Fears were last night growing for a Thai mother who has been missing for over eight days in the Scottish capital Edinburgh.
Police Scotland have not given any reason why they are concerned about the whereabouts of Oranuch Tawongngern Waugh, 38, from the Thai province of Chaiyaphum, who was last seen in the Albion Road area of Leith, a stone’s throw from the Hibernian F.C. grounds in Easter Road on October 17th.
Police described Oranuch as 5ft tall, with a dark complexion, dark brown hair, and brown eyes, however a recent photograph (above) taken between the Forth road and rail bridges may be more helpful.
Albion Road, Leith

Inspector Jonny Elliott, from Police Scotland, said: “Oranuch has not been seen or heard from for over a week, and we are keen for any information that can help us trace her whereabouts.

“Anyone who has had contact from her in the past week, or who has seen her in that time, should contact police.  Similarly, we would urge Oranuch to contact police directly to let us know that she is safe and well.”
Oranuch was married to Robert Andrew Waugh, from Selkirk, in Amphur Phasi Charoen, Chaiyaphum, in October 2007. They have a four year old daughter, Rudi, but it is believed they separated some time ago and Mrs Waugh moved to, Musselburgh, and Haddington, East Lothian. More recently police said she lived in the Drylaw area of Edinburgh.
The marriage ended bitterly with the father seeking custody of the daughter. Oranuch had reportedly made several trips back to Thailand paid for by her husband and his relatives. It is believed they have joint shared custody.


  1. For many years Iived between Maybury and Granton and Drylaw is apparently between Granton and Blackhall. But I've never heard of it. It seems to be housing scheme. Mrs Waugh I believe was given her own council accomm.

  2. Andrew I fear your memory is playing tricks on you you. There is a vast area between Granton and Maybury. Think Pilton and Muirhouse. Cross Ferry Road and there you have the vast estate known as Drylaw. Junkie central it was, and still is
    PS I know a couple of people from there who may cut all your problems by half. Or even into bite size pieces. Small fee necessary lol.
    PPS The photo of Albion Road is just a little left of a flat I owned many years ago, but the frontage was black then, and the chimneys would have smoke coming out. (not necessarily burning coal)
    PPPS Check the husband and family

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