(Pic: Andrew Drummond at home in Bangkok)
The New York based Committee to Protect Journalists is
backing Andrew Drummond, a British journalist who faces a series of law suits
and under Thailand’s criminal libel and computer crime acts.
Shawn Crispin, Senior Southeast Asia Representative said in
a statement:

 “CPJ has long
condemned the use of criminal libel and defamation laws to stifle

Shawn Crispin

criticism in Thailand. These laws, including the associated Computer Crime Act,
outrageously allow for imprisonment for mere news reporting and have engendered
a climate of fear and self-censorship across Thailand’s media.

 “We stand
beside reporter Andrew Drummond, whose investigative journalism is renowned for
shining uncomfortable light in some of Thailand’s darkest places. We strongly
support his right to report without fear of reprisal and categorically condemn
the threat of imprisonment he now faces.” 

Drew Noyes – extortion and fraud
Andrew Drummond has published a series of exposés on the website www.andrew-drummond.com and in the British press showing how foreign fraudsters claiming ‘influential friends’ have been fleecing visitors and expats in Pattaya.

Two convicted fraudsters and a former pimp

So far two cases against him  have been dismissed, a third has been
withdrawn, and judges are waiting for a fourth to be withdrawn. These cases
were brought by Drew Noyes, the American founder of the now defunct ‘Pattaya
Times’ and his wife Wanrapa Boonsu.

But Drummond still faces four more case brought by Drew
Noyes, 57, a Scot David Hanks, 65, originally from Girvan, Ayrshire, Wanrapa Boonsu Noyes’ common law wife, and another Scot Brian
Goudie, 46, from Falkirk.
Wanrapa Boonsu – extortion and fraud

Said Drummond: “David Hanks is suing after I revealed he was a pimp in
Melbourne, Victoria, making money out of Thai women. Its not a crime in Victoria, but the proof is out there from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission so I am not concerned.

“Brian Goudie, who falsely claims to be a barrister and former Captain in the Royal Marines, I revealed was the fraudster born as Brian Goldie who was jailed in Australia for six years fraud. 

David Hanks – former Melbourne pimp
“This I actually published in the Scottish Sunday Mail, but
he is not suing them but me. His sentence and imprisonment are a matter of
record. He now is in the Thai courts with two charges of fraud against him, one involving a 75-year-old woman.

“Mr. Goudie (formerly Goldie) has also been described by the Australian Appeals Tribunal Deputy President as not a ‘man of good character’ – a ruling I cannot disgree with”.

“Drew Noyes himself was the subject of a major newspaper
exposé in the Wilmington Morning Star newspaper in the United States, where there is a
US$72,000 fraud judgement against him, long before he came to Thailand. He is currently in the courts in Thailand facing one case of fraud and one case of extortion.
“Wanrapa Boonsu, his common law wife. is bringing a case identical to one brought by Drew Noyes which has already dismissed. She too is facing charges of extortion and fraud and is already on trial with her husband,
“I am not concerned about losing any of the cases. That
is not the point. They are using the country’s libel laws to try financially
cripple me. The courts demand bail in criminal libel cases and that has cost me
thousands of pounds.
Brian Goudie, convicted fraudster
formerly Brian Goldie. Two
cases of fraud – one involving
75-year-old woman – in the Thai
“What we are seeing is a group of people I have exposed
trying to get together to ruin me.  Luckily supporters have been generous and have
been donating though my website www.andrew-drummond.com but I still have to find the cash to fight the forthcoming cases, which would
of course not even be accepted for trial in Britain.

Drummond, formerly of Mearnside, Edinburgh, who was educated at the Abbey School, Fort Augustus added: “In 40 years in journalism I have never had to go through a libel case except in Thailand.

Andy Mathews

“In Thailand the victims of these people themselves have also been made victims of the Thailand’s criminal libel laws.

“Currently Goudie is suing Andy Mathews from the West Midlands. Mathews claims had lent Goudie the equivalent of over £10,000  – all the money he had. When he found out about Goudie’s past when he was not paid back he went to remonstrate with him.  As a result of that meeting he was charged with defamation, a case also in the courts at the moment.”

 Bio Notes: Andrew Drummond has been a journalist and documentary film maker for over 40 years over 20 years of which has been based in Thailand for the Observer and The London Times, and the London Evening Standard.
In television production he was a founder member
of the Observer Film Company and for a period also worked as a producer for Fox
TV – The Reporters. He has also provided programming for, BBC UK, ABC Four
Corners; Channel 4, UK; Granada TV, UK; World Monitor TV, Sky TV, and recently the Crime and
Investigation Network.

In the UK he was the only journalist to walk out of the News
of the World newsroom during the Wapping industrial action at News
International in 1986.
He is the recipient of the Maurice Ludmer Award for
Investigations into Racism and Fascism. He lives in Bangkok where he is raising
three children. Donations to his fighting fund can be made through his website.
He can be contacted at andrew@andrew-drummond.com.

Scots sex club kings lose fight to have brave Scots journalist jailed

Warning: The site www.askthailandpolice.com is not operated by the Thai police. This site asks foreigners to report foreign crimes directly through the site. The site is actually operated by Drew Noyes through a company called One-Stop-Service-Centre. No police force in the world outsources crime reporting. Drew Noyes has an outstanding fraud judgement against him for US$72,000 issued by a judge in Santa Ana, California, and his career in Thailand is well documented. But more significantly Drew Noyes is in court now where the chief prosecution witness has stated that Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu demanded 2.3 million baht or his place would be raided by the Crime Suppression Division!

Postcript: There is a wealth of clone and anti-Drummond google sites out there on the net trying, but failing, to discredit investigations here, authored by Brian Goudie and Drew Noyes. By all means read these anonymous blogs and come to your own conclusions as most people have.


  1. Congrats AD,

    Does the FCCT get involved in such things?

    Is there any signs of the Thai legal system getting tired of listening to Drew Noyes whining?

    When are the movie and C&I doco going to be released?

    1. I am talking to the FCCT about putting on a programme next month
      No sign of any changes in the legal system. That I guess could take years. Politicians seem to like the Criminal Libel laws. However individual judges have certainly made comment on Noyes court antics.
      The personal film is in its final stages. That is intended for local audiences and was made in my garden shed so to speak like previous stuff.
      C & I has about a six months lead in.

    2. Perhaps I should add that while the FCCT likes events like this, because they draw the crowds, there is a sort of wet element in the club. which says what does this riff raff mean in the general scheme of things. Old cowboys like Nate Thayer have long since gone and it is now dominated by Asian publications tv etc. Certainly though I intend doing a presentation for the Thai vernacular media . A couple of people like Shawn Crispin are away at the moment so I am hanging fire.

    3. The wet element incidentally will say things like: Will WE get sued. And will gangs come down from Pattaya to interrupt proceedings. If I am not scared of being sued I do not see why they should be. As for gangs – the more the merrier. I'd love Noyes, Goudie et all to come.

  2. Also, I am waiting for the Pattaya Amateur Operatic Society performance of "Myriad Lies", my 500 baht is waiting!

  3. I wonder how Thai Visa feels about one of its threads being used by Drew Noyes to support his arguments against Andrew Drummond?

    Here's a quote from one of Noyes/Goudie/Goldie's fan sites:

    "THAIVISA.COM, the most reputable website in Thailand about Expat life in Thailand, posters thinks little of Andrew Drummond. and his website. See http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/417249-andrew-drummonds-website/"

    It's obvious why Noyes uses Thai Visa to support his arguments, its the only forum that allows that special one way freedom of speech.

  4. Well done – thoroughly deserved support!

    Interesting that most of the main protagonists are foreigners but thailand for some strange reason seems intent on giving them cover for their scams.

    And why is it that the representative authorities of the fraudsters home countries are not more active in exposing/stopping them despite more of their own citizens being set up as victims?

    as the famous sayin goes “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    We're with you AD!

  5. I’ve just checked…the Chuckle Bros have removed my comments from their latest anti Drummond blab site…
    I don’t think there are words to express the amount of utter contempt I feel towards those 2 inadequate bottom feeder…mmmm…….verminous scum’s about right……

  6. From the latest anti Drummond blab…..
    “Ally Cooper is a suspect in an ongoing investigation by Pattaya Police and is the archetypal follower of the notorious Andrew Drummond, who himself has been charged with computer crimes.”

    Priceless…..you can’t make this up…….
    So dumb arse why are they looking for me in Pattaya when I don’t even live there??? Really…the word IMBECILE doesn’t even cover how stupid you two are…..Dumb and dumber…….

  7. I have to visit the embassy soon and will certainly be bringing up the matter how they can list a so called "legal services company" when the man behind it is currently on trail in Pattaya for attempted extortion.

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