Fake lawyer Brian Goudie,48, from Falkirk, who claims he is suffering from heart problems again not unexpectedly failed to turn up for court in Pattaya,Thailand, today charged with defrauding a 76-year-old American senior citizen out of 7.8 million baht sending instead a lawyer with a sick note.

Goudie was pretending to be a barrister and former office in the Royal Marines when he allegedly defrauded Barbara Fanelli Miller out of the cash which she sent him to defend her son Gregory Miller, on child sexual abuse charges. The cash included money for bail and Goudie told her he would be released.

Miller was instead convicted and he was jailed for 38 years. However when other lawyers took over from Goudie’s fake ‘Alba Laws’ company they complained of irregularities and a mistrial was declared,

As soon as Barbara Fanelli Miller took legal action against Goudie he began an internet campaign against Miller saying he was a paedophile and deserved everything he could get. He also claimed Mrs Miller had attempted to bribe witnesses (ED: Comment: Which I guess was his role).

The person who had secured Miller as a client was Ian Tracey, a prison visitor, who had been fooled by Goudie’s credentials.

Goudie, he said, told him they were both going to get rich from the Miller case. Miller said he was concerned. That was not his intent. He believed Miller was innocent. He warned Mrs Miller to be careful with her money.

Tracey had also asked #BrianGoudie to defend him in a child sexual case in which he had been acquitted but unbeknown himself and without being notified he had been later convicted after the prosecution appealed and there was a warrant out for him.

Instead of arranging bail and appealing Goudie instead shopped him to police and told them to come and arrest Tracey at the ‘Jaggie Thistle’ pub, which he had acquired on the death bed of Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday.

Tracey was jailed  but has now been released and another mistrial declared in his case. In short the victim said they had arrested completely the wrong man. But had ordered him to identify Tracey on pain of going to a juvenile detention centre on drug charges.


Goudie has a civil judgment against him in this case for the full amount, and has also surrendered to bail at Koh Samui Court, set at only 100,000 baht. (About two thousand pounds).

He is also on bail to the Pattaya court of 400,000 baht.

The case was adjourned until May 2nd

As a result of his ‘wrongful’ arrest Tracey has a dim view of the Thai Police

BELOW – CAUGHT ON VIDEO GOUDIE SHOPS TRACY TO POLICE. He also revealed the presence of
Scot Walter ‘Whacky’ Douglas on Koh Samui where he owned property and clubs and with whom he had enered a business deal. When British police heard they subsequently requested his arrest and extadition. ‘Whacky’ was jailed on passport charges in the UK although he is widely regarded as an international drugs smuggler who ‘got away’ as is all cases only his subordinates have been jailed. He has not returned to Thailand.


  1. In the old days these guys got their heads lopped off and placed on the end of a pointed stick to signal a coming parade, or into a small cage placed strategically at the crossroads – for what they did to others…

    Now it's become a bona fide profession in the LOS.

    What a laughing stock it's becoming..

    The Good Old Days

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