The attack on a 40-year-old Scot named as Stuart Page in Soi LK Metro in Pattaya two nights ago was caught on CCTV and appears to show at least one person who had nothing to do with the fight coming along to join in.

More common perhaps when foreigners are attacked in places like Pattaya,  Soi Bangla, in Phuket and Soi Green Mango in Koh Samui, and Nana and Cowboy in Bangkok,  one can normally expect a quorum of at least ten.

I like this from the Khao Sod – I think the English language section is written by a foreigner.

It’s the first Thai newspaper I have seen to admit that Pattaya is ‘well  known for its red light district,’ even though that is something of an understatement. The problem is finding your way out of the ‘red light’ area.

From Khao Sod

CHONBURI — Police say they are searching for two Thai men who brutally assaulted a foreign tourist in the popular resort town of Pattaya early this morning. 

Police say the assault took place at around 1 am near Soi Bua Kao in Central Pattaya district. The attack left the tourist, who said he is Scottish, with severe injuries on his head and bruises all over his body, police told reporters. 

According to Pol.Cpt. Noppadol Raksawong, CCTV footage in the area showed the tourist and another foreigner arguing with a Thai woman in front of a bar in Soi Bua Kao. Two Thai men later arrived on a motorcycle and one of them drew out a knife and started attacking the tourist. A brawl soon ensued. 

Pol.Cpt. Noppadol said much of the fight was obscured on the CCTV footage by an umbrella, though the tourist could clearly be seen attempting to walk away, only to be further assaulted. The two Thai men reportedly left the Scotsman bleeding on the street and sped away on their motorcycle. 

Pol.Cpt. Noppadol said the police are working to identify and arrest the two men seen in the CCTV. 

“This is an act that shows no fear of the law, and it happened in front of many tourists in the area,” Pol.Cpt. Noppadol said. 

Crimes against foreigners are common in Pattaya, which is well known for its red light district.

Link below to video

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  1. Well, the local forums have decided that the Thai men were operating at the behest of the Scotsmans girlfriend…a Thai version of tough love perhaps…

    1. One thing I can tell you is that Scottish guy he not have human left he never repossible his baby inside that Thai gilt belly.
      Their are his baby but he never repossible anything sound like he still good man right?

    1. Ah yes.

      Thaivisa – will bring you news of a tourist getting beat up. They might bring news of a tourist getting arrested or of an expat losing everything to a Thai bar girl.

      But Thaivisa will not discuss Noyes, Goudie, Hanks, ex-cons in the Tourist Police or criminality in the expat financial services sector.

      People who are a real threat to Thaivisa members are not mentioned at all.

      (Mind, the idea of George standing behind his members is a troubling one).
      They don't allow links to this site and they certainly don't like members mentioning Andrew Drummond.

      But I hear they do a great job organising parties.

  2. No one can see Scottish hurt Their family.
    Where is the justice? Is true Scottish Man attacked Thailand man first The first Thailand's men just would like to ask his friend why he wanna his sister, but Scottish man was very drunk can't contort they self just go have a pee he can't do for his self too. Think about it before you think why it happen!
    And later why the Thai police said sorry for that girl that in the news all not true.

  3. What about that Thai girl ? She pregnant with that Scottish guy Mr. Stuart Page without repossible of him. He know she had his baby but …. It meant he look like good man ???

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