I have to apologise. Today was my birthday – and possibly the weirdest day I have spent in court in my life. 

However after the court appearance in which we had for the first time in the dock three foreigners – Brian Goudie, Drew Noyes and David Hanks-I went on to celebrate.

Hence my report has been delayed. I cannot legally give you the specific witness testimony. But  a report will follow. Meanwhile thanks to all the staff and friends at the  XXXX XXXXX. Sorry I had to leave so early but am on school duty in the morning.


  1. You must of felt like the Jack Nicholson character in "One flew over the cuckoos nest." The three stooges coming together in court together must of been quite an event. I hope a court official had a shovel handy as the bullshit must of been piling up with these guys giving testimony. I also hope old aged pensioner Hanks didn't get too cranky with you this time. His facelift might well be in danger of collapse. LOL.

  2. It must have been one of the happiest birthday in your many years, why would these three scumbags wanted to make you so happy ??? I do not believe any of us can match by any stretch of imagination a better birthday gift, thanks also for sharing this surprising gift with all of us who follow your quest for justice.
    It also appears that the Judge is very well prepared for the case, responding sharp and incisive to these banal reasons No Yes spits out of his little psychotic brain…It is easy for a Judge to spot an experienced hypocrite, from now on these three will not have many good nights sleep, when it comes to the real facts they will be so exposed that each word they utter will be taken as a lie. Since that is a constant in their lives now is the moment of truth and the bill will be served appropriately with precise mathematical numbers, these numbers represent time and no time as a punishment will be enough to repay the wasted time they caused to so many people. Happiest Birthday again Andrew, thanks also for the amazing and courageous work. Keep strong for many years to come.
    From the Tao te King : " give one step to the right, one to the left, one forward and one backward and the enemy will fall "

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