Laura Witheridge has deleted her controversial letter about her treatment while in Koh Tao for the trial of two Burmese for the murder and rape of her sister and now according to the Thai media the Thai Police are considering suing her and news agencies for her outspoken remarks.

This could only happen in Thailand and of course little thought went in as usual to the police statement. The Royal Thai Police certainly need a spin doctor now more than ever.

They could simply have said: “We understand the grief the sister of Hannah Witheridge is feeling and our thoughts are with her at this terrible time. We can assure you that none of our officers is responsible for the comments she describes but understand her distress if such comments were made.  The protection of tourists is our priority.”

And on the death of Luke Miller in the swimming pool of the Sunset Bar, they did not need to say that it was not murder or that he was probably drunk and cut himself on barbed wire while climbing on a DJ booth to jump into a swimming pool where he drowned.

We’re thinking os suing’ – (Spring TV)

The more information police give the more they are likely to have made a mistake. But the Thai police always seem to be horrified at the strength of foreign reaction to death’s of their citizens – as if its never happened before.

This may be of course that if a local dies and the investigation seems shoddy – his family can do little about it unless its a rich family.

Police should merely have stated that a foreigner died in Koh Tao. An initial investigation show that he drowned. A serious investigation is being made into his death.

But then of course they would have to have a serious investigation..


The most serious allegation that Laura made against the Thai police was that they were corrupt and often murder cases were covered up.  The only place the Thai police could sue is Thailand.

They certainly could not do it in the UK.  But if they did get it to the High Court in London they might find witnesses queuing around the block to testify against them.  It could put the whole of the police force on trial. In libel cases the character of the plaintiff is also determined in assessing damages.

Has Laura damaged Thai police more than they are damaged already? Down that unlikely road they could face paying millions to get a one penny award.

And suing in Thailand? Well does anybody think that Laura is really heading back there soon, if ever?

Luke Miller and James Gissing (family pic)

Laura is one of many foreigners to hit the social media with complaints against the police. The ‘Justice for Jessie’, ‘Justice for Jack’ pages are still going strong and I suspect stronger allegations are still to come.

Thai Police may also think they have successfully cleaned up the case of Luke Miller from the Isle of Wight.

Maybe not. There are a lot of questions still to be asked on that case. 

And his family may well be concerned about the hurried police investigation, and post-mortem followed by a statement from Police Lt. Col. Napa Senatip that the investigation had been closed; cause of death was drowning, no clues signaling a murder. 

The wounds on his face, said police, were probably caused by barbed wire as he climbed up to jump into the pool for a DJ’s booth. So who saw this?

Where are the witnesses? There should be some but there is no reference to any. And if there were people around the pool – did they leave him to drown? Wasn’t there even a bar tender?

Its not the sort of answer that a mother would like to hear. And Luke’s mother has already been on the BBC talking about the shortage of information.

There are lots of rumours in Koh Tao about his wounds and his family are anxious to get his body back.

Nick Pearson and parents

It is not so long ago of course that Nick Pearson died of drowning in Ko Tao after falling onto rocks, or so the story goes. His mother did not believe that.

After Luke’s death his holiday companions Nichola and James Gissing from the Isle of Wight could not been seen for dust. 
 Perhaps they were scared. James and Luke were best mates. That comes across on Facebook. 


  1. Well done AD. You've summed it all up in one.
    I particularly go for the holiday companions not being seen for dust.
    Reckon you've hit the nail on the head there!

  2. Thank you AD. You are entirely correct. I fail to see where I have been disrespectful in my comment, as justiceforluke implies.

    I'm simply saying that I concur with the comment that Nichola & James Gissing had to leave the island hurriedly – probably because they were threatened by thugs, (read "mafia"), on the island.

    Nothing disrespectful there – other than to the Kao Tao thugs.

  3. Lets see if the authoroties decide to pursue any unfortunate individuals within Thailand for either liking commenting or even sharing the links from the UK media…..

  4. "The most serious allegation that Laura made against the Thai police was that they were corrupt and often murder cases were covered up. The only place the Thai police could sue is Thailand".

    I'm certain it would be very easy to prove some RTP are corrupt…from personal experience and interaction with them. There must be 100's….1,000's of farangs who could attest to the corruption element amongst Thai police! Facts are facts…cannot be disputed.

  5. I can certainly attest to Thai police corruption together with equally corrupt foreigners and Thai lawyers. Then there is the Embassy policies of appeasement including knowing full well, on occasion, a UK national is innocent and doing absolutely nothing to assist.
    As a direct result of Embassy policy in Thailand,organisations such as the RTP feel they can act with impunity conducting dreadful investigations without fear of reprisals from foreign governments.They fall way below international standards.
    Regards Koh Tao, it is now out of control and a travel advisory should be issued by the British Embassy in light of many incidents recently without satisfactory explanations.

  6. Is there really any point in an Embassy being there?. They have no say, cant help anyone with ANY problems, and it is virtually impossible to speak to anyone British anyway. Another massive waste of tax payers money. Now Tony Blair has been banned from using them as bed and breakfast, ( or maybe that should be all inclusive) can anyone please tell me what they actually do. I have a long list of what they cant do. Maybe someone can also enlighten me as to what PROVIDING CONSULAR ASSISTANCE actually entails

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