American Drew Noyes, currently on trial in Pattaya in an extortion case, has pulled another fast one to drive business to his ailing One-Stop-Service Center in the Thai resort of Pattaya.

The ever desperate American, who started up by falsely claiming to be a lawyer, then ripping of a promotion for the Thai government’s One-Start-One-Stop Service Centre – pretending he was associated with it – is now trying to lure punters to his business by showing a sexy girl in a bikini as one of his ‘satisfied’ customers.

“Our client dreamed to get away from cold winters and high taxes in Sweden. We were glad to help her dream come true! Now she is wealthy from her online business we helped establish in Thailand and spends her time during the day on her yacht. Best of all, she pays almost no taxes, legally!”

Contact One Stop Legal Services in Pattaya Thailand to join her success,” writes Noyes on his Facebook page and on another Facebook page of his called ‘Hire Best Pattaya Lawyers in Thailand”.

This girl is Swedish? Has an online business?  Owns a yacht?

No this is of course another fantasy from #DrewWalterNoyes, who was exposed by the Morning Star in North Carolina before coming to Thailand, he says by Royal Appointment, to work for the Bank of Thailand and save the country from the Asian economic crisis of the late 90s.

#DrewNoyes last appeared in court in Pattaya on September 23rd and September 24 on a charge with his ‘wife’ Wanrapa Boonsu of attempting to extort the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien out of 7 million baht – later reduced to 2.3 million – on pain of a police raid on the premises – where presumably something illegal would be found and he would get a bad write up in Noyes’ now defunct the Pattaya Times.

So who is this girl – well for starters she Russian. If she has an online business,  according to one website, it must be for ‘personal services’. She does not have her own yacht and she pays no taxes in Pattaya because she has no business there. The Russian tax rate is 13 per cent but then again Noyes has businesses and does not pay taxes either.

Take your pick – this girl is all over the net. Her likes ‘interested in males’ and she listens to Michael Jackson, Beyonce
and Kayushka

In fact this picture has appeared on scores of websites and is available to any lonely old American who wants to salivate in the early hours and google ‘Chicks you want’.

David Watson

The only truth in his claims was that business is falling off with Chinese, Russian and Korean tourists, replacing English speaking westerners, who are more gullible.

The funny thing about Noyes latest Facebook forays is that they were liked by David Watson, the famous UK Independence Party candidate from Basingstoke, Hants,
Watson  left during the last election and was in Thailand to hear he had come in second. He has settled with his last Thai wife and is now back in Pattaya with a new love. Hie is in Pattaya because, I presume, he does not like being outnumbered by foreigners.

For legal assistance avoid things like,, onestoplegalservices,com, drewnoyespattayalawyer, drewnoyes,com, etc.

Above Katyushka – traditional version – Below the new dance version


    1. You're probably right.

      If it wasn't for you, AD, the rest of us might not realize what a bungling idiot he is.

      I had to laugh when I saw one of his self-promoting (bullsh*t) videos on YouTube. When it ends, YouTube suggests other related videos. One of them is your "Influential People and Men in Suits."

      He's so stupid that he actually promotes his own crimes.

      It continues to boggle the mind.

  1. So Andrew, what happened in court on the 23rd and 24th?

    And have you seen the latest wheeze… offering services to write wills, a process which presumably entails recording all major assets and very likely the appointment of an executor.

    But its a strange business for a man so fixated on roping others into help him with his constant-on-all-channels self promotion – There's no chance of satisfied customers to this service ever offering eulogies from beyond the grave.

    But then, maybe that's the whole point.

  2. He is so silly isnt he, my security team have tabulated something and told me that his favorite site is, thats where he gets most of his website women!

  3. Another one of Drew's friends who 'likes' his fb posts is Ray Teret. None other than Jimmy saviles former flatmate now facing multiple charges of child abuse against young girls.

    Quite a rogues gallery…

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