Drew Walter Noyes, the former publisher of the Pattaya Times newspaper, and his wife Wanrapa Bonsu, listed as the Editor, were ordered to surrender to bail at Bangkok Criminal Court yesterday on charges of criminal libel and libel against the Computer Crime Act.

British journalist Andrew Drummond is returning charges after successfully fighting and winning eleven out of 12 cases of criminal libel and libel under the Computer Crimes Act brought by Drew Noyes, Wanrapa Boonsu, and Brian Goudie. The 12th case is being appealed.

Andrew Drummond was found guilty of allowing a poster to make libelous remarks about David John Hanks, former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, Melbourne and Drew Walter Noyes. A key issue in the case is the use of the term ‘pimp’ – a legal occupation in the state of Victoria, Australia – which was translated as ‘maeng da’ – cockroach.

In the latest case Andrew Drummond is suing Noyes, Boonsu and the Pattaya Times Online for claiming that his press credentials had been withdrawn in Thailand and he was variously being sought by the DSI, CSD and local police.

Drummond has campaigned against Noyes, who was exposed in the United States by the Morning Star in Wilmington, North Carolina, long before coming to Thailand and falsely claiming he had come by Royal proclamation to help the Bank of Thailand out of the Asian economic crisis at the time.
The Morning Star had described how Noyes biography contained a ‘myriad of lies’ and that he had a judgment against him for selling bogus and was not a man in whom you would entrust any money.

He also owed a developer US$80,000 and while claiming to be a big shot behind the World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee, his only connection to it was a friend who ran a stand selling spare ribs.
In Thailand Drummond found that Noyes had followed his old pattern of behavior.

Noyes is currently on trial in Pattaya with Boonsu on a criminal case of extortion.

He is also being sued together with Boonsu in the civil court for the 2.5 million he had been entrusted to give a Thai woman by Dutchman Theo van der schaaf as part of a separation settlement.

After the court decision Drummond said: “It pains me to have to use laws I do not necessarily agree with particularly as I, with a lot of help from Noyes as he made it a tissue of lies, appear to have put the Pattaya Times out of business.. But the fact is these people have set upon a deliberate course of trying to drain me of all my cash and put me in jail. I called their bluff. Now the tide is turning.”

Noyes will have to surrender to bail on the latest case on May 12th. On Thursday this week the Appeal Court will also announce their judgment in a case in which Drew Noyes is appealing the judges’ decision to reject cases of criminal libel and libel under the Computer Crimes Act by publishing the satirical photograph below.

If the judges again reject Noyes claims – and an identical case brought by Wanrapa Boonsu was also dismissed – Drummond said he will counter sue.


  1. I wish you luck…but there's an old Chinese saying along the lines of "be careful what you ask for, you just might get it"….

      Ally,all these photographs of Drew Noyes, despite that they were posted recently, were taken years ago.
      Drew was told not to return to the Pattaya Polo events, the contract to promote Pattaya Polo was given to Pattaya Mail after Drew was exposed on this site and on many others, and the Pattaya Times was shut down for the absolute rubbish in contained. There are no recent photographs as he was not there.
      The photos show a desperate Drew, jumping in on conversations of others and conning innocent people to be photographed with him to be used later as part of a deceitful ploy to appear credible. He would later tell others that those photographed were his friends, despite only meeting them briefly and being cornered for a photograph under the guise that he owned a real newspaper. That he was a real lawyer.
      The problem for Drew, was though desperately trying to appear HI So, he just didn't cut it.His cheap suits, his shack of a home in the USA, his lack of REAL education, his lack of personal grooming and hairy ears and cheap hair dye, his old car, his table manners and his foreign friends were far from being close to being HISO. He didn't get it that by bringing a barely literate Issan woman to these events over the years as his partner he was only exposing himself as anything but HiSO. On other occasions bringing a Pattaya bar girl, he was fooling nobody but himself. People talk. He brought many different women to these events as his partner, but not one of them was HiSo.
      I have nothing against Issan people, most are absolutely lovely people, I consider many to be good friends,but the ones associated with Drew Noyes are simply not Thai HiSo, especially if they can not even speak Central Thai correctly. To say so is just pure Noyes fantasy. Why would a HiSo lady want anything to do with him. Drew seems unaware of this, and his limited Thai that he has picked up is also of this dialect and when he speaks in his version of Thai, it was simply cringe-worthy and embarrassing in these circles. Pattaya bar Thai. HiSo don't speak like that. Drew doesn't understand this. He was always to busy talking about himself and interrupting others to realize.
      I congratulate Andrew Drummond on this recent victory, you have done us all a favor as Drew now rarely is seen at any event anymore and the rubbish newspaper that was full of lies and misinformation is also gone. The few occasions he has turned up he has been shunned and spent the time pretending to speak on the phone.
      A big thankyou from the silent majority of honest business people in Pattaya. xxx Brave is sexy, and Andrew Drummond is sexier than James Bond.

    2. Drew has made false claims about his royal connections before, and it looks like he is at it again. On the above google site Drew Noyes is now claiming, quote ;;Drew Noyes is the MC at the 60th Birthday Celebration of the King of Thailand Rama IX in Bangkok Thailand;;
      Really Drew? I can not find any photos of you at the 60th Birthday of the king. Just a whole lot of old photographs of you with people who I know don't like you.
      The King's 60th birthday was in 1987. You claim you were invited here by royal proclamation in 1997, which we know was also false. You made it up. In 1987 you were selling ribs at a friend's stand were you not?
      I know you read this site everyday, so remove this lie about the King, and stop telling lies.

  2. I'm guessing Noyes and company never thought they'd be the defendants in a trial with Andrew Drummond.

    It does give me a laugh to see how the tide has turned.

  3. "ordered to surrender to bail"
    Can some explain what this means? After reading the article and then goggling that term there is no definition for it. Does this mean Drew has had his bail revoked and now must go to court in person, or is he being remanded by the judge and must go to jail?
    Or is there someone named "bail" that he must surrender to?

    1. The way I think it works is like this:

      First, there's a series of hearings to see if the plaintiff has a reasonable case where the plaintiff shows evidence as to why the charges are true. The defense lawyers are allowed to shoot holes in this evidence but are not allowed to present evidence themselves.

      Then the judge decides whether or not the case is one that should be brought to trial.

      If the judge decides there's merit to the case, a date is given where the defendant has to show up to court to face trial. At this point the defendant has to post bail or he's arrested and put in jail.
      This is how the Three Stooges have sought to "out money" their detractors by trying to have so many cases accepted by the court that paying bail would be impossible on them and AD would be imprisoned. Luckily the judges have dismissed most of the cases before they went to trial.

      So what has happened is that Andrew Drummond's case was accepted by a judge as being a legitimate case of defamation and Drew Noyes will have to pay bail at the next hearing to keep from being arrested again. Maybe AD can give us an idea of how much bail money Noyes has invested into the Thai courts at this point.

  4. The suspect Drew Walter Noyes is on Bail now, this means he is a subject of the Justice system and must comply with certain rules that govern his Bail conditions. His bail expires on the same day and hour the Court case reconvenes. As he steps into the grounds of the Court House he must present himself to the warden who supervises the back door entrance exclusive for prisoners. From that moment he is a remanded prisoner awaiting the Judges decision to grant him new bail. He leaves also through the back door of the court room taken by a warden to be put away in the stockade… It takes a couple of hours until the lawyer takes care to submit the relevant documents and payment to the court's registrar.
    Anyone can approach the back door at the Pattaya's court ground, it is a large cage like gate where one can watch all prisoners in their separate cages. As bail is granted the prisoner is called out to sign the new "contract" and released. In Drew's case he probably will be received by the Judge who is going to have lunch with him as he stated in one of his sms messages the first time he was taken out of the court room through the back door…

    1. So Noyes is claiming he spent the night of his arrest for the alleged failed Thonglor clinic extortion attempt in the police chiefs' office, not in a cell, and now is claiming on another occasion he was dining with the judge. Hmmm. Do we believe him? Nah.
      Ivan scroll down, it would be interesting to here from you, re the old school buddy.

    2. Ivan, what you have described is in Pattaya, he had to surrender to bail in Bangkok. There will be no free lunch for Noyes with the judge in Bangkok. Cells full of other cockroaches. AD has the home ground advantage in Bangkok.

  5. I was wondering, at what point is bail refused?

    Noyes is the defendant the following cases by my count:

    Goulet vs. Noyes (alleged extortion)
    Drummond vs. Noyes (alleged criminal defamation)

    Theo van der schaaf vs. Noyes (Noyes allegedly stealing 2.5 MILLION baht)
    Drummond vs. The Three Stooges (alleged defamation)

    You'd think any reasonable judge would see this guy has a very good reason to do a runner.

  6. Oh boy, did Wanrapa pick a dead beat. Now she is on bail for libel AND on the Thonglor Beauty Clinic extortion case, where it was reported in the Thai Rath newspaper, that a Bangkok senior policeman claimed that Noyes had got Wanrapa to make the calls demanding the 7 million baht.
    On the Noyes site "How the fight between Drew Noyes and Andrew Drummond Started" Noyes complains to the FCCT, of which he is not a member despite his claims, that Andrew Drummond
    3. Claims that my wife gives oral sex [“blow-jobs”] to foreigners in Pattaya;
    It has already been established that Andrew Drummond NEVER claimed this. Noyes has been asked many times to show where this was said and has consistantly failed to do so. He can not do so. Because it is NOT true. Noyes just made it up. Noyes also bleated this out at the FCCT recent meeting on libel laws.
    To use his common law wife in this manner is gutless and distasteful. It is just another of Noyes' many lies to mislead people, to make him appear to be the victim. He has no shame, he will say anything. I call him to either prove it, or remove the claim. Noyes has tarnished her reputation with his lies, not Andrew Drummond. And yet Noyes continues with this lie. And instead of dragging his wife down with him, why doesn't he stand up like a man for once in his miserable life and do the right thing.
    Noyes is said to have shacked up with a Buffalo bar woman now. It has also been claimed that Wanrapa has also moved on. Good luck to her, she could not do any worse than this coward who makes up sex stories and uses her.
    Proove it, or shut up.

    1. I heard a foreigner. American. But a Thai told me, so can't be sure, they do get us mixed up. Not many Somchais out there will to take on a single mother with 3 children. Not the done thing.

  7. The Drew Noyes haters are going to hate this news, but apparently Drew has pulled off a deal that has agents all over town green with envy. I state this is second hand information, but my source swears it is true, and he is credible.
    Drew contacted an old high school friend from the USA on facebook or linkedin. The friend came to Thailand and Drew took him around town, showed him a good time. An older guy (Drews' age i suppose, since they were high school friends) who was either divorced or never married. A bit lonely and sad, like many single men who come to Pattaya. A bit of a loser in love, but worth a packet. Drew performed his magic and sold him 2 old Thai style condos in the office above his office in Thepprasit Road. They would not be worth 1 million baht each normally. Probably about 1.5 million for both on a good day my source thinks. Anyway, Drew reeled in this lonely sucker who then paid 14 million baht for the pair, according to my source. Yes, 14 million.
    Perhaps not ethical. But 100% legal. A 12 million baht profit on 2 small condo sales. Not bad for a weeks work.
    Unfortunately for Andrew Drummond, Ally Cooper, the Thonglor Clinic and Theo Van Der Shafted, Drew is now very cashed up for the long legal battles ahead. He will be more than able to grease certain palms when necessary. Take this into account, we all know how money talks in the Thai legal system.
    Anybody out there who is owed money by Drew, I would think now would be a good time to visit his office! He is rolling in it. It also shows why these types like Drew and Gouldie thrive, there really is a sucker born every single minute. Drew got this one.

    1. No Claes this is all very historical. Essentially true but the figure involved includes the sale of two units at Keha at an outrageous price plus cash left with Noyes on account – for a business venture. If Noyes and Wanrapa are cashed up they will have to hide it soon as various judgments may come into play. I would imagine this 'old high school friend' probably wants his money back too. Noyes took the cash years ago now.

    2. Andrew is correct Cleas, it was a few years ago. And it was not as easy as you heard. The old high school buddy originally was buying into a bar Noyes was selling shares of, called Cupids. An old trick of his, he did the same thing with the Lollipop Bar years ago in Second Road. That place had an amazing number of share holders, over 300% from what I can recall. Cupids was going to have an Hawaiian theme according to Noyes. A Gentlemans club, in Pattaya's red light district. It was never going to happen, but to a new guy in Pattaya, like others before him, he was thinking with the wrong head.
      After being 4 years into a 10 year lease and the bar failing to open, the old high school buddy had heard of Noyes' business acumen and tried to get out. Noyes then offered him the crap condos. It is the same person who was warned about Noyes by Ivan Shiffer, but he then told Noyes that Shiffer had warned him.
      Noyes went crazy, wrote a whole lot of shit in his newspaper about Shiffer's business and called him a druggie. Then Noyes snitched on him about overstaying his visa and Shiffer was deported for an overstay, which was odd, as usually you just pay 500 per day.
      It has been reported on this site earlier, so AD was aware of the whole story at the time. Just google it to get all the details.
      Shiffer is now back in Thailand minus his business, and if true what Drummond says, the old friend left cash with Noyes, well I would think it is a case of 'The sugar cane has entered the elephants mouth'.
      The result of the whole mess was Shiffer was deported and lost his business, the old school friend lost his cash and ended up with 2 condos a soi dog wouldn't live in and Noyes ended up with the money.
      At least that is my take on it. Shiffer might want to correct me if I am wrong, as I am sure he would know more about this case than anyone.

  8. Andrew, so glad to see the tide turning; it's never sure, but there are signs that the casual and careless impunity of these shysters may yet put them behind bars, where they will sleep on their sides and pucker….. Your fearless and relentless pursuit of the truth and contempt for intimidation offer a rare example of real investigative journalism today.

  9. Drew Noyes Thailand Law has now admitted that he is in fact, not a lawyer. However Drew Noyes Thailand Law claims to be qualified in law as he attended a law seminar.
    I attended the law seminar by Thaivisa at Pattaya city hall.
    That therefore qualifies me and all the others who attended to now become lawyers with law offices in Pattaya.

    I will now be calling myself Howard Thai Law. I will be offering services that I have no education in, in a language I can not read.
    Services will include
    300,000 thb++ for divorces where both parties agree. ++ may include additional charges of 2.5 million thb, money that the client's wife did not need anyway.
    Come in with your family for a 90 day visa, which we will ensure we get to you at least 2 days before it expires for only 100,000 thb.
    Avoid the clampdown reported in the Pattaya Times, don't put property in your wife's name. You can put it in my wife's name instead. The common law wife, that is. My real wife doesn't talk to me anymore.
    Avoid paying pesky ex wives for the children you fathered with them.
    Company set ups with no tax returns. Ever.
    Sell your company through Howard Law Thailand, many times over.
    Divorce is our specialty, done many, and even 1 or 2 for clients. We will even use your nickname on the paperwork.
    Sell bogus shares. No problem, pretend you are a doctor.
    Deny sexual harassment claims of staff. Get a little taste.
    Approach language schools and demand work permits.
    Have pests deported.
    Libel specialists. We will win one soon, one day, maybe.
    Resumes. Be the person you always dreamed of being, but never could be.
    Copy employers client lists and avoid those embarrassing public apologies in newspapers.
    Gag the media reporting of your arrests.
    Find out where and when social events are being held and our crack photographers will get that shot for your office wall to impress future marks.
    Sky diving lessons.
    Lose condo deposits to corrupt officials.
    We can set up fake names to attack enemies and avoid the courts.
    Sell shares for millions, never pay any dividends apart from a fake press pass and cheap jacket.
    Trick pensioners into selling their houses for peanuts.
    Official Sex Websites
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    Stalk ceremonies and creep up behind female Prime Ministers, and then write them a letter claiming to represent expats.
    Beg Culture Ministers for cash for Pattaya sexpats.
    Start children's charities with your friends charged with raping children.
    Film sex acts with minors and sell them to perverts over the net in the USA.
    Edit out film when telling lies about Thaksin. Don't film that.
    Patent the cure for AIDS.
    Stop oil leaks.
    Open a “ 7-10" store in Thailand.
    Build a marina in North Carolina.
    Take over the “ Old Flamingo Hotel” on Soi 5.
    Buy the 27th. Floor of Markland .
    Rent floors 15 & 16 at Channel 3 Bldg in Bangkok
    Develop the 2nd. Floor of Tops.
    Take over all of the shop houses built next to Royal Garden.
    Start a radio station and TV station.
    Build high rise condos in the Tops parking lot.
    Extort local businesses.
    Our friendly Filipino unqualified staff are waiting to serve you, and no, they don't speak Thai either. Lock the door on your way in.

    1. There is not much left to say or analyze after the accurate, precise and amusing accounts given in Howard's, Dave's and Clae's comments on this page. It is important to note that appeal's on local court decisions move to other higher courts in Bangkok. It will be interesting to see how Judges in these courts will confront these "Crooks"who come to Thailand with the most disrespectful and dishonest intentions. I am sure they will be convicted, many people who have lived in Thailand for a long time do not believe it, it has become a "standard" the belief that Justice Courts and Judges are corrupt and that people like Drew can pay them off.
      I do not believe that, my perception on this is that a Judge who accepts to divert guilt when it is clear that the crime has been committed is taking an enormous chance on his career. It is not worth for a judge to partner with a notorious criminal who is so much scrutinized, directly from the bench. I am also sure that many men have a price, but even the few million Drew has snatched from his customers would not be enough to buy so many judges… After all Drew also needs some money to support his former wives and present children…Isn't it a shame to be sending children to International schools with stolen money from old time friends??
      There are still many unanswered questions in this most interesting saga, there is no hurry anyway, soap opera script writers could not create a better story for all of us who live in this Kingdom. Let the fun go on…

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