The boss of the Thai Visa internet forum in Thailand has been indicted on criminal fraud charges by a court in Prachuap Kiri Khan Province of Thailand.

George Anderssen creator of the biggest foreign forum in the country – which recently has been widely criticized for allowing dubious companies to advertise on his site – had been charged in connection with the Thai Visa Property Company, a comparatively recent addition to the business off-shoots of the web forum.

The forum itself is also probably the most controversial in Thailand – and a favourite place for foreigners to whine. But its content is so massive it has become an almost necessary tool for foreigners in Thailand, both good and bad.

Thai Visa has recently entered a 50-50 profit share with property developer Grahame Beecham to generate sales for properties in Thailand. Grahame Beecham has brought the charges.

Thai Visa simultaneously also opened up a bar-restaurant in Hua Hin next to its property office and put its name to a bar in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Soi 7.

Anderssen and Beecham are understood to have been formerly good friends. Neither was available for comment, but of course either is free to do so, and will receive fair moderation.

Grahame Beecham was in charges of sales and marketing for Orchid Palm Homes in Pattaya developed by Briton Stephen Ayling.

Stephen Ayling is the brother of Paul Ayling from Thorpe Bay, Essex, who died in November in 2012 in London – a year after being attacked in Hua Hin by a man with a wooden club as he drove his motorcycle home.  It is believed he was in a dispute with Thai contractors.

On Tuesday Hua Hin Court accepted the case against Anderrsen and he will be required to pay bail on June 22nd when the case is set for trial.


  1. It's ironic that the Hua Hin whine bar is labelled Coffee Shop and Wine Bar and that one of Thaivisa posters' pet hates, the blocking of pavements by inconsiderate businesses, is very adequately covered, literally, by furniture from Anderssen's The Lounge.

    As far as the forum being a necessity for foreigners, that's a huge overstatement, there is no "advice" given on Thaivisa from it's very dubious "experts" that cannot be found elsewhere.

  2. Indeed, Bob, often the advice given on its eponymous forum becomes so confused and confusing by the myriad posts chipping in one quickly loses any incipient understanding. The only exception of note is the advice given in its forum for Thai seeking visas for other countries, notably the UK, which generally is sound. The rest is just a hardcore of members dribbling on incessantly as they battle their own inner demons and an apparent addiction to alcohol.

  3. Over the years and reading the endless comments and articles about George ive often tried to picture what the guy actually looks like . now he's appearing in court in Thailand , will we now get to see the real man in person or as in the past no one seems to want to actually show the man him self , any chance Andrew you can break the cycle of smoke and mirrors , and give us a look .

  4. It should be noted that George isn't being sued due to posts on his forum, but rather by his dubious business transactions he made from the profits of Thai Visa.

    Remember Thai Visa posters, when you post there, you're putting money into George's hands. George advertises the page views he can get a business on Thai Visa, but doesn't give any indication that the business is run by convicted extortionists or fraudsters to Thai Visa viewers, even when given the evidence.

    George uses your investment in his forum to do things like open beer bars and property investment agencies. It's your effort that's made him the money he has today.

    Thai Visa is nothing more than a cluster fuck of protected advertisers. If they've got the money, they can advertise….after all, didn't Thai Visa have Drew Noyes as a consultant on legal issues?

    Thai Visa is a business. It doesn't care about the content of it's forum as long as the content doesn't affect revenue earned from it's advertisers, because George has property to buy and bars to open.

    It doesn't care about providing information. it doesn't care about giving you a laugh. It only cares about profits.

    Thai Visa is what it is…..I hope posters there decide to think about what they want to contribute to and realize there are other options available.

  5. There aren't any options anymore. The criminals have instilled such a climate of fear that even the fearsome of forums now cave to legal threats by criminals for the websites simply telling the truth or needing to protect their revenue streams.

    Advertisers = Right and Criminals = Right is the new forum mantra these days I'm afraid. It's sad that people have to post "Google this business because the forum doesn't allow negative comments that while true, may lead the advertiser to piss off and sue us."

    It's an obvious fact that anyone can sue anyone else here, no matter how messed up the pretense is and can sue the owner, administrators, the mods, the ISP etc, etc of the website so the people that run a website shit little gold bricks every time someone thinks they've been "defamed".

  6. Please post some new stories so we don't have to read about the internecine disputes on thaivisa please 🙂

  7. This thread has amused me no end. And this will add to my fellow readers enjoyment.

    Bert Denham, according to the cut & paste he posted from Thaivisa, has the username 'mrtoad' on that forum.

    Mrtoad has himself featured on this site. 🙂

    He is the boss of a drug rehabilitation centre in Kanchanaburi & also on Ko Chang. He achieved notoriety when filmed smoking ice with a hooker in Bangkok.

    Not what you'd expect from someone who makes his living extolling the virtues of a healthy drug free life.

    Full story :

  8. Haha…I often wondered if those awesome thaivisa parties…you know so much fun they had to name a secret section after their riot parties…bedlam….I wondered, inclusive of nametags, if these parties resembled the star wars bar get togethers…enough weirdos and whackos amongst the owners, mods and members to put it to shame.

  9. Some nasty stuff coming out in Thai Visa forum revealing that the admin and mod teams are opening and reading members personal messages to stop them communication on matters the Thai Visa mob do not like.They are also changing members profiles and friends things too.So what do Thai Visa have to hide or fear I ask. I will neverdie until the truth is told I will use all ways to strip away the skins of deceit.Playing by the same rules as Thai Visa

    1. is Mr. Toad's next wild ride….

      On's teacher's forum, the admin of the forum openly admitted he read the private messages of users that he suspected of trying to sabotage his forum.

      Protecting revenue streams is more important than protecting users privacy on most forums, the admin's income is the first thing that needs protecting after all, not privacy. If you don't believe me, ask George.

  10. Over the years the same thought has come to mind on many occasions , with such a paranoid and controlling authoritarian regime that the Thai Visa forum has blossomed into, has the members privacy line been crossed and their personal communications been viewed , but could that actual viewing of members private messages be written into the forums terms of use and private policy , that prospective members agree to when applying for membership .

    What ever way you look at it , its morally wrong and offensive

    Just wondering ?

  11. "Need to get a few facts out in the open. I have a link to those who know things in a certain forum."

    Do you have links to those who can corroborate those facts and actually name the forum or is it all hearsay, Mr. Toad. Trust comes with verification, not just BS claims!

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