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Thailand's Human Trafficking Revealed

In General Prayuth Chan-ocha, Human Rights Abuses, Human Rights Watch, Investigations, Rohingya by Andrew Drummond

CREDIBILITY OF THAILAND’S MILITARY GOVERNMENT – DESTROYED AT A SINGLE STROKE   A Thai General has revealed the sham of Thailand’s so called investigation into human trafficking after he fled to Australia to seek political asylum. Major General Paween Pongsirin the man appointed to conduct an investigation into the trafficking of Rohingyas from Burma after an international outcry has revealed …

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In Alan Morison, Jason Szep, Phuketwan, Rohingya, Uncategorised by Andrew Drummond

REUTERS ‘PLEASE PICK UP YOUR PHONES!’ – SAY JOURNALISTS ‘GOING TO JAIL’- Reuters PR picture – Jason celebrates with champagne Reuter’s news agency was attacked today for celebrating a Pulitzer Prize in champagne while two journalists who provided critical assistance on their story face jail. Reuters journalists Jason Szep and Andrew R.C. Marshall were commended for their ‘courageous reporting’ over …

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-IS HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF? While western businesses continue to move into Myanmar (Burma) for the country’s rich pickings, relatives of victims of the Nazi holocaust have come out with a statement of condemnation of the treatment of the Rohingya. They point out that even Burma’s democracy movement has largely been silent on the issue. This is all of course a …

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Shocking British Channel 4 Investigation Shows Island Run By Gangsters

In General News, Rohingya, Uncategorised by Andrew Drummond

THAI ISLAND IN CONTROL OF GANGSTERS -CLAIMS C4 AUTHORITIES TURN BLIND EYE TO ‘EXTORTION OR SLAVERY’ A shocking British Television Channel 4 documentary about the kidnapping, enslavery and extortion of Rohingya refugees disappeared from the net for a short period today so programme executives could conceal the identity of a man who may be placed in danger. But it was …

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“All You Can Do is Pray to Save your Lives”-

In ethnic cleansing, General News, Myanmar, Phuketwan, Rohingya, Uncategorised by Andrew Drummond

 GENTLE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE V UGLY OGRES? WHAT NEXT? (Picture-Ye Myint Aung – handsome?) If, like me, you believe that sheer greed is causing western countries to throw money into Burma and that perhaps they should hang on to establish the smoke and mirrors of this beleaguered country first – then perhaps you might want to trot along to the Foreign …

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Just what is going on in Arakan State?

In Flying Sporran, Human Rights Watch, Rohingya, Uncategorised by Andrew Drummond

AND HOW REFORMED IS BURMA  (MYANMAR) REALLY? The abuse of the Rohingya in Burma continues. At the same time foreign companies and tourists are flooding in to the newly reformed country. Well just how reformed is it? Where are the forces in Burma defending this minority, whose very right to existence seems to be denied? This report was issued today …