American Drew Noyes, the fake lawyer, who was this week together with his ‘common law wife’ Wanrapa Boonsu was sentenced to two years jail for the extortion of the Thonglor Clinic Jomtien, has taken the blow very seriously and renewed a campaign of hate against the excellent clinic on the internet.

The 59-year-old former publisher of the ridiculous ‘Pattaya Times’ newspaper has taken to bad mouthing the Thonglor ‘Forever Young’ Clinic on his Google+ account and on another website, which we will not publicise here.

Noyes in the past has denied statements attributed to him on his Gmail account, claiming other people had access to it, and must have put out bad messages to spite him – so we can expect him to do that with his Google+ account too.

But what he can’t get away with is what he put up on the Pattaya Times website describing how a ‘local businessman’ was somehow damaged when he went to the clinic for facial treatment.

The local businessman was in fact David Hanks, 66, known to the staff as ‘Baby face’.  Hanks is of course known to readers here as the former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, Victoria, Australia, who featured prominently during Noyes’ extortion trial.  And he is also known as a lackey to both Drew Noyes and Brian Goudie.

Drew Noyes right on Google + and there’s ginger baby face Hanks on the left suffering from his op – so Noyes
‘attends the Ministry of Interior’ we are led to believe – just more drivel

The court had heard that Hanks had checked into the clinic for treatment and had approached Michael Goulet telling him that Drew Noyes would like to see him ‘to discuss the protection he could offer so his business could smoothly.’

Goulet found that the protection would cost him seven million baht, later discounted to 2.3 million. That was the price he would have to pay to stop a police raid on his premises and subsequent bad publicity in the Pattaya Times.  Police duly set up a sting operation and Hanks, Goulet and Noyes were all together at the News Restaurant in Pattaya waiting to receive the cash when police pounced.

Baby fave Hanks on Samui after his operation

Quite clearly the judges in Pattaya have no idea what is happening in the next court – and a case has been accepted against Goulet and his Thai partner.  Goulet and his partner are of course now taking cases against Noyes.

And as for Hanks. Well he is no businessman though he has registered some sort of furniture repair business at Noyes’ office.  He is on a retirement visa and is living on his ill-gotten gains from Masquerades and the sale of his house in Australia. But he does odd jobs according to the DSI.

Drew Noyes and Hanks at Shenanigans – Pattaya

Clearly the situation is getting quite ridiculous. But the problem with police in Pattaya is that they do not appear to have any training in recognizing who the bad foreigners are – unless its the ones with little money.

And all the Embassies, the US, British, and Australian will not tell anyone about their villains, unless there is a request for an arrest from home base. That is because it is in breach of Privacy of Data Protection Acts – and to be quite frank, who do you tell anyway?

Goudie – Porn aficionado

Cases have been sent to Pattaya Police by the Department of Special Investigations against Hanks for alleged racketeering – lending cash to Russians at 60 per cent per month; by the Crime Suppression Division against Brian Goudie (aka Goldie) – another fake lawyer and friend and colleague to Hanks and Noyes – for cheating clients; and by the Technical Crime Suppression against Goudie for putting up the personal internet porn he had taken of a young woman he put in as managing director of one of his companies – with whom he had fallen out.

Goudie is no braver than Noyes and claimed on the internet that someone got hold of the password of his DropBox in which were the porno files.

Pattaya Police of course have done nothing – so a private criminal prosecution has been brought against Goudie, to kick in with the trial he is undergoing for cheating a 76-year-old American woman out of 7.9 million baht.

Noyes has however publicly announced that the racketeering case against Hanks has been dismissed; something which might annoy the DSI.  Not only that, he boasts that his friend Brian Wright, has been cleared of child sex abuse charges.

His friends might not be too keen on the fires he has been lighting underneath them.

Expect the courts to be filled up for years to come with sleazy foreigners trying to defend their  good reputations.

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  1. Past history has shown Thai police rarely lift a finger to do anything when people flee jail here. If Drew does flee Thailand to the U.S before his appeal, I suggest an immediate fund raiser to employ somebody like 'Dog the bounty hunter' to track him down and return his saggy arse to Thailand to serve his much deserved lagging. Image that on cable TV. Only a dream but a nice one LOL.

    1. It appears that a jail sentence is non-binding unless you are not incarcerated on bail for an appeal. If that is the case, it may be that the legal system does not consider a conviction for extortion to be a serious crime. Secondly, it could be that the judge feels that other events need to be considered in the appeal. Realistically, I think that the defense could have claimed that the payment was for damages done to Mr. Hanks. It would seem to be a more realistic claim.

  2. Are we sure the Thonglor Clinic didn't botch David's head? It certainly looks strange. Sad that somebody pays money to look so ridiculous.
    Ahh, the irony of it all.
    Drew said this one man blog site had been ordered to be closed down. But 2 years later it is now attracting readers in the millions. The Pattaya Times one man rag has closed down.
    Drew said that Drummond was going to jail. Wrong again now Drew is off to jail. A Thai jail with substandard food, no airconditioning, a crowded cell and a dirty bucket to shit in with 15 others looking on.
    Drew described Andrew as a 'wanker'. Well, when it comes to wanking, Drew Noyes takes first prize. A prize wanker. A read of his many fake resumes and lists of his fake achievements reveals who is Tosser of the Century. And lets face it, a lot of wanking goes on in jail. Just ask Brian, he was stuck in there for years and saw first had what happens when strong men are forced to go without a woman for years on end. They turn brutally on the younger pretty boys.
    Drew published a story with a photo claiming Andrew had been 'caught' with a prostitute. Drew frequents the Buffalo Bar looking for love.
    Drew claimed Andrew was broke living in a 2000 baht a month rental. Then we saw pictures of Drew's trailer home in the US that he claimed was a real estate firm employing 100 staff.
    Drew claimed that Niels bashed his wife. But then we saw a statement from an ex wife claiming he used to punch her up and spit in her face. Preschoolers were terrified by the crazy stalker and his gun was taken.
    We heard from Drew that people were posting here using fake names. Then we heard about Mangus Evans, Stan Longly and Somchai. It seems now that without a newspaper and realising that nobody reads any of the hate sites he set up, Drew is now relying on this site to publish his comments on this hate site. Ah the irony of it all.
    Drew is now claiming his friend Brian Wright, has got off his child rape charges. If it is true Drew, that is Brians victory, but Drew is trying to spin it into his own. Any truth to it Andrew, it was a long time ago now and Brian is still lurking around?

  3. It is fair to say the country does generally-speaking, seemingly attract a whole variety of degenerates, ranging from those on the run, to ones which regard Thailand as a haven for continuing their life of crime. It seems they feel right at home knowing the law is inadequate, and that justice can be averted, for the right price of course.

    My advise is to treat most people (especially foreigners) with a pinch of salt, most are not what they seem, and will try and disguise their true identity, and background with a folly of colourful stories. Some, as this website has so frequently pointed-out, will create a whole new persona of legitimacy, though in truth, is merely a smoke-screen of deception.

    Sadly, I suspect we won't hear the last of this.

  4. "But what he can’t get away with is what he put up on the Pattaya Times website describing how a ‘local businessman’ was somehow damaged when he went to the clinic for facial treatment."

    What's this Andrew, sounds to me like the grounds for prosecution under Thailand's Libel and Computer Crimes laws.

    1. It's often called a "wheel conspiracy" in legal circles. When there are a number of people conspiring for the same cause. They are all spokes of the same scam.

  5. I hope you, AD, will make it very well known which prison Noyes ends up in.

    I will spare no expense to make sure that prison's population knows that he is a well-known police snitch.

    Dead man walking.

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