Brian Goudie, the Scots convict who surfaced in Thailand about ten years ago re-inventing himself as a British barrister and former officer in the Royal Marines, has now a new title. He is apparently head of Paedophile Watch Asia.

This comes presumably from his former internet role as boss of the website ‘Case-Watch-Asia’ where he gave the public the benefit of his wisdom – normally attempting to defend accusations against him – or indeed attacking his accusers.

He carries a fictitious comment from the fictitious Paedophile Watch Asia on the ‘Liveleaks’ website.

The target of his latest hate campaign is again Ian Tracey, from Surrey, England, a prison visitor at Nong Plalai prison on Thailand’s eastern seaboard – who once directed clients in the prison to Goudie believing he was actually a real barrister at law and Scottish advocate.

Now the Paedophile Watch Asia is apparently confirming Tracey’s guilt.

Tracey was the man who tipped off American Barbara Fanelli Miller that Goudie was ripping her off but it did not stop her handing over the best part of US$300,000 to former convict E0000274 Brian Goldie (his name at birth) to get her son Greg Miller, an international school teacher, off child sex abuse charges.

Tracey unfortunately before this had employed Goudie to lodge a case of wrongful arrest against the Thai police. He himself had been acquitted of a child sex abuse charge  in a case which had all the indications of a complete set up.

He had been somewhat vociferous about police setting up foreigners on false charges, from his experiences talking to prisoners in Nong Plalai.

Tracey was one of six foreigners all acquitted, who were the victims of an apparent rogue police operation. Police had arrested six young boys for drugs possession and told them they should each identify a foreign paedophile or they would go to jail for a long time.

Ninthawat Chaemchan named a Mr. John Tracey. However when it came to giving testimony he categorically denied that Ian Tracey was the man who allegedly orally sexually abused him claiming police had made threats against him. There were a serious other prosecution discrepancies. Ian Tracey, who has a Thai girlfriend,  was not even in Pattaya at the time.

Said Tracey: ‘After I was acquitted the prosecutor shook my hand. He said he was glad I was acquitted. He did not believe I was guilty’.

What Goudie discovered  after accepting the brief for Tracey was that the prosecution office in Chonburi (not the actual prosecutor) had filed an appeal.  His acquittal had been reversed by the appeal court but neither Tracey nor his lawyer were informed – even though the prosecution office was directed and ordered to notify them at specific addresses in that event.

Goudie’s fake business card

It now appears there may be at least six other cases of foreigners who have been found guilty on appeal but have not been notified about those appeals. In several cases the foreigners have left Thailand. The matter has been referred to the Ministry of Justice in Bangkok.

Goudie suggested that Tracey live on his premises at the Jaggy Thistle while the issue was sorted.

But instead of taking his client to the court, to lodge a strong protest and seek bail, Goudie, it is now known himself called the police on his client – and let him rot in Nong Plalai for eight months, all the while pretending he was taking action to get his release.

When Tracey called on the services of his original ‘real’ law firm ‘Kosol and Associates’ the Supreme Court acted quickly.  He was immediately released on bail on the grounds that the conviction was ‘unsafe’ –  The appeal should not have gone ahead without the defendant knowing.

Goudie has claimed that he was giving the cash he obtained from Barbara Fanelli Miller to abused boys in Pattaya. This is unlikely. Unless he hands back the cash on July 3rd, or the premises of the Jaggie Thistle bar in Pattaya (which is registered in his company names) he will be sentenced for fraud.

A statement is expected to be made early next week with regard to Goudie’s allegations. Goudie has also alleged on his site CasewatchAsia that Tracey is being investigated for inclusion on the UK Paedophile Register.  This is of course fantasy.  A British court would have to decide that.

Meanwhile he has also asked the Press Complaints Commission to rule that a story on Tracey’s release was in breach of the Editor’s Code of Conduct on the grounds it was misleading suggesting Tracey was innocent. The complaint is unlikely to go anywhere.

*There is no such organisation as Paedophile Watch Asia



  1. Brian Wright was seen in the One Stop offices last week.
    Was he there to catch up with his godchildren?
    Or was it just a social call where he and Drew were to go out to Jomtien Complex together with Bobby Brooks like they used to in the good old days before they were arrested for child rape and extortion?
    Was he there to start up another fake children's charity with Drew?
    Was he there to organize his legal defense with the fake lawyer who assisted him on the day of his arrest?
    Or was he there to meet with the other Brian?
    Good work Brian Goldie. It is nice to see that a middle aged man with an interest in 19 year old girls is taking the high moral ground here against dirty old men who are interested in young girls. Will you be providing us with more pictures?

  2. Having Goldie as self appointed head of Paedophile Watch Asia is as desirable as having Brian Wright as head of a childrens' charity with a well known American who was caught out stealing charity tins meant for tsunami victims from Walking Street.
    I certainly would not want my daughter anywhere near any of them.

  3. It's nice to see Brian finally using his first hand experience in dealing with accused paedos to do….err….nothing. After all, Goudie's experience in taking money without doing anything he claimed he was qualified to do is rather well documented both online and within the Thai judicial system.

    Hopefully Ian Tracy will be able to obtain even more material to sue Goudie nae Goldie over. I'm guessing that if Ian asks around enough, he'd probably find donors that would happily assist in his legal fund.

  4. I have been following this "saga" off and on since it started. I genuinely do not understand how a man who is not a qualified barrister, and who has a lengthy criminal record is allowed to remain in Thailand, let alone continue to describe himself as a barrister. The men who brought us the recent coup claim that they will take on corruption. Fine. Why then, doesn't someone raise the entire stinking issue with them? Something is very wrong in a county where people will sue for the slightest negative comment, yet the men who are the center of this "saga" boast of their police and judiciary connections. This is situation is unbelievable, particularly in that it has been allowed to go on so long.

    1. Re: The men who brought us the recent coup claim that they will take on corruption. Fine. Why then, doesn't someone raise the entire stinking issue with them? Something is very wrong in a county where people will sue for the slightest negative comment, yet the men who are the center of this "saga" boast of their police and judiciary connections.

      Our current trio are so insignificant I doubt that they are even on the current regime's radar let alone on their "to do" list. Most cases, if not all, primarily involve falang suing falang in what might be considered very small money. Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, no real incentive at this point to do anything. Too many pressing issues facing the current regime.

  5. For non parental incest and nonviolent incidences of pedophilia, the child knows the offender (eg,neighbor, relative,family friend, or local individual with authority) an estimated 60% to 70% of the time. Pedophiles often intentionally try to place themselves in a position where they can meet
    children and have the opportunity to interact with children in an unsupervised way, such as when babysitting, doing volunteer work, doing hobbies, or coaching sports. Pedophiles usually obtain access to children through means of persuasion, friendship, and behavior designed to gain the trust of the child and parent.
    Personality Inventory with pedophiles and other “deviant fantasizers” , show significantly increased scores on the infrequency scale, the psychopathic deviance scale, the masculinity-femininity scale, the paranoia scale, and the schizophrenia scale. These results suggest that pedophiles are more socially alienated and less emotionally stable than most other people. Many pedophiles also demonstrate narcissistic, sociopathic, and antisocial personality traits. They lack remorse and an understanding
    of the harm their actions cause.
    The notion of impulsivity as a personality factor in pedophiles is often debated. Pedophiles frequently report trouble controlling their behavior, although it is rare for them to spontaneously molest a child. The fact that 70% to 85% of offenses against children are premeditated speaks against a lack of perpetrator control.

  6. The most disturbing aspect of "Pedo Watch Asia", personally, is he's trawled the internet for missing and convicted child abusers to justify his ongoing campaigned of defamation and libel against an innocent man he had arrested………this is a extremely sick, warped and twisted individual…….
    I also have to wonder regarding his fascination with paedophiles? He associate with them, his so called "friend" is a renowned associate of Brian Wright (who doesn’t get a mention on Pedo Watch), he represents them (when he was a fake lawyer) and has been known to down load images of an infant onto his G+ and Flicker sites.

  7. In the video Gouldie admits to liking young girls, but claims at 19 she is legal. I thought he was 'introduced to her in Misty's agogo. I always thought that girls had to be 20 to work in these places. So if that is the case, it is not really legal Brian, is it.

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