Brian Goudie, the infamous fake barrister, who is really former convict E0000274 from Hakea Prison, West Australia, has gone on Facebook to boast how he and American businessmen Drew Noyes made a fool of the Thai justice system.

Threatening oilman Ally Cooper, a supporter of this site, Goudie, from Falkirk, Scotland also used a few lowlifeland Scottish expressions in his diatribe claiming he was going to put Ally Cooper behind bars.

Goudie claims he is going to win his case against Barbara Fanelli Miller a 76-year-old woman from Madison, Wisconsin, on a ‘technicality’ and that Ally Cooper is going to be arrested for libeling him under Thailand’s Computer Crime Act.

Goudie is on criminal trial in Pattaya for posing as a barrister to defraud Mrs Miller out of 7.8 million baht (though the real figure is higher and closer to US$300,000) to defend her son Gregory Miller, on child sex abuse charges. (A retrial has been ordered in the case of Gregory Miller).

A civil judgment has already been made against him for 7.8 million. Goudie is of course not a barrister or a former officer in the Royal Marines as he has claimed. He is a fraudster and confidence trickster, who was jailed in Australia for 6 years for stealing from a W.A. Mining Company – and who refused to return to Scotland to face a warrant of arrest for a fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland where he was a bank teller.

He has also been charged with embezzling cash awarded by a court as compensation to clients of his pseudo law firm ‘Alba Laws’.

‘How you gonna work when you are on bail. We got you good and proper,’ writes Goudie to Ally Cooper.
Goudie – angry  nyaff apparently
“We got your address by summonsing immigration and would you believe it? Nong Bua Lampu on your TM card. Fucking Gotcha. And now we have it you can expect an avalanche of cases. I can’t fucking wait. You’re mate has left you high and dry. hahaha.”
Then later he adds: ‘Little nyaff c*nt, fucked over by two fake lawyers. haahaahah. Take that you vile little nyaff’,
Goudie’s comments come after he claims he has sold the ‘Jaggie Thistle’ pub and guesthouse in Jomtien  which he obtained by using a false Power of Attorney on the death bed of former Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday.
He goes on to claim that he has placed 85 Computer Crimes charges against Cooper.
Scottish pensioners who have not heard of Brian Goudie (aka Goldie) drinking with and being propped up by their
 Thai escorts at the Jaggie Thistle in Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand (picture historical)
From the Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela, Ally Cooper responded: ‘There are no warrants out for my arrest and unlikely to be, nor have I received any summonses for any court case. I have not seen Goudie go so berserk on the internet since last year when he was begging for a bar girl to come back to live with him and sending her pictorial roses. I think he’s roamin in the gloamin’ again.’
COMMENT:  Goudie of course should have been in jail a long time ago and now that he is boasting about the accomplishments of two fake lawyers it is a little indicative of how dysfunctional the legal system is in Thailand. He is suing Cooper for publishing a picture on Facebook of Goudie, photoshopped to look like he is taking part in a gay parade. The photo was originally used on the subzerosiam website, It is highly unlikely the outcome will however be as Goudie predicts. 


  1. Of course the address is another fake. Unfortunately this is not the first time they've committed perjury to the courts and it won't be the last. What I find disappointing is the courts and system refuses to take the slightest action in punishing these career criminals.

  2. Isn't this about Goudie? Why the needless ridicule of a couple of elderly men having a drink in a bar who, as you state yourself, have no knowledge of Goudie? Neither of them are doing anything wrong and neither of them are being "propped up by their Thai escorts". One of them appears to be minding his own business sitting alone but on a seat next to one where a woman is sitting, the other does seem to be talking to a woman (do you know that that woman is his "escort", Andrew?) but that is hardly the crime of the century and is certainly not worthy of your mickey-taking or the undisguised publishing of their photographs. Unless you know different , of course.

    1. The perils of being a sexpat I suppose… Lol… I don't think the figures are recognisable so their honour isn't impugned..

      It's not a huge leap to deduce what's going on the bar given what we already know…

    2. I really can't take this comment seriously Bob. There is no suggestion these old guys are doing anything wrong. The women are clearly the escorts of the men either long term or temporary. Nor do I think anybody can be recognised from this picture. Where is the mickey taking. Its just a typical scene in Pattaya – the relevance to readers is that the bar has been opened.

    3. Here's the mickey-taking, as you well know, to quote you…"Scottish pensioners…drinking with and being propped up by their Thai escorts…".
      The women are not "clearly the escorts of the men" at all, they may be, who knows, but they're not "clearly" anything. Both the men in the picture can be recognised easily and they're certainly not being propped up.
      The scene may well be typical of many in Pattaya and the bar may have been opened but those men and women in the photo are completely irrelevant to this report.

    4. Correction to earlier comment – I am informed the picture was taken years ago – and in fact the Jaggie remains closed. The relevance to the reader therefore is only – this is what it looked like once with a few punters. It was never a cult drinking hole

  3. At least he now realizes that he is a fake lawyer. For a few years there Noyes and Goldie had convinced themselves they were real lawyers.

  4. You must remember when talking about Brian, your talking about a person who has the emotional development of a damaged primary school child. He lives in a fantasy world, throws tantrums when asked to own up to his despicable deeds, only has relationships with uneducated teenage bar girls and is overly vindictive when they realise what a scumbag he is and dump his flabby white arse.

    He's not a real criminal, more of a failed conman as he's been caught every time. He just can't keep his sticky fingers out of the till. People should not confuse rat cunning with intelligence. He has strong survival skills as he's needed to have them after being rejected by everyone from his parents to his female partners. He's a skunk, wherever he goes he leaves his stench, the smell of shameless lies.

    I pity him as he's just so pathetic and predictable. He's just a deadbeat, a waste of space, a lifelong loser who has defrauded and cheated his way through life. A cockroach who needs stomping on to remove him from our society so he can no longer prey on the weak, elderly or gullible. His time is nigh, the wheel is turning. This cheese eater has had his last bite of the block. The roach is about to be sprayed.

  5. Of course, I never published photos of GOLDIE and the old bloated criminal dressed as gay S&M supporters on FB. I did however share some of Drummonds articles on G+. I'm presuming this is their line. so…..They're attempting to sue me for sharing articles freely available on the Internet (with out suing the host……Google or FB), shared in a forign country by a person who does not live in Thailand. One of the plaintiffs is in Thailand illegally, the other a convicted extrtioner who after serving his sentence will be deported……yes the Thai "justice" is dysfunctional.

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