Kelly Miller – Police mugshot 2004 – as a blonde


The mother of a young Australian who died after being administered the hallucinogenic drug Ibogaine in an unregistered drug treatment programme on the Thai island of Koh Phangan confirmed tonight that an American woman arrested in Thailand while on the run from jail was part of the team responsible for her son’s death.

Mrs. Diane Tucker identified Kelly Lynn Miller, 36, an exotic dancer from, Bessemer, Alabama, as the third member of the team who ran the Ibogaine Thailand on Koh Phangan, who treated her son 33-year-old Brodie Noel Smith and his girlfriend Kara Spark, 26, both from Mandurah, West Australia, last year.

Brodie Smith and Kara Spark

Brodie died after being administered the drug combined with one other which has not been determined.

Two Americans from Buffalo, New York, Mike Picone and Victor Cracknell were the principal operators of the unregistered Ibogaine programme.

Victor Cracknell is believed to be the father of a baby by MS. Miller, who worked at Sammy’s Gentleman’s Club and A-go-go in Birmingham-Hoover, Alabama.

Mystery woman

Kelly Miller was arrested earlier this week on the island of Koh Lanta at the request of the US authorities after featuring on this site as the mysterious woman calling herself Bea, who assisted Cracknell and Picone.

In the United States she was sentenced to five years in jail after running into and killing truck driver Donald Goodwin, 57, who had parked his car off Interstate 459 in the emergency land and was checking his tyres.  Miller sideswiped him.

However rather than present herself for imprisonment she decided to flee to Thailand.

The Phuketwan newspaper reported that after being arrested and taken to Phuket and put up at a press conference she acted with indifference and applied lipstick as police described why she was arrested.

Cover up

Dianne Tucket

Brodie Smith’s mother Diane Tucker, from Halls Creek, Kimberley, West Australia, and Kara Spark, have been campaigning to the Australian authorities to get the Thai Police to conduct a proper investigation into Brodie Smith’s death – claiming that so far police have done nothing but take part in a cover up.

Although the Ibogaine programme was unregistered the Thai Ministry of Health has also taken no action in the case.

Ibogaine is a hallucinogenic taken from the bark of the Iboga tree and used in tribal rituals in Gabon and neighbouring states in West Africa.  Many believe if can be successfully used to cure drug addiction.

Mrs. Tucker, who confirmed last night that Miller was in fact a person she knew as Brie, has called on the Australian authorities to pressure Thailand to find out the truth.

Kelly Miller now a brunette will be depored with her baby – Picture: Phuketwan

Victor Cracknell/Facebook

Cracknell and Picone have claimed that Brodie had died because he took a drug overdose by himself. That was a lie, said Kara Spark, who was undergoing Ibogaine treatment with him.  And a medical examination confirmed her account.

A poster claiming to be the sister of Donald ‘Donnie’ Goodwin wrote on Phuketwan today:

“MY BROTHER, Donnie Goodwin, was Kelly Miller’s victim of her drunk driving. She’s never shown remorse for her actions and by reading the article she still has no remorse. I feel sorry for her child but she put our family through hell; first by killing Donnie and then by running. I hope now she is the one going through her own hell. 

To those of you who think this is a joke, this could happen to your family. The Goodwin family thanks everyone involved in her capture.”

And on an Alabama website she wrote:

Mike Picone/Facebook

 “I don’t normally comment on articles like this, but some of these comments are so off base, here goes. I am a sister of Donald (Donnie) Goodwin, the truck driver who was killed by Kelly Miller.  

 We are from the northwest Florida area and I am not familiar with the streets and highways in your area. This accident happened on the Interstate around midnight and was neither at nor near an intersection. 

After the accident, we visited the area and were escorted to the scene of the accident by a deputy sheriff.  Donnie’s truck was well off the highway and was parked in a large, clear (no trees, no brush) grassy area. 

 Nothing inappropriate was found in his autopsy.  

We were told that Kelly was a dancer at a local

A loose fit at Sammy’s

Sammy’s, her boyfriend at the time was employed by a local law enforcement agency, he was on the scene shortly after it happened, and that a number of hours passed before she was tested for alcohol.

We were informed earlier this evening by a local TV reporter in your area that she had been apprehended in Thailand and was being brought back to Birmingham. A large number of our family was in the courtroom in Birmingham when she was sentenced. 

One person commented that she would never intentionally hurt anyone but we never saw anything from her that could be described as showing any remorse whatsoever.   

We were not happy when we were told that the maximum sentence she could, and did, get was 5 years.   

In Florida, that would have been considered a slap on the wrist.   

I hope she gets as much time as possible for evasion added to her original sentence and that she has to serve every day of it since she has never spent one night in jail for killing Donnie.”

Indifferent? Kelly with tight-fitted Tourist Police. They claim she had thrown away her passport a long time ago. Picture
by Phuketwan


  1. Nasty self centered slapper. Five years locked away and she will be to old to get em out. A lonely and miserable life awaits this one.

  2. Kelly was known as Brie on Koh Phangan where she lived for 5 years. She fled the island with her two american accomplices after the death of Australian Brodie Noel Smith in October 2014. The Autralian goverment is investigating the case after Thai police let them slip away when bribed with 200 000 baht They provided Ibogaine treatment to drug addicts with a 2500 dollar price tag in sleezy hotel rooms with no medical assistance.

  3. Former exotic dancer working as drug detox therapist? Why not? We have ex bank teller Brian Goudie working as a lawyer, we have former career shyster Drew Noyes running a law company. We have Tupperware salesman Haughton working as property developer and a former pimp working as a police volunteer. I'm very surprised nobody has turned up in Thailand claiming to be Jesus.

  4. Would love to speak with Andrew Drummond and the family members of the victims of Kelly Miller!!

    I have more to add to this story – Kelly Miller ruined my family, namely my brother's reputation and life in 2007.

    She used my brother to postpone her sentencing in Birmingham, Al at the expense of his reputation, family and future.

    I want her and everyone that supported her exposed and my brother's name cleared.

    She is not innocent – she tried to say she was a "Nanny" to attys/judges – the truth ALWAYS comes out!!

  5. I would like to add that by using my brother and the false accusations she made against him is how she and her "team" (attys., etc) influenced the Alabama courts to reduce her 15 year sentence for vehicular homicide to the 5 years. She batted her eyes and acted like "the victim" and pulled the "rape" card, earning her sympathy from Alabama courts – telling them she was distraught and being the innocent little "Nanny" rather than the truth which has now been revealed "self employed entertainer"…she needed rehab and time to heal before she could handle her sentencing…..either way, she KNOWS the truth and what she has done to my brother and our family is unconscionable – Kelly Miller has no remorse for any of her victims.

    1. re: She batted her eyes and acted like "the victim" and pulled the "rape" card, earning her sympathy from Alabama courts – telling them she was distraught and being the innocent little "Nanny" rather than the truth which has now been revealed "self employed entertainer"…she needed rehab and time to heal before she could handle her sentencing…..either way

      Call me naive but how did your brother and plaintiff lawyers not know that she was a "self employed entertainer" as opposed to a "nanny". Aren't background checks performed in such serious cases? I have my suspicions.

  6. I would like
    To hear from other families / other victims of Kelly Miller. Just wonder if
    Others have experienced the destruction we have as a result of this woman?

  7. Unfortunately Amy these people all come here, where the police at best are incompetent and at worst are up to their necks in crime. If prompted by overseas police they will act and in this case at least this woman will do some time in jail, even if it is not enough to satisfy your family. Brodie Smith's family must be furious to learn this woman should have never been in Thailand let alone dishing out drug rehab treatments. If you read this site you'll see Thailand is a haven for two-bit fugitives like this. I hope your family gets some small satisfaction seeing her do the time. Her smug, indifferent attitude must infuriate you and your family. These people ruin lives and think they don't have to take any responsibility for it. She should be on trial here first for her part in Brodie's death but it just won't happen as Thailand just denies these things happen here.

  8. Yes we are furious and unfortunately it is not only Thailand but Alabama authorities that allowed Kelly Miller to get away with murder and in the mix destroy my brother's life! It's a living nightmare!!!

  9. NOT Sure WHO YOU THINK YALL are. But Kelley was a very compassionate and remorseful person. Was your family here in town the day it happened. Don't think so , we'll I was. And i was with her afterwards. So YALL HAVE NO Idea HOW She WAS feeling!!! I was there shortly afterwards. Heard that your relative may he RIP had know orange triangle warning signs out. Isn't that the law for CDL drivers. My Dad is one and i know he wouldn't pull over without following the rules. Isn't that why they are given more restrictions on driving licenses???????

  10. NOT Sure who everyone thinks they are all high and mighty. But I personally k own Kelley and she would never to any harm intentionally to anyone. So…. unless you were with her the day afterwards you and your family have No idea what she was going thru!!!!!

  11. I can vouch for most of Kelleys real friends. You weren't there the next day… she was very depressed crying sad. So don't even go there to make her put like she WASN'T A good person. You need to do so.e research before speaking

  12. Yes she for five years rather than fifteen at the expense of my brother. Then ran! Guilty in more ways than one! Never remorseful!!! For anything!!

  13. Re: to the observer/ yes we knew exactly what she was however we were not allowed to bring any evidence into court bc she was sentenced but out for appeal. She had higher authorities supporting her helping her plan to leave the country. Which she succeeded.

  14. AW, when we are talking about your brother's "reputation" are we talking about him being married or in permanent relationship at time of seeing KM?? Ruined "reputation" as in dating a woman from the "entertainment industry" that is not seen positively by the company he works for or by his friends and family?? Call me naive again but being accused of rape by a woman form the "entertainment" industry does not carry a lot of weight. Well at least not from the country I originally come from.

  15. So distraught that our PI caught her turning tricks the following week, please. The judge bought her BS, 15 down to 5 years. Why did she move to New Orleans? Bc she couldn't make a living knowing we were following her……the writing is on the wall people……accusing someone of rape less than thirty days before you are to be sentenced!!!!!

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