BUDDY CAN YOU SPARE A DIME! The missing millions of a fake British Barrister-


It’s a staggering amount for a wee jessie of a chiseller but information coming into my office suggests that while working in
Thailand Brian Goudie deposited in his HSBC account in Hong Kong the equivalent of 23 million baht- £475,643.89 at today’s rates. This was for one contract alone.

The first payments totalling  7,382,778.33 Thai baht went in between March 2 2009 and
January 1st 2010 and the rest thereafter.
Why the How Simple Became Complicated bank ,which last year was given a US%2 billion slap on the wrist for money laundering for South American drug cartels?  Obviously he thinks they are too big to touch.

Australia let him out of jail after serving just two years for fraud. He had been given three two year sentences, two of them to run concurrently. Ok maybe they did not want to bear the costs of feeding and looking after him, but it looks like Thailand has been paying the price of Australia washing its hands.)

All payments went into the account of his dormant company Ramidin Holding
Co. Ltd, which has a registered address at 157/32 Mu1 Bo Phut, Koh Samui.  When I say dormant I mean the company does little but receive cash. 

Technically his Thai registered ‘law company’ should be the recipient of his ‘advisory services’.

Or Bangkok under the name Brian Goldie, at 10320,Level
4,338/1 Ratchada Road Huay Kwang, Bangkok,Bangkok,Thailand. Registered officer
Brian Goldie, or alternatively at Level 21, Charn Issarra Tower.

or  Hua Hin trading at   41/170
Soi Fa 10 Tippawan 4, Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Thailand, staff 11-50 people.
Or also in Singapore, registered as a company trading in
petroleum, rice, and cement products,  with
annual sales of US$50- US$100 million also under the name Goldie with staff of
50 to 100 registered brokers.
Or of course in Hong Kong, Registered in Hong Kong No.
101384, Suite 301-2, 3rd Floor, Hang Seng Bank Building, 200 Hennessy Road, Wanchai,
 Hong Kong.   It has never filed any accounts. Do not bother to ask how many employees he
has there.
Ramadin web page – almost as sophisticated as Alba Laws – but then again it is turning
over US$50-US$100 million a year!
I am afraid I cannot reveal where the cash came from other
than to say it’s not from anyone mentioned on this site before. And that cash
may be long since gone. But you get the picture? It was certainly NOT earned by the sale of a quantity of Jasmine Rice, Iron Ore, or Marble and Granite.

He must I am sure have put some cash into the Bang Kao Bay Residences in Koh Samui, although its usually his partners who come a cropper when he pulls off the final sting. (See Australian Appeals Tribunal report about his ‘alleged’ Scottish scam).
I can say that it was for services rendered and those
services were allegedly illegal in so far as they were contrary to laws prohibiting
payment of state officials. But the paymasters want it back.

Bang Kao 

And so of course do the three men who retained his services to get back their condos in Jomtien Park. They claim he is holding onto some 700,000 baht which is rightfully theirs…not forgetting the fees he charged as a phoney barrister

There’s also his acquisition of the ‘Jaggy Thistle’ pub in Jomtien worth about 12 million Thai baht. Last week he failed to appear in court to answer licensing charges and I understand a warrant will be issued if it has not already.

Jaggy Thistle – now the
Paradise Bar.

As far as ‘The Jaggy’ is concerned the ex-girlfriend whose name he put down as the majority Thai shareholder it appears is wise to his games.  She herself is seeking damages from him and has asked lawyers to put attachments to his land acquisition in Bang Kao Bay, Koh Samui. so it cannot be sold.

Could Goudie have met his match?

And where does Goudie pay tax on all his assets and acquisitions?
I have no doubt, well perhaps a little, however that he has paid tax in Thailand on
the US$300,000 he was allegedly paid by Mrs. Barbara Fanelli Miller of Madison,
Wisconsin, for the release of her son who is still in Nong Plalai Prison, Pattaya, on child sex abuse charges.


* Bailey – Old Bailey – The Central Criminal Court in London where Goudie says he has been whenever he disappears for a week or so.

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  1. I'm going to Big C to look for a hand held blow torch, mash hammer and bolt cutters. I can feel an earn coming on for my retirement fund.

    He probably uses internet banking so I'll need the password and account number. Somebody has to do God's work and relieve him of his ill-gotten gains.

  2. Vigilantism is generally wasted on the self destructive. I'd save your concerns for those that are less apt to shooting themselves in the foot and therefore a bit more dangerous. And I'd recommend HomePro or some such for the torch, hammer and bolt cutters. Big C doesn't have the heavy duty stuff.

  3. If he really defrauded RBS in the UK then the issue is still live. They can either sell the debt on for a percentage of it's true value to an agency or pursue it themselves.

    It appears he has the funds so how hard is it to get someone to chase him?

    1. He's not that daft. It emerged from the AAT hearings that to carry out the scam in Scotland he and two pals formed a dummy company. His pals are listed as the owner of the company. He listed himself as an 'employee' of the company. Same with Ramidin although he can sign cheques and receive cash.

  4. Good point about White Collar Criminals and about How Simple Became Complicate Bank.

    But not just RBS and HSBC, look how Amazon floored a House of Commons select committee ( They had one spokesman, the committee were twelve in number but were all playing to the camera.}; look how rate fixing by the banks in the UK is dealt with, miss selling complaints taking over a year to be investigated.

    I agree, Andrew, the scales of justice need re-balancing. It's worse in Thailand but these fraudsters learnt their tricks in the West.

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