Google Restores Blocked Stories

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Following appeals Google has restored stories which were previously blocked on
this site pending investigations of copyright complaints from two phony lawyers Brian Goudie and
Drew Walter Noyes.

Phoney lawyer 1 – Noyes
Drew Noyes, former publisher of the Pattaya Times, who has
now withdrawn claims that he is an American lawyer, had claimed pictures used
on this site were taken from his camera of him at his request and were stolen from
The claim was vehemently denied, more over publication of pictures taken from the Pattaya Times was in the public
interest and used to illustrate the activities of the newspaper. Noyes had a fraud judgment against him in the United States.
Phoney lawyer 2- Goudie

Brian Goudie acting on behalf of Bang Kao Holdings Ltd.
claimed the pictures of the Bang Kao resort, were the copyright of his
company.  Andrew Drummond accepted that
the pictures were the company’s copyright. But they were published publicly and
distributed to the public as a true image of what the resort would look like.

Andrew Drummond claimed that the pictures were of a resort promoted and offered for a sale by a man who had convictions for fraud, and falsely claimed to be a lawyer. It was in the over-riding public
interest to warn would be buyers of the serious possibility that such a resort, which boasted a
marina, might not be built or later offered as described, and that they should therefore use due diligence.