‘Thailand’s best selling gay magazine’ according to the Pattaya Times.

Both witnesses were allowed to testify.  After Barry Kenyon’s evidence Goudie emerged and said:

‘That’s good for us’ defining, I am guessing, a completely new meaning for the word good.
The witness evidence will be published on conclusion of the case.

The case was adjourned until September 2nd.  As he left the court Noyes said loudly:  ‘I do not think I will need to come back in September’.


We still do not where Noyes gets this from. He keeps repeating this allegation, and even put it on a flyer he tried to distribute at the FCCT, where he was refused membership.  The closest we got to this was when  revealed that Noyes bagged the website and his ‘wife’ Wanrapa published a story under her name while editor of the Pattaya Times about the cancer risk from oral sex, but we know she is not an authority on the subject because she lifted the story in its entirety from AFP.



Drew Noyes, having failed with Pattaya City Expats Club, Optimists International, the Pattaya Cultural Society, and the CIS Friendship League, has now set his sites on Bangkok and has joined the Lions Club of Bangkok Silom 310D Branch where he is apparently incoming President.

This particular branch is all Thai-Indian. It appears that his relationship with his wife Wanrapa Boonsu is now officially off as he can now be seen escorting Ms Nam to these affairs where they are now all working towards a common vision – Drew’s perhaps.

However both Nam (below) and Wanrapa Boonsu are tied up together promoting the Athena ‘Gentle’s Men Club. Below is an advert on Facebook this time either for the Athena Gentle’s Man Club or Gentel’s Men Club seeking cooks, bottle washers and pretty girls.

I believe the company is called Cupid – they should have stuck with that as it is easier to spell.

Noyes joining the Lions may be good news. They may teach him how to play cricket and use such expressions as ‘Its just not cricket!’ rather than you motherf…r! and faggot!

These Lions have apparently done little homework and certainly would not have read pages one and three of the Morning Star in Wilmington, North Carolina. (Trouble Follows Developer) If they do, perhaps they could ask him why he did not sue.





10 thoughts on “PANDEMONIUM IN COURT 802

  1. Well written Andrew, I look forward to the continuing story. You are a journalist that knows how to keep us on baited breath waiting for the next chapter in this continuous book.

  2. I'm so glad the army have Drew Noyes to help with National Reconciliation, I guess he must have now removed from his portfolio all the pics he jumped into with the red shirt protest leaders..

  3. Andrew, great stuff, I wish I could be there to see Goldie on his feet, does he grip his lapels and push out his chest? Some of the reported antics would earn a defendant time in the cells under the court if the judge understood them.

  4. It must of been like sitting in Sigmund Freud's waiting room with these lunatics yelling and screaming. Sounds like the Judge was on to Noyes's games and it's good he kept the passport. I hope Goudie and Hanks also had to surrender theirs. Looks like the wheel is turning and they are going to get a dose of their own medicine. I almost don't want this to end as these guys are so entertaining anybody else will be boring compared to these fruitcakes. I just wish their were cameras in the court to capture the madness. Anybody happen to get a picture of the 3 stooges altogether? I think I'll make an effort to get there in September. I'll really turn it into the Donnybrook fair.

  5. Doesn't the criminal idiot No Yes gets the message ? in my country we say " get some Vaseline", of course it still might hurt if it's the first time… but I believe the witnesses and the Honorable Judge will not allow him any remedies, it looks like it will be the Islamic law, "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth".
    Regarding the brave circus he puts up in Court just shows how stupid he is, first creates fake reasons to try getting his passport, at the judges first refusal he does not understand that by now not only the Judge but the whole Justice system knows very well the kind of High End Conman he is, but he insists with another made up reason which of course again is refuted so he starts getting angry and out of control, he believes that throwing his usual threats anyone would be intimidated, now he appears to have devised a new strategy, jumping on the recently formulated people's unifying project by the Military,
    he also does not understand that the effort is meant for Thai people, he also tried this "theater play" before with that Law Seminar with the province's Judges, it will not work, there is already someone I know and maybe others I do not know sending a warning signal to the Military not to engage with such a Crook, and as the last stroke he still has the guts to wear a royal Pin bought at the Expats Club when it was sold to anyone as a souvenir of Royal anniversary commemorations.
    He is so naive believing he can fool anyone with that, worse still he does not understand that using these emblems as a tool is a gross offense and should be categorized as a "Lese Majeste" for many reasons. First because he uses it publicly in a Court of Law where he is accused of grave Criminal activity, second because a person who engages in prostitution as a commercial business claiming publicly that he came to Thailand as a guest of the Royal House is the worse offense a foreigner can commit. Until September there will be enough time to make the Justice System better aware of the rubbish this criminal represents for the foreign community in Thailand. Since corruption is now being brought under control he will find it difficult to "buy" protection and whatever he spends trying will be wasted money because who would want seriously to be part of the dirt this No Yes Garbage spreads around …???

  6. Well written. Keep up the pressure. Exposing people on the internet gets everyone's attention and the judges are aware of the publicity. You couldn't make this up.

  7. Not too sure about a "panto" (shame I missed it, may be Noise as Widow Twankey) however Noise and Hank's have the look of a creepy wax show about them…….

  8. "A picture speaks a thousand words." In the picture, Lions Club of Bangkok, whilst Drew waxes lyrical on God Noyes what, the body language of his audience is very telling. Words like boredom, stifled yawns and indifference spring to mind. Not one of them is actually looking at him. Also, I am right in thinking thatNoise is sporting a syrup in the last photo? It doesn't match previous photos of him…and as for Hanks! Sweet jesus…please The Weapon, get your photoshop out for the lads!

  9. Based on Noyes history of calling people names, I think he hates the homosexual community. It shocks me that someone with Drew's social standing would hold on to a feeling that is so hateful and so very against the very foundations of Thai society that says we should accept everyone without exception.

    Perhaps if Drew spent less time gay bashing and more time reflecting that everyone has feelings and is a person he would improve himself.

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