‘The international community is watching the activities of these people in disbelief”

Police in Thailand were today asked again to take a closer look at the activities of fake barrister Brian Goudie, who opened a legal firm in Thailand called Alba Laws after being sentenced to six years in Australia for theft.

Goudie  right. Not one of the images

A delegation comprising two Thai nationals and British journalist Andrew Drummond asked Chonburi Region 2 that closer attention be given to three cases being brought against Mr. Goudie, 48, from Falkirk, Scotland, which had been left on file for months after being handed over by the Crime Suppression Division, and Technical Crime Suppression, and reported by the Pattaya prosecutor.

The file sent to Pattaya by the Technical CSD asks Pattaya police to investigate a case of alleged ‘Revenge Porn’.

Smart phone Porn

This relates to video and stills, which the victim, Goudie’s former girlfriend nicknamed Nang, claims was taken by Goudie on his smart phone and subsequently circulated widely on the internet.

The girlfriend’s real name was published along with what sexual activities the poster said she liked.

The only feature of Goudie is his member, hand and his shirt.

Goudie has admitted on the internet being the owner of the film but claims it was taken from either his ‘Dropbox’ or a computer he had downloaded to,  which he claims was stolen by his former girlfriend.

The file sent by the CSD accuses Goudie of embezzling a cash award awarded by Pattaya Court to three foreigners.  Lawyers for Goudie impatient at police lack of action have since taken private criminal proceedings.

A third case alleges that Goudie set up his girlfriend Nang to take the rap for running the former ‘Jaggie Thistle’ pub in Pattaya without a drinks licence.

     Directors switched

She was subsequently fined and acquired a criminal record.

But at the time of the raid the managing director was Goudie himself –  He switched directors two days afterwards at the Department of Business Development and before charges were formally brought.

Goudie later wrote on his blog ‘CasewatchAsia.blogspot’ that Nang was convicted of illegally providing sexual services at the pub. He did not say the pub was his.

Drummond also queried why a Pattaya policeman appeared to be supporting Mr. Goudie. Goudie is trying to bring Nang to court for theft from Jimmi International.  She remains Managing Director of Jimmy International, which owns the Jaggie Thistle, by court order.

Jaggie Thistle

“Goudie is known internationally. There has been a documentary about his activities. Many foreigners are surprised that Thai police have done nothing about him.

They could easily come to the conclusion, perhaps unfairly, that he is in league with police,” said Drummond, who added that he had repeatedly informed police already.

Goudie is currently on 400,000 baht bail on charges of posing as a barrister to defraud Mrs. Barbara Fanelli Miller, 76, of Madison , Wisconsin, out of 7.9 million baht.

Goudie, said Drummond, had boasted on the internet that police had decided to take no action against him.

Goudie had allied himself with an American, Drew Noyes, who also falsely claimed to be a lawyer, and who was now appealing against a two year jail sentence, and a Scot, David Hanks, a former brothel owner who had been arrested in connection with racketeering.

The international community was watching their activities in utter disbelief, he added.

On CasewatchAsia Goudie quotes himself as saying:

“In relation to the posting of photos on the net,  I will say what I have to say in Court – police have however told my lawyers there is no evidence whatsoever that I had any involvement, and accordingly I intend to prosecute”.

And in the case of a prosecution of Nang (he has written several stories about her) he says: “The shareholders have no wish to see (name redacted) prosecuted, but she has left us no choice.”

Russian Mafia

 David John Hanks, former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Keyborough, Victoria, Australia. 

Hanks was arrested in a high profile raid by the DSI against Russian racketeers lending money to fellow Russians in Pattaya at 60 per cent per month.

Hanks was arrested as the man who supplied the cash.

The DSI had handed the case over to Pattaya Police to prosecute.

Chonburi Police have requested more details.


Revenge porn is sexually explicit media that is publicly shared online without the consent of the pictured individual. 
Revenge porn may be uploaded by ex-partners to shame or embarrass the pictured individual, or by hackers.
An sms from Goudie
Many of the images are pictures taken by the pictured persons themselves, or selfies, with victims mostly being women. 
The uploaded formerly-private explicit images are often accompanied by personal information, including the pictured individual’s full name, links to Facebook and social media profiles or addresses. 
Nations which have passed laws against revenge porn include Israel, Germany, and twelve states within the United States.


  1. Out of curiosity, if Goudie (Nee Gouldie) has stated the photos where taken without his consent from his Drop Box.

    Is this not an admission that he made the images and transmitted them over the internet to his drop box.

    Making and transmitting sexually explicit images are, I believe, both illegal acts in Thailand.

  2. Having read all the previous stories and the way the court cases go I expect he will not turn up and the case will be adjourned until March or April. It appears there is a pattern where these guys are giving you the runaround and clocking your lawyer and travel fees to make the whole deal a lot more expensive.

    I expect all your upcoming cases will be adjourned as Noyes and co will not turn up. They will forward some excuse to the court and so the whole thing drags on. You must know Andrew that in Thaialnd court cases can run for several years.

    What I do not understand is how convicted criminals are free to abuse the system and allowed to remain here running shady business's ?

    1. It is a crime and it is also a separate crime to be a foreigner practicing as a lawyer, or especially claiming to be, " The only American in Thailand certified to practice law…," as Mr Noyes has done, as it is an occupation reserved for Thais ( Until AEC at least and then citizens of those countries may be allowed to practice. However it seems Thailand will be forcing professional certification tests in Thai language only.)

  3. Imagine a hypothetical scenario. Imagine that these people were being supported by corrupted authorities in exchange for an undefined gain, let's say financial (hypothetical as I said). If those corrupted supporters were aware of the background of these people, one would think that there is no end to the "gains" they could ask for. What defenses could the stooges find? In this hypothetical scenario, which could be replicated in the real wold, this would be like playing Russian Roulette (by the stooges first and foremost) and smacks of desperation. I would think that the stooges are possibly living in fear.

    1. There is an element of negotiation in these things and "corrupted authorities" in Thailand rarely bankrupt their clients. Recent developments suggest the police at the top have organised some massive scams to protect major league criminals who continue to flourish.

      These 3 characters are not remotely in that league, despite what Noyes may claim.

    2. Well yes, which is why they could possibly be cast off as they are a lower-level source of food (in a hypothetical scenario). Furthermore,their position in the scale of things is possibly in the "minor leagues", which means they feed lower-level officials (assuming the same hypothetical scenario). Therefore, the influence of power is lower but the potential for being out of depth is possible greater.

  4. It seems Jay Sata is a recent arrival to Thailand or, indeed, is not even resident.

    The mounting evidence against these shysters will have an accumulative effect and if what is apparently happening in Bangkok gravitates to Chonburi then the police currently taking a less than proactive role against Gouldie et al may well alter course.

    Gouldie is a convicted criminal whose activities here have brought him to the attention of the courts. Immigration Police surely must be the next step.

  5. Spud,

    Someone saw AD and company coming out of the police headquarters and he told me that AD was with an army general that looks suspiciously like the general Drew Noyes had in court with him on several occasions. The guy wasn't 100% sure though.

    I can only imagine what he told the police about Drew and company.

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