The authorities in Croatia, who are discussing a port and
logistics facilities of which Sparta-Matrix holds 55 per cent of the holding
company Miklavja LC, have given the so called boss Philip Wainwright some 45
days to come up with a plan and some 750,000 Euros.

They believe if he does that the whole plan, which will of
course cost millions more, will be saved and the port will be saved. There
appears to be some sort of language barrier. Well the city of Matulji is a
small place but wants to be put on the map. 
A port facility at nearby Rijeka would save it.
And Sparta Matrix has put in some US$2 million already
telling investors it has high tec logistics, and freight tracking solutions but
works out of a series of serviced offices. The problem is that this is not a US$2million project.
Miklavja, 55 per cent owned by Wainwright, is due to go into
bankruptcy. Hence investors, grannies and grandpas from all over Europe,
including the UK, stand to get nothing.  He continues to talk from the hip saying that
he will save the company and bring the cash.
But Philip Wainwright has only
been to Croatia a couple of times, one time for a photo call with the Prime
Minister and of course Wainwright is not in the business of saving companies –
he is in the business for taking people’s cash on duff projects – and what’s more
duffer than one you can control yourself!
The longer he delays on this project and keeps the city’s hopes up – the more cash he can bring in.
Wainright, left, with Croatian President
I am now in direct touch with people on the ground in Matulji
and other Europeans know exactly what is going on. 
But this is a classic
example of not telling the King he is dressed in his birthday suit.
The bankruptcy officer Vesna Stančić, appears to have her
head in the clouds blissfully unaware of SpartaMatrix’s Jekyll and Hyde nature. It appears she wants to give Sparta Matrix time to pay. 
Meanwhile Wainwright is telling investors
that his company owns the land for this development and he wants them to invest
more – to clear local legal actions.
Meanwhile the money for Sparta-Matrix – a company created by
boiler room operators – is being raised by pimply faced youths and their ‘loaders’
in various boiler rooms across Asia.

SpartaMatrix is only putting in cash, and then not real
amounts, when the whining gets too shrill, but most of course goes into
its own pockets.  The thought of these
guys running port facilities …….!
Could not read the end of this because when I clicked on more the link page was no longer there. But SPM has no
The Flying Sporran has been invited to go to Croatia but is currently involved in dealing with low rent con men in Thailand. 


  1. Brave man messing with the Croats. My big brother told me many years ago to never f@$k with anybody whose name ended in 'ich' or 'ic,' It's a lesson I've wisely never forgotten.

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