Hanks, Noyes and Goudie, photoshopped as the ‘Three Stooges’

Drew Walter Noyes – an American in Pattaya, who is appealing a two year jail sentence for extortion, together with David Hanks, another Pattaya resident and former brothel owner in Melbourne were today given until December 9th to answer civil libel charges brought by a supervisor working on an oil rig off Vietnam.

The court set a date for December 22nd for Noyes to answer allegations that Alastair Cooper, from Yorkshire was a drugs dealer and other false claims on his Facebook page. Hanks, who was arrested in a Department of Special Investigation last year and accused of money lending to Russians at 60 per cent per month, will also have to reply in a written submission.

Threats on Hilary Clinton

The court will also hear explanations as to why David Hanks, 66, from Girvan, Scotland and Brian Goldie, from Falkirk, also invented a spurious story alleging that Cooper was wanted by the American Secret Service for an alleged threat to Hilary Clinton, wife of former US President Bill Clinton.  Mr. Cooper is suing them for five million baht in damages.

Cheated 76-year-old out of 7.9 million baht – claim

Goudie, under the name Goldie, was jailed for six years in Australia for theft. He had successfully managed to set up a law firm in Thailand falsely claiming to be a British barrister. He is currently on trial and 400,000 baht bail in Pattaya for posing as a barrister to cheat an American woman, 76, Barbara Fanelli Miller out of 7.9 million baht.  Similar charges have been posted in Koh Samui.

Both Noyes, 58, and Goudie, 48, who have both falsely claimed to have been lawyers, have a reputation of ‘shopping’ their enemies to authorities with false accusations. But the claims that Cooper was a threat to Hilary Clinton are bizarre.

They made the allegations after they became aware that Ally Cooper was a supporter of this site.

On his  Goudie claimed  David Hanks, former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, Victoria, had contacted his son-in-law Police Officer Trumbower of Florida State University Police in Tallahassee, Florida, who is apparently a friend of President Clinton.  He has claimed Ally Cooper has made an threat against the life of Hilary.

The story was accompanied a picture of Jason Trumbower with President Clinton.

Jason Trumbower, according to Hanks, had put the US Marshalls and Secret Service on alert.
David Hanks, Brian Goudie, and Drew Noyes, have worked together to file a number of spurious cases against journalist Andrew Drummond (owner of this site) all bar one have been defeated and that is being appealed.

Said Cooper: “I am taking civil action against these two convicts and one pimp because the Thai police seem unable to.”

‘His porno pictures of girlfriend went up on the net’

Goudie aka Goldie

Cooper is also supporting a former girlfriend of Brian Goudie from Falkirk, Scotland,, who after breaking up with him found that pornograhic video of intimate moments with him were put up on the internet and massively copied by aggregators.

The Technical Crime Suppression Police sent a report to Pattaya for police to act on. But no action has been taken.

Goudie is also accused of switching directorships of a company he owned so his girlfriend would take the rap for running an unlicensed bar.

He later put a story up on the net that his girlfriend, whom he described as a prostitute, was convicted of offering sexual service from the bar.



  1. *I just got a rough draft from Drew Noyes that he plans to place on his Google + page.

    He places Alastair Cooper on the grassy knoll in Dallas on November, 22, 1963.

    Mystery solved? Well, yes. Drew Noyes says so.

    *To avoid redicilous litigation against the owner of this site, I will label my post satire.

  2. Can you please explain why these three are allowed to run rings around the Thai legal system . The other point I would make is that you Andrew appear happy for Noyes to continue to claim online that you are not an accredited journalist. More importantly why has he never been prosecuted for trying to claim his connections to people in high places. Doe he pay US tax? How do these scammers remain in. Thailand?

    Surely if they can hit you with libel cases you and others can do the same?

    1. Actually we have been asking the authorities that for the last three weeks and had a hilarious meeting with the Deputy Head of Region 2 Police today. They'll get it eventually. Noyes is in the criminal court in Bangkok on December 16 to answer claims in the Pattaya Times that I was not an accredited correspondent…That is if he had not fled. I presumed Noyes and Goudie would flee at the last minute – as both have done previouslty – Goudie from Scotland and Australia and Noyes from cases in the United States. By now you will have discovered that the justice system in Thailand is no true justice system.

    2. After what's been a bad week for the police and their reputation, perhaps the Thai police could gain some ground by arresting these guys.

      Rather than seeking justice, perhaps offering some positive PR for the police might be more effective.

      Think of the headline:

      "Thai Police Arrest Transnational Criminal Syndicate Members"
      The expat community breathes a sigh of relief as these career criminals are finally in jail after years of swindling expats out of their hard earned money.

  3. Wonderful news.

    Very best luck with the case Ally.

    Incidentally Andrew, can I suggest that when referring to the alleged posting by Brian Goudie (Nee Goldie), of intimate photos and video of his ex girlfriend, you use the term 'Revenge Porn'.

    Revenge Porn is becoming something of a hot topic in the US, UK, with discussion on enacting specific criminal laws against people who resort to Revenge Porn.

    Name the behaviour Revenge Porn will almost certainly going to be picked up by search engines.

  4. Do you really think Drew went to S-Korea? Normally he will come back with 1000+ photobombs (with "VIP'S") and post them on his facebook. Now none.

  5. It would not surprise me if he fould everybody, the Lion's club and his clientele (what's left). And he just spend a few days low profile somewhere in Thailand. Do you have any confirmation from someone he left for S-Korea to attend the Lions, Andrew?

  6. Why doesn't Goudie have to submit written statements in Dec?

    Can you find out from the court when Noyes said he'd be back? Surely the Thai judge that allowed him bail didn't just say "Be back before your next court date. ".

    1. Yes I can but it requires asking a favour from a lawyer – and the news will come to me anyway. He's not really cashed up anymore so I am not going to get anything out of him I'm guessing. So if he stays or goes means nothing to me. Would like to see him do time but you know he has established what he is and for the rest of his life will be paying to have bad stories about him hidden 🙂

  7. It appears these guys are adept at giving everyone the runaround.

    I don't expect anything to happen much in the next six months and neither should you Andrew.

    What puzzles me is why they can't be slapped with a raft of law suits. Then they would have to post lots
    of bail which is the game they have played with you.

  8. It's been the best part of 5 years we've all been following the adventures of DN and his "mates"….. will there ever be a legal conclusion to all this…or will they just disappear in to the ether? Let's hope after all the printed material that has been apportioned to their various activities, and it's a lot …that it won't be all in vain.

    1. Well its been over three years and I have been under attack for three years. I have survived that with the help of supporters here, but barely. I have not had the cash wherewithal to counter sue but merely bring two return cases. Nothing however has been in vain. But the system is such that these characters with a few bucks can walk free.

  9. Well….for you Ad it's been 3 years for me it's been 5 since I was the first English Editor for The Pattaya Times Newspaper…. completely unpaid of course. As a little aside and to illustrate how deep the rivers run with Drew Noyes….I recieved a txt message just last week from Thailand ( I now live in Australia as you know) and it could only be from DN…suggesting the I was the one responsible for the photoshop images shown on your site…….the message was couched in innuendo , with suggestions that we " must meet up some time soon" and " it's good to know where you live now" all that kind of stuff . So it just goes to show that he is a determined wrestler with those that choose to expose him for the fraud he really is…..even when he is coming to the end of his natural life as a fraudster and extortionist…let's hope we get a satisfactory conclusion.

  10. This came from Drew Noyes facebook page – 5 hours ago:

    "Listing your written works in Google Scholars is an excellent method to gain credibility and to have others cite your work, My topic is always about Thailand. The photo is of the Mayor of Pattaya presenting flowers to me Drew Noyes at one of the many events my law firm sponsors for Pattaya. We conducted a Law Seminar at Pattaya City and will conduct another, larger Thai law seminar at the Convention Center early next year."

    A law seminar to be held by a convicted felon. Well there is always a first time. As to his photo of the mayor presenting flowers to me Drew Noyes and my works cited by others in Google Scholars … priceless!

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