Justice in Thailand is how much money can we get’ – Tim ‘Sharky’ Ward


A short film showing Tim ‘Sharky’ Ward’s battle with police in Pattaya has been put up on the net by Australian based ‘Sneaky TV’.

The quote above is an abbreviated quote from an interview which forms a basis for the film.

The film pulls no punches, unlike Sharky, who makes a number of air punches in front of police and journalists

Ward, originally from New Zealand, but who made his name in nightclubs and running a money lending business on Queensland’s Cold Coast has now come to an arrangement with local police after he accused them of trying to set him up on drugs charges and taking gold from his apartment.

However on the film he states that if you make a pact with the police you make a pact with the devil. He claimed people arrested in Pattaya were encouraged to commit more crimes to pay themselves off.

So while he may have changed his attitude, he does not appear to have changed his views. The recent arrests in Bangkok have caused him great excitement on his Facebook page which he claims gets 100,000 hits daily.

“People want to see if I have been killed yet.”

He certainly appeared to clear the decks at Pattaya police station whenever he turned up.

No need to comment further on this video. It also shows his confrontation with the Pattaya rat pack – the journalists who follow police calls.

7 thoughts on “Justice in Thailand is how much money can we get’ – Tim ‘Sharky’ Ward

  1. The more I read about this guy, the more I seem to like him and his attitude! no surprise he has 100K facebook followers.

  2. Nice to see that this website is not read by the same scumbags as found on TV forum because there everybody hate Tim Sharky, maybe because they do not have his money, his muscles and his c….

    1. He's alive and well and as active as ever on his facebook page…but I don't think for all his vocal efforts he recovered a single satang of what he says was stolen…

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