Picture: Goudie glazed eyes after reading anothet Drummond report

Brian Gerald James Goldie, known in Thailand as Brian Goudie, has been furiously fighting for his honour against multiple perceived enemies both here and abroad, claiming lies are being spread to ruin his, er, reputation.

Hot after the appearance in a Samui court of fellow Scot David Hanks – the former brothel owner with an unblemished record and  new career in furniture repair, in a Thai factory nobody can find – Goudie, 47, from Falkirk, has been writing furiously to Fleet Street papers in London and the email he uses has been has been put on at least one news department’s ‘hoaxer’ list.

Caution this is a photo-shopped picture
and thus is as fake as the subject matter

Goudie has been trying to tell the editors that a former client of his law firm Alba Laws ‘is a paedophile’ despite him being acquitted at the first court and now being released on the order of the Supreme Court. “Why do you not check facts carefully before publishing?” – he demands to know from the editor of the Daily Telegraph in London.

Meanwhile the two main libels against him are out and out lies, he claims.
He was a Captain in the Royal Marines, he insists.

There had been some confusion, he claims, because he had been accused of claiming to be a Royal Navy Captain which of course, he added, really was not true. But he had never claimed that.

But he had indeed been a Captain of the Royal Marines. He has his papers to prove it, but unfortunately they are not available right now.

This has caused some mirth at Royal Naval (Communications) Headquarters in Portsmouth in the UK, but also attracted some serious reaction too.

It is of course an offence to bring the Navy into disrepute, and also bring into disrepute the Queen’s Commission, though I do not think the British Royal Navy will be taking this foreigner to court on a Thai holiday island…they’ll leave it to the marines!

Caution: This is a photo-shopped picture. It is intended to ridicule the lies of Brian Goudie – He did however
go to Hakea Prison in West Australia remaining there more than two years despite his denials.

‘No man of this name has ever been given a commission in the Royal Marines,” a spokesman told me. He repeated: “No man of this name has been an officer in the Royal Marines”.

But he added: “A man of this name did sign up in the Marine Reserves (weekend soldiers) in 1987. He achieved the rank of marine. There is no rank lower than that apart from recruit. Is that clear? He did not achieve the rank of Lance Corporal.’

Goudie is also fighting furiously claims that he was sentenced to six years in Australia for stealing over Aus$400,000 from a West Australia mining company. He has been telling friends.

“I only spent 60 days in prison and I won my appeal against conviction,” he insists.

Caution: This is not a photo-shopped picture but is a real copy of his discharge papers. However this does
not carry the Australian Embassy  seal like the other documents. It appears to be contrary to the
law to leak discharge records.  Well done cobber! Meanwhile Judge Fenbury addressing Goudie while
sentencing him – takes into account  he has spent two years in jail already. Right ER0000274  Brian?

This is also a lie. The court and discharge records clearly show that Goudie spent two years in jail in Hakea Prison, WA, prior to his trial. Having completed a third of his sentence he was eligible for parole and released not long after conviction. There was no appeal against conviction.  I believe the Australians took the view that they did not wish to continue to pay to look after someone they were going to throw out of the country anyway.

Caution this is not a photo-shopped picture –  but the
company is as phony as its owner. Scottish question. ‘Who
dares meddle with me?’ Answer: We do.

Besides of course he had studied law in prison, perhaps he could put it to good use.

And indeed he did. In Thailand he set up the company Alba Laws, which of course has never paid any tax.

He then set about intending to defraud a British businessman out of his Bangkok condo – which he has now agreed to return on pain of criminal conviction – and currently stands accused of cheating a 75-year-old American woman out of 7.9 million Thai baht – a charge which he is now also trying to buy himself out of (It is legally possible in Thailand and the victims usually take the cash) at Pattaya Provincial Court. He had claimed he was a qualified British barrister and Scottish advocite – well that’s how he spelled it on his CV!

Caution. This is a photo-shopped picture. This
man is not really a barrister practising at the
Old Bailey!

#BrianGoudie or rather #BrianGoldie goes into court on Koh Samui on June 12 to give evidence against the owner of this site claiming that the pictures on this site are against the Thai Computer Crime Act.


Under the Computer Crime Act is an offence to alter a photograph of a person to their detriment. The Computer Crime Act was of course designed in the interests of national security to ensure this did not happen in the case of the ‘highest institution’.

This site has of course published a number of photographs, which have been clearly been photo shopped and even published elsewhere.  We quite clearly defend our right to ridicule a person who is known for cheating foreigners.

This site is also an international site registered in Britain and hosted in the United States. If this ruling is allowed it allows Thailand to be the arbiter of the world’s morality.

Put it this way, if this is upheld, were Adolf Hitler or Thaksin Shinawatra to be available right now and the picture was published on the New York Times website, they could both come down to Koh Samui and sue….. Any assets of the New York Times in Thailand, perhaps the regional correspondent’s ‘Notebook Pc’  could thereafter be seized, wasting years of Thai court time!

Caution. This is a photo-shopped
picture. Thaksin Shinawatra does not
really dress up as Adolf Hitler

Meanwhile #DavidHanks, who is also suing for libel, and whose sister told the ‘SUN’ newspaper in Scotland that she did not approve his ownership of the Masquerades brothel in Keysborough, Victoria, Australia, is to answer questions about his alleged ‘mafia’ connections in Pattaya.

His standard answer is: ‘That is not relevant to this case.’ He is suing Andrew Drummond over a story in the SUN newspaper headlined -‘OAP* from Girvan is Mafia Enforcer’.

The story was based on the evidence of Dr. Michel Goulet, joint owner of the Thonglor Clinic during the trail of #DrewNoyes and #WanrapaBoonsu for extortion. Under British law court reports are covered by absolute privilege.

*OAP – Old aged pensioner. British for senior citizen. An age the author is fast approaching!


  1. It has been mentioned on this site that Mr Noyes also does not pay taxes on his numerous companies. How do they get away with this? When I renew my permission to stay, I have to show last years papers- what's the secret? Should I stop paying, too as there seems to be no repercussions?

  2. More great work Andrew. It will be interesting to see if this little gang of four, the two Brians, Drew and David will start turning on each other. I have heard that David is tiring of Drew promising a lot and delivering little or nothing of what he promises. Only excuses, nothing of any substance. Sentences are reduced in Thailand for cooperating with the police. It is common knowledge that an American keeps dirt files on everyone, is known as a police informant and would give up his own mother if he thought it would benefit him.
    This little gang were allegedly causing all sorts of havoc before you came on the scene. Since then they have collectively been charged by the Royal Thai Police with extortion, fraud, deception,illegal money lending and child rape. You have kept the spotlight on the these cases now for years which thwarts their attempts to pay or threaten themselves out of trouble.
    What is incredible about this little group is their shameless self promotion. Brian was not even a Royal Navy Captain's asshole. But it appears that Brian has been telling this lie for so long that he has forgotten it is a lie. He has started believing it himself. Drew seemd to be suffering from the same problem. The 2 Brians and Drew have for years been passing themselves off as lawyers. But it looks like they have done this to fleece people rather than help them.
    Of the thousands of 'clients' the American lawyer claims to have helped, not one has come forward in his defense. This seems strange for someone who claims to have helped thousands, many for free. Apart from of course Mangus Evans, Stan Longley, Somchai and a host of other as believable fictional characters. However we have disgruntled 'clients' contacting this site on what appears to be a weekly basis.
    Then we have their alleged behavior towards women, sexual assaults of women being lured by false promises of employment, women being badly beaten, women being sold for sex, women being abandoned with children and given no financial support, disgusting pictures of ex girlfriends performing sexual acts being posted on the internet, child rape and also of children being filmed being molested and the footage being streamed onto the internet for peodos in foreign countries to get off on. And of course the alleged terrible treatment the girls working in the brothels in Thailand and abroad have been exposed to by their peverted 'bosses.'
    Now for the remainder of this year, this group is facing a myriad of court cases. Hopefully your hard work will pay off. You and your family have been constantly threatened and attacked by these disillusion idiots but you have stood your ground. Not for money, but for what is just. The silent majority is on your side and can see through the often laughable, always deceitful attempts to discredit you.
    This group likes to talk tough, but we have seen them run to the police when they had the opportunity to deal with you. They are all facing charges where they could be imprisoned. Snitches and child molesters are given protection from the general prison population in many western countries. This is not practiced in Thai prisons.
    Long live Andrew Drummond.

  3. Andrew, I get your point, but suggest a little rewording. The headline ' he could not have achieved a lower rank if he tried' is actually degrading to the men of the Royal Marine Commandos who did achieve that rank. To go through 30 weeks of some of the most intensive military training in the world to earn the coveted Green Beret is no mean feat, more fail than actually pass the commando course. I know many fine men who 'only' achieved the rank of marine, I dont think they would appreciate your putting down of their achievements either. The families of those who have died as 'only marines' may also not be too chuffed.

    You should instead concentrate and see if he actually passed the commando course whilst he was in the RMR.

    1. Thanks Steve – but I do not think the average marine will take this the wrong way. There are people happy and proud to be a marine. This is about a man claiming something he was not.

  4. Goldie / Gouldie has been challenged before by myself and others on this site to show his commisison, his Call certificate and account for the period from February 2000 to April 2002.

    He is of course under no obligation to prove he was a Captain in the Royal Marines, a qualified and practicising barrister or was not in fact an ex-con found guilty on Australia of deception / theft offences.

    That he has allowed his reputation and business go to the wall without sorting this out and has instead indulged in petty and vindictive attacks on whoever he can identify as authoring words on this site speaks for itself.

    Message to ex-con Brian:
    "Contact the Marines, your Inn and alma mater if you have not got these documents. Otherwise just accept you have been outed and move on. As to how you can challenge the prison records in Aus is not clear."

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