What some Pattaya businessmen need is ‘Image Management’-



“You see that’s what separates the men from the boys. Once you start fucking with me I become ruthless. I don’t care how long it takes, how much money I spend, how much of employees time is used” – Drew Noyes, Founder of the Pattaya Times. – on SubZeroSiam.

Former Pattaya publisher Drew Noyes, now the boss of a ‘Thai Police’ website, seems to be spending all his waking hours these days manipulating Google in part of what must be an exhausting ‘Reputation Protection’ and ‘Damage Limitation’ exercise.

He has been burning the midnight oil trying to put negative stories about him to the back of the queue, so now when we Google Drew Noyes we get a lot of Linked-In stuff, and  drivel from his own blog spots and of course his famous Naymz biography.

Still however there is tasty stuff on the first page of a G search of him which still cannot be hidden.

I was checking today because Noyes, who runs www.askthailandpolice.com* encouraging foreigners to report other foreigners’ crimes, has claimed to have worked for Thailand’s Ministry of the Interior – and I wanted to see if it was still on Linked-In.

No, under Education, and then under Ministry of Interior he describes himself now as a ‘Seminar Leader’.

But I loved this one below.

And he is suing ME for libel! I mean he does not even have a wife!

I also loved this. Its for people who come up to him and say ‘What a load of bs you put up about yourself on the net Drew!’

After that though, his image management all goes to pot. You can do this for a while. But poor old Drew will have to do it every day until… Well if he were put behind bars, if he had the opportunity he would still be seeking beatification on the net.

Noyes and Scottish fraudster Brian Goudie have been intensively searching the net to find stuff on perceived enemies, or rather friends of this site,  and setting up blog.spots against them, but it seems Noyes has not helped Goudie with HIS damage limitation.

But first this is one of the their more unusual blog.spots tweeted by Noyes.

You work it out.

Alas for Goudie bad news still comes out against him all over page one on a Google search. You would have thought Drew would help his friend in arms

Two out of top five Google Images

 It does not get any better if you google Brian Goldie.

4 out of top 5 Google images

But if any of you out there are concerned about Noyes’ lies about you – this is what if you get if you Google Andrew Drummond


* Nobody has submitted any questions to the askthailandpolice.com since April – and most of the questions appear planted.

Like this one:

Unnofficial CSD Police Response: Khun Brian Goudie. Wot you no lawyer? Big Cheese at the Old Bailey? Why you ask me?  Sirry boy! 

26 thoughts on “What some Pattaya businessmen need is ‘Image Management’-

  1. It's funny. Drew Noyes reminds me a lot of Tony B.liar. Looks a little like him too. They're both blind to reality and idealists. A truly dangerous combination.

  2. However it appears, the clock is ticking for DN. As I understand some hi up Thais in Bangkok are now getting annoyed to the point of action. Frantic calls from the DN camp are being made without results though. Enjoy freedom while you still can, it will be over quicker than you imagine.

    1. If you were to consider the philosophical definition of idealism rather than the more common ethical definition it would fit. Philosophically idealism holds that reality is mentally constructed. Noyes would seem to fit the bill in this regard 😉

  3. I can picture Drew now..signing up a new email address as he copies shi..stuff he's written on other sites while at the same time starting another blog site…all with one hand on the keyboard, if you know what I mean…

    it's a good thing Drew Noyes has got the time to pursue such things, at least he's not out actively conning others out of their money.

    1. Well that's the crux of what I'm doing….if enough people comment, due to his vindictive, spiteful, sociopathic, rancorous personality he'll feel the need to peruse every commentator….running out of time and resources…..
      Then its "JOB WELL DONE"

  4. I was "reviewing" his profiles yesterday and they we're changing before my very eye's, gone was the blab, lies and bluff about coming to Thailand under a Royal proclamation and service to the King and yes yet more blab (and I suppose Dopey thinks this will exonerate him)…stating he's NOT responsible for his profiles, although they've been well documented and on full public view for a number of years now.
    I unblocked him from FB last night (yes Wee Barm Pot Burney that's why you convinced your-self I was blocked by FB waiting for the CIA to come drag me off to Guantánamo Bay, Cuba) dumb arse….and he is the virtue of a family man, man about town and even a socialite…..wow, what a difference 1/2 a week makes in the life of DN.
    Bit late for that now Drew…….
    As for the statement "I don't care how long it takes, how much money I spend"…well Dopey…from my calculations…..you must be now nearly out of cash…oooooooch, that's got to hurt. At least you'll have bags and bags of free "me time" coming up over the next few years.

    1. Drew came up with an absolute howler of a post on FB regarding…(quoted from his FB comment….)
      "Woke up with this thought at 2:45 am:
      The answer to the world's energy and green environment solutions may be found by harnessing Kinetic Energy. Mass X Velocity 2" (Obviously raped right off Wikipedia)
      Funnily enough I was woken up at 02.45 too but by the sound of a "digging Noyes"…it turns out it was old fat guts himself trying to dig himself out of his predicament with all his fake profiles proclaiming to have been in service of the King for 14 years…..NEWS FLASH for the Dope…your fake profiles are a legend here and everybody has taken screen shots so no matter how hard you try to camouflage the past…..ITS TOO LATE!

    2. Indeed Ally, action is underway concerning using the name and status of the Royal Institute. No, not in Pattaya but in Bangkok, its way too late to be precise. Wonder what the visiting hours at Nong Palai are. There are no mitigating circumstances in his future court appearance either, left two families with total seven kids, is sued for child support for an eight kid, is not married and lives with a hooker. He also is an opportunistic plaintiff of rightful defendant in many other court cases, clogging the court system, No judge is going to like this mistreating of Thai nationals and the court. In typical psychopathic fashion he went way to far and underestimated all his opponents. Too bad, tar and feathers is out of vogue.

    3. No one should be shocked but if Noyes actually thinks that kinetic energy is mv^2 (I've implied the exponent here, maybe he means MxVx2) he can't even copy wikipedia correctly. Limiting it simply to translational (no rotation, vibration, etc.) KE = 1/2 MV^2. Also by harnessing the kinetic energy (and I'm assuming turning it into potential energy) you remove energy from the system. Second law of thermodynamics applies, even in Pattaya.

  5. The tip line can't be any good, broken or not much of a tip line….
    I've reported both the felons countless times, one night 50 times each (ok I was bored) shock and horror……nothing happened!

  6. I loved his latest story saying I have received a US$15,000 donation and then he complains i can send my kids to private school from my pool home, and presumably still drive the Porsche. I am not quite sure where his target audience is. People who think I am too rich? Cant be many of them. And why does he keep mentioning the American owned massage parlour 'My Girl' situated very near his home in Soi Yume? Could he have been refused a discount or a 'little free taste' as the Morning Star put it.

    1. Just tried to send another 5 Million baht but paypal said it was too much… Will a Bankers draft be OK, or do you accept Gold bullion?

    2. And why does he keep mentioning "the American owned massage parlour 'My Girl"? Could it be that it is next door to a famous language school with whom he is picking a fight? These people are well connected and make Pattaya's influential people, he tries to hide behind, look like little school kids? All psychopath's are unable to see the Red danger line, even when it is way too late. His ex concubine was advised many times by well meaning Thais, to safe her own hide by assisting the prosecutor to get Drew behind bars and out of circulation. Her hate for Drew for ruining her life is great and I would not be surprised if she gives in to take revenge against this sub human called DN. Go for it Kung, most will applaud and understand this.

  7. I like the part where where he suggested student school fees are being used as a donation so you can pay your lawyer, AD.

    At least you didn't swindle anyone out of the money, like Drew Noyes was alleged to have done or stooping to extortion to get the money to pay your lawyers like Drew Noyes has been arrested for.

    Your time is coming soon Drew. Get your licks in while you can, because soon, you'll hoisted on your own petard.

  8. Is that where the "Mighty Noise" lives….the all powerful leviathan with many, many influential friends and confidant to Royalty……I must say….I'm disappointed.
    This has made my day. Not so big are we?

  9. The comment on the other site about AD "which causes him to pace non-stop and to chew gum like a cow chews its cud." Maybe not the intention but it's comedy gold…

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