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BUT THEN FLEES SINGAPORE TO AUSTRALIA A British Fund Manager who mocked the ‘poor people’ of Singapore on Facebook while showing off his private Porsche has been fired from the asset management company which employed him and moved to Australia. Anton Casey, 39, took a Singapore Airlines flight to Perth on Friday but not before first apologizing for the biggest …

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Singapore Bar to Charge S$120 a pint – W@nker Only

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In the city of crippling bar prices – well for those of us who are not financial advisers – a local dog friendly bar is now offering beer at S$120 a pint or 3,086 Thai baht, or £56.50 Fortunately for mere mortals the price remains at $12 or 309 Thai baht or £5,65. The S$120 is for wankers, well one specific wanker, namely …

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BUDDY CAN YOU SPARE A DIME! The missing millions of a fake British Barrister-

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‘GOLDIE OF THE BAILEY’S’* HONG KONG STASH – It’s a staggering amount for a wee jessie of a chiseller but information coming into my office suggests that while working in Thailand Brian Goudie deposited in his HSBC account in Hong Kong the equivalent of 23 million baht- £475,643.89 at today’s rates. This was for one contract alone. The first payments …