The doubts of a prolific Thai blogger




Has Richard Barrow, the most prolific full time blogger in Thailand turned?

I was shocked to read on Twitter yesterday that former schoolteacher Richard seems to be less enamoured with Thailand the ‘Land of Smiles’.

This message seemed to come with a pronounced frown:
If anyone could have convinced you that Thailand was indeed a paradise then Richard could.


He has blogged from just about everywhere in Thailand recording the countries festivals, displaying plates of delicious Thai delicacies, phOtographing stunning beaches, waterfalls, and in the last few years giving us stunning views from his drone of not only of beauty spots – but political rallies.

Richard BarrowHe seemed totally at peace with the country. Now he says:

“I’m sorry Thailand. You’re not that paradise you once were? I now wonder. If I had arrived here today, would I have stayed? Maybe not.”

Actually there is not shortage of people who still arrive and want to stay. And if I arrived for the first time I am sure I would also be impressed. Everyone I am sure has their perfect moment.

Many of those too later have their ‘What the F…!’ moment.

I am not sure what was behind Richard’s mind when he wrote that.

Could it have been this:

Yes this is Phi Phi Island which is allegedly ‘protected’ , above as it was when I, and probably also Richard, arrived in Thailand – and below more recently.

I am not sure if this is a ‘Road to Damascus’ moment for Richard, just probably the first time I have noticed that he feels the place is not quite what it’s upped to be,

As a career journalist after an initial wild infatuation, when I thought my Thai landlady was mad saying she preferred the UK, I had my Damascus moment a long long time ago but continued to enjoy the delights which the country afforded me when I kept my head down.

The prison and justice system did it for me I guess. If you look at that for any serious length of time you cannot but come to the conclusion that like the jails – which have manicured lawns and meticulously kept flowerbeds on the outside – there is also a very bad smell and a strong lack of humanity.

After a while you just cannot overlook it.

Actually I thought when Richard start blogging about Thai Prison Life’ I would see a radical change in his upbeat blogs.

Still Richard’s ‘moment’ so to speak may be just that. He’s been back up again and now presents us with a ‘Hooters’ picture and gone is that momentary depression.


‘Hooters’ – ‘an American Sports bar & grill chain famous for chicken wings served by waitresses in short shorts’ -has closed down 36 of its 37 outlets in Britain.
Presumably the idea was not so commercial. The Daily Mail previewed the remaining restaurant in Nottingham under the headline: ‘Is this the most offensive bar in Britain?’

Putin and Trump butt plugs. For those who have been…. and those who can’t wait


That’s how sensitive we are in Britain at the moment. People date by APP. That way, I suspect, they can lay the ground work and cut the risk of sexual harassment.
Are we still prude? Not judging by the television. I turned on the TV a week or so ago to watch a couple on a sofa asking for advice on anal sex and then being given an illustrated talk on butt plugs.
A physical demonstration would have been perfectly in order.
Last night two gays dressed up and demonstrated their kink – a puppy love fetish………………I’m not going to into that.

One thought on “The doubts of a prolific Thai blogger

  1. Looking back at Richards many prolific encounters promoting the fantastic paradise that he call’s home , I soon wondered if he was some how reporting on a parallel universe that can only be viewed by donning a pair of rose tinted glasses , a universe where once you remove said glasses , the real experience became more of a nightmare plagued with endless real world situations of dual pricing , endless scams and epidemic corruption that makes any attempt to enjoy on the surface what the wonderful LOS has to offer ,only ending up as more of a distasteful experience . I have personally over the years visited many of the places that Richard so wonderfully and lovingly promoted , and yes on the surface the first encounter on seeing the attractions that Richard wrote about was one of delight but that feeling soon disappeared and quickly transformed into a feeling of sadness only leaving a bad taste in the mouth , I like many foreigners who know the real meaning of being an appreciated visitor , soon come to realise that underneath the only Thai plan is to offer the visitor very little while milking them of every Satang . Richard please remove your rose tinted glasses and at least stand up for what your dwindling readership really want , less BS and more truth.

    Bill .

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