Now skulking in Wilmington, North Carolina, convicted extortionist Drew Walter Noyes, the infamous former publisher of the now defunct Pattaya Times newspaper has today through his lawyers has withdrawn a second case he brought against Kanokrat Nimsamoot Booth – as a result of not being able to return to Thailand.

Noyes in Wilmington

This apparently despite telling a Pattaya police officer on Facebook ‘ See you soon’.

Noyes was accused of appropriating the Facebook page of Ms Warichaya Pharawet, known as Naam, to make libelous comments about Ms Nimsamoot, who had been assisting the author of this site

But, as is customary, both had to be jointly charged with libel.

Naam who had never met Ms Nimsamoot, could barely write English and knew nothing of the content she was accused of writing.

But Naam was found guilty and Noyes innocent such is the Pattaya court system.

Noyes today dropped his counter-charge and once again lawyers explained that he was away in the United States and unable to return to continue the case – let alone face the enactment or otherwise of a two year sentence for extortion, which he is supposed to do on Wednesday.

Having been used by Noyes Naam was ditched and is reported to have found a foreign boyfriend and is now no longer living in Pattaya.  She was given a one year suspended prison sentence thanks to her mentor and lover.

Noyes readers may recall got himself elected to be President of Lion Club 310D Silom, and Naam was the secretary!

The second charge Drew Noyes withdrew followed his acquittal in a case brought by Andrew Drummond, Kanakrot, and Ally Cooper against Drew Noyes, Goudie and David Hanks, Noyes had been acquitted of libels in the Pattaya Times claiming he was not the owner..and the court accepted it (He had transferred ownership to an businessman in the U.S. (Let’s not go there).

Two further cases Noyes brought against the alleged publisher of the internet forum subzerosiam and Ally Cooper, an oil platform superintendent, have not been dropped but are expected to be thrown out, over the next month.

Subzerosiam was the initial publisher of the photo-shopped ‘gay parade’ pictures of Noyes and Brian Goudie, who has been sentenced to three years in prison for posing as a lawyer and former officer in the Royal Marines.

Cooper was merely accused of sharing a Facebook page from Andrew-Drummond.

The summons against him was sent to a hotel in Isaan at which he had never stayed.  But who is to explain the workings of the Pattaya court.

One of the controversial gay parade pictures showing Goudie and Noyes photo shopped in

Goudie has been asked to appear as a witness for Noyes in the Subzerosiam case on November 27th.

 At this point it is expected he will be confronted by his fan club with the television documentary ‘Brian Goldie – Serial Swindler’  together with Thai translation.

Noyes and Naam

Goudie himself has to surrender to bail on December 14th to pay bail on a series of charges,

The most interesting of which relates to ‘revenge porn’ brought by Boonrod Baikratok former managing director of Jimmi International, which Goudie got from Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday on his death  bed.

Halliday died of necrotizing fasciitis a flesh eating disease acquired in Nong Plalai Prison where he was serving a sentence for an attack in a Lucifer’s disco Pattaya.

Meanwhile Wanrapa Boonsu, Noyes’ common-law-wife and mother to three of his ten children – is continuing to operate Noyes’ extremely dodgy ‘One Stop Service Center’ also known on the web as ‘PattayaLawyers’ or ‘OneStopLegalCentre’ advising foreigners on what to do with their money and property.

She believes she will be acquitted on Wednesday being the lessor Thai accomplice.

But if truth be told it is unlikely Noyes could have carried out half his scams without her.

Apparently a new series of ‘unhappy’ clients are now seeking alternative legal advice in Pattaya but other lawyers are loathe to touch the cases because of the Noyes connection.

Meanwhile it would be interested to see if the Star in Wilmington, North Carolina catches up on its old friend Drew.

It was of course Scott Gold of the paper previously known as the Morning Star which published the first media investigation into the activities of Drew Noyes which can be read at this link beginning under the headline ‘Trouble Follows Developer’.


    1. The US do that to their 'citizens" already for unpaid child support. I would never advise an American to go to their Embassy, I have seen a number shoved back out the door a few hours later with only a travel document for a one way trip back to the US.

    1. I'm not so sure. I have to say that I'm surprised that the American authorities apparently haven't taken action against him, but as AD has pointed out perhaps the passage of time plays a part here.
      But it doesn't appear that he is going to return to Thailand any time soon.
      Maybe, just maybe, the Thai authorities would take action against him if he did try and return at some future stage.
      Throwing him in jail for completion of his sentence would be a start.

    2. with a Royal pardon probably.
      I think he is to big a coward to try and return because his actions point to wanting assurances that if he returns he wont go to prison even although it wouldnt be for long.
      Maybe he will settle down and start being a proper father. ha ha ha

    1. I don't condone anything that Goudie has done but specifically regarding the relationship between drug trafficker and convicted thug Halliday and Goudie, as much as it may have been morally wrong (although "moral" and "Halliday" are not words that sit comfortably together) did Goudie do anything that was illegal? He was given POA by Halliday, i.e. Halliday willingly signed over everything he owned to Goudie and that authority was used as a POA allows.

  1. Ohhhhhhh D it appears Noyse is monitoring your site.
    His posts……both regarding "I'm on my way" have been removed.
    On another issue…….
    Are the courts serious………..the plaintiff, a multi convicted international failed fraudster and evader of Thai justice is being represented as an even bigger multi convicted international failed fraudster?
    WTF, how can the courts tolerate this abuse?

  2. D. From what I can gleen…..remember we never had the opportunity to cross examine the plaintiff pre acceptance of the trial and have been given the run around in obtaining the details, Im accused of sharing a number of your articles from your site, not from your FB page, onto my FB page. No comments were added or photos or photo shopped photos by my self….and from what I now believe is the time in question its highly ptobable I wasnt even in Thailand. Of course all this was done in the public interest to warn them of a couple of multi convicted career foreign criminals operating with impunity in Thailand…….what thanks do you get?

  3. I wonder how he will cope if he has to face restored legal judgements in the USA plus an IRS investigation for tax evasion via his Thai companies?

    Is he claiming and state support for his family in the US? Has he declared his active Thai companies?

    It was tax evasion that got Al Capone.

    1. My point exactly – please see above.
      It doesn't really matter who the late enforcement agencies are that "get" him; FBI, IRS, Homeland Security – who gives a rat's you-know-what!
      Just as long as somebody legal gets him.

  4. Noyes looks sickly in the new photo, He has no muscle mass and looks very old, Think you are turning up the pressure and stress he deserves . Good Job Andrew!

  5. Re:The picture was taken in a hotel room. Look at the back of the door escape info and the keycard on his rifht for the lights.

    I noticed the same. Also, the photo lasted a whole 9 minutes as his Facebook profile picture until he re-posted, or should I say recycled, old photos of himself as the stalker of Thai Hi-So. It appears DN is lost without Thailand and reliving his imaginary glory days … you can't teach old dogs new tricks … lol.

  6. Very Funny, He must read every word of your site andrew, I wrote how wimpy he looked and now the convicted criminal claims he is working out , He does have a muscle in his mushy body. How old is he, He is looking very aged in his face also.

    From Noyes Facebook,
    Working out everyday. ?
    Daddy, Mommy, cook, driver, medic, translator, tutor, confidant for the 5 Noyes kids born in Thailand wife Wanrapa Boonsu told me to relocate here.
    Preparing now to return to Thailand to claim what's rightfully mine.?

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