Singapore Bar to Charge S$120 a pint – W@nker Only

In the city of crippling bar prices – well for those of us who are not financial advisers – a local dog friendly bar is now offering beer at S$120 a pint or 3,086 Thai baht, or £56.50

Fortunately for mere mortals the price remains at $12 or 309 Thai baht or £5,65. The S$120 is for wankers, well one specific wanker, namely Anton Casey, the fund manager highlighted here yesterday who appear to have too much money for his own good.

The average price of beer in the the UK – according to the ‘Good Pub Guide’ is about £3.30 but probably about 20 per cent more in London and the Home Counties – and in remotest poverty stricken Wales you can still get a pint for under £2.00.

Funnily enough it is foreign financial advisers who are driving up the cost of a ‘foreign’ pint in Bangkok – and Pattaya.  These are the ‘boiler room guys’ who have taken over Sukhumvit Soi 4, Sukhumvit Soi 11, and a lot of the bars and nightlife in Bangkok where foreign clientele go.

“We have raised prices in line with the cost of property,” one said, ensuring that at least some of the people robbed will have to pay again unless they know which bars to body-swerve.

Not even ‘Cheap Charlie’s is that cheap any more.


The Tuckshop bar is described as a place  ‘Made by Locals’ but was created apparently by a Brit, a Frenchman, an Italian and, er, one of those locals, or the ‘smelly poor’ as Anton ‘liked’ to make out. 

Its all a publicity stunt of course Anton would not be seen dead in a place offering beers at S$12 a pint. It would take years to get through his commissions.


The outrage in Singapore caused by Casey’s remarks on Facebook at how the poor travel on the smelly MRT (while he has a Porsche) has of course exposed a little of the friction between Singaporeans and foreigners in the island state. Casey may not live up to the reputation of Nick Leeson, who brought down Barings Bank- and was famous for dropping his trousers after a few pints at Clarke Quay…but he’s heading there.

I was on the ‘newspaper hunt’ for ‘Rogue Trader’ Leeson, who single handedly lost £827 million of Baring’s money, after he went missing and I enjoyed some nights in a few of Asia’s most expensive hotels – as we did not expect to find him in a B and B.  
Leeson did his time, returned the UK and until 2013 was manager of Galway Football Club in Ireland. He gives talks on ‘Risk Assessment’ and even broadcasts and writes on finance.

Footnote: Please no references in posts to this man’s son

4 thoughts on “Singapore Bar to Charge S$120 a pint – W@nker Only

  1. I wouldn't trust this Casey guy to walk my dog let alone manage my cash. He's got a kind face, the kind you want to stomp on. He has the same appeal as Brian Goldie or Drew Noyes, where just looking at his photo makes you want to punch his lights out.

  2. A slight case of too many crushed Smarties up his snout, by the looks and sounds of things. Why are all such public-school type smartasses so boorishly arrogant and useless? I'm quite surprised such feeble folks are able to procreate. ( Well, I suppose there IS a practical side to all those swinger parties!)

  3. You, Andrew, are of course very much an exception to the rule.
    What is life without a few convenient stereotypes? Truth be known, though, it is a stereotype that very very adequately describes at least three of my ex-bosses.

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