Picture – Chimpanzee in San Diego Zoo

Following requests from concerned followers of the Drew Noyes Saga I can reveal that the lead actor Drew Noyes has now recovered from his trip to the United States and is fit to play his part at the Bangkok Criminal Court.

He does however appear to be trouble with his faculties and wake ups on a daily basis in Pattaya believing he is still in the United States.

In fact he arrived back in Thailand last Saturday morning, on a Thai Airways flight from Los Angeles , which is enough alone to give someone the heeby jeebies, but he did garner a lot of air miles, while only losing one daughter.

On Sunday he rushed around to a clinic to get a doctor’s note that he should rest for three days (11-13th) which was duly presented to Bangkok Criminal Court on May 12 last Monday.

He had posted on his Facebook from Irvine, California, and then on the day of the court case that he was at San Diego Zoo.

‘Having fun at San Diego Zoo,” he wrote under a picture of a lion seemingly cuddling a zebra  ‘My kids say we could all learn something from these unlikely friends’.

I’m not sure how long his virtual tour of the United States will continue but on his recent real tour he was not the only person in his group on ‘Facebook’ so from the evening they left Pattaya (April 16) fans have been able to tell where he really was – as opposed to where he imagined he was.

The daughter left behind wants to come back to Thailand understandably. But she should settle in Dana Point, California, quite well. Its a nice little town with a high school and there are at least three Thai restaurants there.


  1. So the great fake and pretender has been located in Thailand after using Facebook to leave a trail of deceit and misinformation. So this master of frauds has used FB in the past to bring, or attempt to bring criminal prosecutions under Thai laws against individuals (my self included)….doesn't that now nullify and exonerate all these innocent? What a worthless, low life, insignificant, bottom feeding slug of humanity.

    1. I see Ally he is now impersonating you on one of his blogs in the comments section. Posted under your name.And about 10 others fake ones. A sad life he leads.
      This 60 year old man is thinking he is fooling us with his FB account. But he is just making himself look like a fool. A complete fool. How immature is he?
      I did notice that he does actually have a few friends left which astonished me. A Barry Upton included who, well, has anyone heard his sad attempt at making a song called, Living in a Pattaya Wonderland. Are we not all a bit too old to be pasting pictures of ourselves on FB, unless business related.

    2. He still hasn't got the hang of spelling my name correctly though, Dave…..I'd have thought a member of MENSA would have no problems with such an easy name…..??

  2. Well I now owe a friend a dinner after losing a bet that he would not return. I am astonished. He must really believe his own BS. The writing is on the wall. It is coming from all directions but he is too busy posting more lies on his facebook account to see it coming. Maybe he thinks he can give the prison authorities a doctor's letter to say he can not make it because he is feeling a bit off colour. He is indeed sick, but part of his illness is that he can not see it in himself.

    1. Drew Noyes is a sociopath in my opinion and Drew believing his own lies are what in the end is going to make this whole episode funny, with the joke being on Noyes.

      As I'm to understand Drew has a lawsuit against you AD for a picture that someone could infer from that Noyes is gay.

      I'm looking forward to hearing his explanation in court of how he separates the scorn/ridicule of the picture from the scorn/ridicule coming from his past actions.

      Those actions have led him to being arrested and currently on trial for extortion, his lies about his past credentials, his lies about his history in Thailand and background, his dubious business practices and his fleecing of customers. This is should be a slam dunk for your lawyer.

      After the judge dismisses this lawsuit AD, are you planning to sue Noyes for further damages from this suit?

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