‘With my broken heart and trembling hands I write this’

‘The pile of injustice in Thailand and the FBI from America is way too high for a 78 year old lady to cope with.’  

I have just received a letter from the 78-year-old mother of Greg Miller, the American who died while in custody awaiting an appeal on child sexual abuse charges.

That Greg Miller was fitted up on several charges is a given. A retrial was ordered and six out of seven child sexual abuse charges were dismissed and five out of seven kidnapping charges were dismissed.

In any civilized country in the world there would have been an inquiry into what went wrong. Instead his sentence was reduced from 38 years to 25.

That’s essentially a death sentence in a Thai jail for an unfit person.

Whether there  some substance to the police enquiry I do not know. But in these cases there is always an incentive – mainly from foreign governments.

To arrest someone falsely on a child sexual abuse charge in today’s context means that you take that person’s life away.  He becomes an unemployable friendless pariah.

Actually Miller elected not to go for bail because the money would have had to come from his mother. She did not have any. She had already defrauded out of US$300,000 by Brian Goudie, born Goldie, the fake lawyer from Falkirk in Scotland who posed as a barrister and former officer in the Royal Marines.

Had Miller got bail it would have ruined his mother but he would have had access to treatment and medicines and would most likely have survived.

This is what Mrs. Barbara Fanelli Miller:

“With my broken heart, and trembling hands I write this.  My only son is gone and I loved him tremendously.  I can fight no longer.  Nothing will bring Greg home.   

“To save myself, I have to be done with this nightmare and try to focus ahead for me and it is what Greg would want me to do.  I can fight no longer.  

“The pile of injustice in Thailand and the FBI from America is way too high for a 78 year old lady to cope with.   

“I have been over my head for a very long time and I’m exhausted from treading water.  I’m done.”

The injustice in Thailand?

Brian Goudie, born Brian Goldie

Well apart from the false reports in the media about her son allegedly sexually abusing a series of boys which were simply made up, and apart from the fact that evidence about kidnapping was concocted – there is always Thailand’s failure to deal with the cheating and lying phony barrister.

A civil court has already ordered Goudie to pay 7.8 million baht in compensation to Mrs. Miller out of the almost US$300,000 he took off her claiming he would set her son free and sue police to high heaven.

But her lawyers were unable to get the order enforced and have fallen for just about all of Goudie’s tricks even to the extent of lifting a court order allowing him to sell a property.

#BrianGoudie is on trial for posing as a barrister and a former officer in the Royal Marines to cheat Mrs. Miller out of cash. In his defence he has produced David Hanks, a Scot-Australian, born in Girvan to lie on the stand and say he saw Goudie give the cash to his assistant, his then Thai girlfriend called Nang.

The trial is coming to a close.

Goudie – sms to a client

COMMENT:  I have to admit the letter from Mrs. Fanelli Miller moved me.  It is at times like this, despite having many Thai friends, that I am at a loss to defend Thailand, particularly its legal system.  There is no doubt people high up in the police in Chonburi, and at the DSI in Pattaya and Bangkok, at the Ministry of Justice, and the Supreme Court, know exactly what has been going on.  The same has been in the cases of Jessie and Colin Vard and Ian and Ty Rance, and to be frank cases over the justice system in courts in Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samui and Chiang Mai and wherever foreigners settle. This is not an aberration. It is systematic and generally involves officials, police, lawyers, and judges, working in an ethical and moral desert. Most often cash is of course involved. Lots of it.
But it’s not just the local system to blame. Foreign embassies see these thing happening every day.  They know who their criminals are.  They know when their countrymen are the victims of injustice. But they hide behind the standard reply: ‘We cannot interfere in the justice system of another country’. It was not always that way of course.

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  1. With my husband case is coming up, this story don't give me much hope of getting the fair trial before it can begin. The Thai justice system are full of crooks that manipulated their way around because of loop-whole widely open for anyone that have big money to buy their way out when committed the crimes. I had just received letter from Office of Attorney General stated that they had concurred with Chaiyaphum polices reports not to find the suspects which murdered my husband in cold blooded. How can a person got murdered and polices and judges rule saying no further inquiry is needed. After all my husband didn't killed himself, rather he got shots three times in execution style. Also, there is DNA that belong to some one at the crimes scene yet police didn't reports it to the prosecutor, why? All story that written by polices are 80% makeup story just to supports the suspects, why? This show Thai system supported the criminal instead the victims. I hope Ms. Miller didn't give up hope!

  2. The criminal mind appears very confident and ubiquitous in Thailand right now. But the criminal mind is never confident in real time, alone, without its armour, delusions, and gang back-up. Wonder why?

  3. My heart goes out to you Ms. Miller. If it's a game, we, the good people, will win. We're so much stronger. Stay alive and you'll see. x

  4. We had Joy We had fun, We had seasons in the sun. For sure. And as sure as I won't be the culprit, I expect Pattaya Soi 9 to get blown up over the next few years. Pattaya thinks it's safe. Maybe, but not smart, not intelligent, not wise. Just the low. The low people.

  5. Goudie seems to be completely void of empathy – an insect that need to be squished under foot. Trouble, is when you squish a cockroach of his ilk – ten more scurry about with a similar proxy – to destroy more lives.

    We are with you Mrs. Miller, in spirit and heart. If you don't get justice, it will be served to Goudie in time.


  6. If there were any real police on the case, American or Thai, they would have already followed the money trail, and this would be a slam-dunk. How did Grandma Miller deliver the $300,000-USD to Goudie/Goldie? By international wire transfer, correct? She either wired the money to a third-party, either to an onshore or offshore account, of she wired the money directly to Goldie/Goudie, again to either an onshore or offshore account. This ain't rocket science. If there were any real cops on this case, they would follow the electronic trails of wire transfers, phone logs, email records, etc.

    1. I don't suppose you had noticed by Thai police – and in particularly Pattaya police – rarely investigate fraud against foreigners – even though the victim is 78 years old. To get them to do so would require leading them to the trough in all senses.

    2. "..I don't suppose you had noticed by Thai police – and in particularly Pattaya police – rarely investigate fraud against foreigners.."

      Most didn't fail to notice, nor the very subtle dry humor at the beginning of the reply – it rates an E for excellent.

  7. The Royal Ghai police specialize in helping foreigners who have had their hired motorcycle or jet ski damaged or stolen so they can work with the owners to issue a shared bill to johnny foreigner. And of course they have expert handlings of any foreigner with large amounts of cash who want anyone silenced or imprisoned on trumped up charges

  8. "..who want anyone silenced or imprisoned on trumped up charges.."

    Yes indeed Andrea. Truer words were never spoken – promises are made and broken.

    That's why Prudent, Proactive farang are in Pre-emptive strike-mode in the LOS..

    Signed, "Cover Your Ass 101"

  9. If you wanna work words you need a soul, be it old socialist or whatever the new jargon. Words as barbs as goads as craving just show your echelon, regardless of how much money, and power, you're about to lose from the bank.

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