Thailand’s Dark Side – Video shows Russian on his knees beaten and threatened by Thai husband with a gun-


This is not good. But its the clearest video I have seen about what appears to be the dark side of Thailand.  Unwittingly this half naked Russian was apparently dating the Thai man’s wife.

The Russian has since left Phuket. The Thai man has been arrested and had offered compensation of just over £200 reported the Phuket News’s Russian edition ‘Novosti Phuketa’.

Some Thai wives can be dangerous in a cross culture of misunderstanding craving for riches. Other people’s Thai wives even more so I guess.

Interesting that the Russian had the foresight to video what could have been his own death. He moved apartment quite quickly. Nobody’s counting on a high profile investigation or court case.

11 thoughts on “Thailand’s Dark Side – Video shows Russian on his knees beaten and threatened by Thai husband with a gun-

  1. Whereas our own governments will do anything rather than defend a british citizen who is not a young attractive female the Russians take their national pride rather more seriously. Expect more than the usual selling out.

  2. He has no reaction whatsoever to a gun being pulled out. I love how the gunman comes back in the door too, (rather a bit of comic relief even, ) so it doesn't lock automatically, and then when the victim closes the door, he doesn't lock it? No way!! I call it a big fake video

  3. Those clips around the ear-hole didn't look too fake. That Thai guy must of been about 4'9" tall, the guy kneeling is almost as tall as him. Small man, big gun- bad combination.

  4. Total set up
    1 Who was videoing?
    2 When someone points a gun in your face, you are going to plead for your life
    3 He never made a sound when any of the blows hit (not even ouch)
    4 The gunman changed hands four times(Hint:- when the gun is between hands he cannot fire, therefore attack.
    5 Does there need to be a 5? I think anti-Russian sentiment is becoming more prevalent amongst Thais for the simple reason that they are not spending money, but ripping the sh!t out of Thailand. A 3 month entry visa has to stop, or it will get worse for the kee neiow(excuse my spelling) Russians

  5. From National News Bureau of Thailand:

    ==> Police Major General, commissioner of Phuket Provincial Police, noted that the video clip of the attack was hurting the tourism image of the province, and the police will investigate whether the person who released the clip had such an ill intention.

    Incident very disturbing on many levels, imho. As the Thai confessed I don't think its fake, He acquired the replica gun, found out where the Russian lived, and got to the victim's room all by his own. No one forced him there. Although not an expert on Russian culture, I believe the victim's "stoic reaction" was very Russian. Stay calm, don't aggravate the situation. Russian looks clean cut and in reasonable shape. Could have had some military training in his past … well disciplined. Just my thoughts.

  6. It’s too coordinated….must be fake….
    What idiot (ah just answered that one, a Russian) would open the door in the first place then take been slapped about by a dwarf with a fake gun…….

  7. Unknown,
    The Phuket News article illustrating perfectly how utter bullshit gets passed of as gospel on the gossip-net when editors are hard up for stories.

    Thais (a sober one at that ) initiating conflict by themselves with a fake gun? No way, he'd come with friends if he really meant business-paid actor will be his story.

  8. NNB of Thailand? The same who just a few days ago latched up Thailand to number 27 from its actual place of 38th on some scale about countries' decency?

    Have they corrected that yet? Aside from Drummond folks, we are living in an absolute sewer-hole of advertiser based misinformation and young Thai wife gossip then issued as advice from forum bullying sexpats.

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