Fake Scots lawyer Brian Goudie who was jailed in Australia for stealing over AUS$200,000 from the mining company that employed him told a court on the holiday island of Koh Samui today that records of his conviction were forgeries.

“I can go back to Australia any time,” said Goudie. “I won all my cases in Australia and they even paid me the equivalent of 600,000 baht compensation.

Goudie, 47, from Falkirk, who under the name Brian Goldie, was convicted and given three two year prison sentences, for stealing from his employers Flour Daniel Pty which was building the Anaconda nickel mine in Murrin Murrin, West Australia, refused to accept documents recording his conviction and also his release from Hakea Prison, WA.

“I have been to the Australian Embassy in Bangkok and they have verified that these documents are forgeries,” he told the court indignantly.

Goudie, under the name Goldie, was refused leave to stay in Australia after Deputy President of the Australian Appeals Tribunal ruled that he was ‘not a person of good character’. This was before he was arrested for stealing from the mining company.

He did however later win a court battle for wrongful arrest for visa irregularities and was awarded over AUS$20,000 in compensation. The award was later the subject of an editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Another of the reasons Deputy President Forgie gave for refusing his appeal was a warrant for ‘Goldie’s’ arrest by the Lothian Borders Police in Scotland for an alleged fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland and a car dealer, with two others and his reluctant to go back and clear the air despite his pleas of innocence. The case later timed out.

Goudie is suing British journalist Andrew Drummond, who exposed his activities in Thailand in the Scottish newspaper the Sunday Mail. He claims a photo-shopped photograph used of him on Drummond’s website showing himself and an American called Drew Noyes dressed in leathers in a gay parade, was defamatory.

Shown immigration pictures of himself as Goldie and Goudie he denied Goldie was him.

‘The ‘defamatory’ picture. Noyes centre with sunglasses – Goudie with sideburns bottom exposed

Drummond, who was not required to attend the preliminary hearing, claims the photograph is fair comment. ‘Both these people claimed they were lawyers. Goudie has further falsely claimed he was an officer in the Royal Marines. The object of the photograph was not to suggest they were gay – nor did the accompanying story. The object was to show that they are ‘all fur coat and no knickers’ They are not what they pretend to be”.

So far four libel and computer crimes cases brought by Goudie against Drummond in the Thai courts have been dismissed and so have six cases brought by Noyes, and his Thai wife.

Goudie has in court that he is bringing ten other cases.


He is currently on trial in Pattaya for deception by posing as a barrister and a former officer in the Royal Marines to seek clients for a company he had started in Thailand called ‘Alba Laws’.

In a separate case he faces trial in the same court for cheating an American woman out of US$300,000 which is what he alledgedly demanded as his fees for getting her son out of jail in Thailand where he faced child sex abuse charges. Her son has since been jailed for 33 years.

The current case continues. It was adjourned until February.

Evidence overwhelming. Forgery?

‘You are not able to say you are contrite’ –  Taken in to custody
on February 15 2000. Forgery?


  1. So Brian is now adding perjury to his long list of crimes. Hard to believe he'd stand up in open court and tell blatant lies like he wasn't Brian Goldie or hadn't done time in Australia. He either knows something we don't or is taking a big risk with the judge.

    I doubt Brian served his lagging at Hakea prison because before 2000 it was known as Canning Vale prison after the suburb it is located in, it was only for maximum security prisoners. He was released from there because it became a remand centre in 2000 and was renamed Hakea.

    It would have depended on the bottom sentence. He got 6 on the top but what was his minimum 2 or 3 years? If 3 you usually cannot go straight to a minimum security jail as you have to be rated a C class prisoner. He may have had to start as a B rated prisoner because of the length of his sentence.

    He could of gone to Casuarina but probably ended up at Wooroloo which used to be a nuthouse. That is where they send all the minor offenders on short laggings. They usually try to keep white collar crims away from violent offenders but it depends on the length of the sentence as well.

    Do you have his file with where he served his sentence and his rating etc? Or just the release paper?
    You might be able to apply for his prison record under freedom of information laws.

  2. Andrew,

    Just tell the judge that picture isn't Brian Goudie, as it's obviously a picture of Brian Goldie, the guy who was convicted and jailed for 6 years in Australia and then comment on how surprisingly similar both are in their apparent criminal behavior and their ruggedly manly good looks such that anyone could get the two confused. 🙂

    Since the Thai police have Goudie's fingerprints (I assume) and Australia has Goldie's fingerprints, I'm assuming Goudie won't mind agreeing to a request from you to obtain Goldie's fingerprints so the police and rule out, once and for all, if Goudie is Goldie.

    In fact, I'm guessing Goudie will be bending over (so to speak) in order for the Australian government to give him the release Goudie so desperately has been desiring from these repeated accusations that he was Brian Goldie, the convicted felon.

    Seems simple to me. Have Goudie bring a fingerprint card from the Thai police and have the Australians prove or disprove his identity using a request from the Thai court as the reason for the check.

    1. Actually I am assuming Goudie is welcome back in Australia, Its sort of traditional for British felons. I am also assuming that under the Data Protection Act the Australian Embassy and the Department of Corrective Services will be of no assistance at all, that is if the British Embassy is anything to go by. But I think we will get there in the end.

    2. Andrew, sorry but I read about a brit who got a lot of grief from the aussie immigration when asked "do you have a criminal record' he replied: "What?…. I thought it was compulsory !"

  3. Fascinating, you would have thought that being accused of having been a convict would be of more concern than a photoshopped picture, one which was clearly stated to be such at the time.

    Ex-con Brian is probably not aware that the only way to exit the English and Welsh Bar is to be dishonest. Murderers, traitors and incompetents are fine but anyone convicted of this sort of offence would be out. That makes the accusation of having a conviction for dishonesty FAR more serious but he will not action it and the judge is probably left wondering why.

    Bizarre behaviour.

  4. I admit to being confused…………. assuming his 'Goudie' passport is genuine, then he must have changed his name by Deed Poll in UK at some point.

    How did he achieve this with an outstanding warrant in Scotland?

  5. Changing your name in England is very easy, you can draft the papers yourself as an affidavit and have it sworn. When you apply for the passport you can supply the affidavit and the birth certificate, hey presto different name on your passport. I vaguely recall many years ago they used to ask how you wanted your name shown on the passport.

    At no time is any criminal check carried out, not by the solicitor stamping your document or the passport office.

    There is a very good chance in UK that if you move 50 miles away and keep out of trouble that you will never be found unless the police make a big effort, more so if you moved across police force boundaries.

    Move 6,000 miles and there is no chance unless an international arrest warrant is issued.

  6. Message to ex-con Brian:

    "If the Austrlian Embassy has confirmed the court records are fakes, why not post the letter on your blog beside your degrees and Call certificate and commission? Can you not clear up these matters?"

  7. From reading the sentence report it seems he was remanded in custody and when he was found guilty the judge felt the 2 years he'd spent in custody was enough.

    What is disturbing is nobody checked to see if he had a record or was wanted elsewhere. The judge says Goldie had no previous form, so treated him as a first offender. If he had known he had fled similar charges in Scotland, I doubt he would have been released. He would have probably got 6 on the top and at least 3 or 4 on the bottom.

    The other amazing thing is he pleaded not guilty in the face of overwhelming evidence against him. Normally you are given a discount of one third if you plead guilty. He probably pleaded not guilty to string the case out whilst he plotted his lawsuit or hatched a plan to stay in Australia.

    The other thing a lot of people don't know is there is what is called an 'informers discount' where you are given another third off your sentence for giving up someone else or providing useful info. This is never mentioned in court other than to say you 'co-operated' with the police.

    Goldie is very cunning at playing the system and doesn't seem to mind being labelled a fraud or cheat, in fact he seems quite proud of his devious nature. However, he get's very upset at any suggestion he is gay. Could it be he is in denial? Maybe he plead not guilty as he liked what was available in jail.

    Maybe he was a jail-house 'cat'

  8. That he pleaded not guilty so eloquently that the judge thought he "could almost have a law degree" in the face of overwhelming evidence looks like ex-con Brian's narcissim. When faced with the impossible it seems he tells bare faced lies. Hence reality can be morphed to his version or belief and prop up his narcissism. They would have him tossed out of the legal profession fairly quickly.

    Every time he appears in court, especially as a plaintiff, we can expect a good show at his expense. Ex-con Brian really does not understand why he does not win every case.

    1. Given my own personal experience with solicitors and barristers, I would of thought he'd be perfect for that profession. One of the last solicitors I used ended up disbarred and fined 300k. I remember another one smiling whilst introducing me to one of his interns, he said 'she is only $180 per hour' as if I was getting the bargain of a lifetime. She completely botched the case as well.

      Goldie probably had legal aid and the Government footed the bill. Sounds like the company he fleeced didn't get much of their money back either.

  9. Weapon, you are talking about a SOLICITOR and not a barrister. The old adage is that bakers bake, sailors sail, teachers teach and solicitors …….

  10. Jeeeesus H…. just took a look at the wee Bampots Flickr page… my God… talk about infantile ?? and over the top narcissism. mmm… me…. mmmmm… me….looking into the lens again… mmmm me…
    What A pr!ck I really had to laugh. Brian… I believe some of the other readers here are now enjoying the delights of your erstwhile 'girlfriend' HaHa

  11. Are we getting off issue hee?

    Wtf is Flickr? Sorry – Dinosaur!

    Can we get some hard hitting news?

    Who cares about 20 years ago and Noise in Calfornia!

    This is 2013 in Thailand!

    And what is with theae daft photos?

    Cant we get these guys with real stuff – why make it up?

    Andrew, please have a credible news site not a half arsed goaaip column.

    Really, can we loae the fake Scots accent and the dumb pics?

    Who cares about Flackr and his ex?

    If they really are as bad as you say then hit them with cold hard facts!

    These three seem to be dodging a lot of atuff! Why?

    1. Blab the Flab, or Noisy, or is it Gouldy er Goldie or kleenex Hanky or whoever you are, 'Why make it up?' you ask…I don't see anything 'made up' here. WE CARE about AD exposing these arse'oles histories !!
      If you don't like it then away and feck off. I guess the readers at ThaiVisa are missing your 'hard hitting' comments already ( Ha effing Ha ) Tosser !!!

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