Roscoe Alert – For Touchwood Investors

The elusive jet-setter Roscoe Maloney – supremo of the ‘Touchwood’ forestry fiasco is currently in Cambodia presumably trying to sell the land he purchased there for one of his schemes.

Sources had him departing Phnom Penh through Bangkok last week. For those wishing to talk to him police may or may not assist in providing a return date and flight number.

Maloney, half Australian (and thus a citizen of one of the world’s new centres for financial fraud due at least in part to its woefully incompetent ASIC – Australian Securities and Investments Commission) – recently started a new company on the Gold Coast called ‘Long Horn’.

He is being sought by investors in Thailand, Dubai, Hong Kong and the UK who put money into his ‘agar wood’ projects launched through Touchwood.

Below – see how ASIC fights back on Youtube 

2 thoughts on “Roscoe Alert – For Touchwood Investors

  1. Don't know about S&P but I rate Australia as an equal to Nigeria for financial scams. Its clear the whole industry has been ripping off everyone from their own pensioners & low income groups, to expats around the world.

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