No Foul Play in Koh Tao Suicide

Sean McAnna leaving Koh Tao

Koh Phangan island police in Thailand have ruled there is no foul play in the suicide of a French national who apparently hanged himself in a small rented beach hut in Koh Tao district.

This may have sent a chill down the spines of people who heard the account of Sean McAnna, a friend of David Miller who was murdered together with Hannah Witheridge on Sairee Koh Tao island last year.

McAnna from Glasgow told how the manager of the AC bar and another person later identified as a policeman accused him of being involved in the murders and said they were going to take him to the top of the mountain and hang him from a tree…and presumably make it look like suicide.

Pictures on the Democracy for Burma website seem to show that the 29-year-old Frenchman had his hands tied behind his back. Koh Phangan Police however have ruled out no foul play and say there was no sign of a struggle, which I do not suppose there was, if he had his hands tied behind his back.

There was however a note left.

7 thoughts on “No Foul Play in Koh Tao Suicide

  1. The Phuket Gazette is running a poll. Do you trust the Thai police? So far 67% of voters say no you cannot trust any Thai police officer at all, or most Thai police cannot be trusted. This should be front page news and a major national issue. 26% say it depends, some Thai police can be trusted. Only 5% of people say most Thai police can be trusted so that leaves 3% of voters who have full faith in the Thai police.

    I think this poll is probably a good indicator of how the Thai police are perceived by both Thai and Farang. If taken anywhere in Thailand I suspect you would get similar results if not worse. How can a country function with a police force so dysfunctional and despised? What we've seen lately has only magnified people's belief that the Thai police force employs some of Thailand's biggest criminals.

  2. Of course there was no foul play. Its the most natural thing in the world to go on holiday and hang yourself. Obviously there was no witnesses and probably money in his wallet (RTP are getting smarter) and the stress of the holiday was taking its toil.
    Once the RTP master the art of writing suicide notes whilst having the victims hands tied behind their backs, then all problems will be solved and Thailand will become a safe holiday destination once again. But until such times.
    PARENTS. Dont let your kids become the next mystery statistic.

  3. I think we need to wait and see before going all CSI LA. While a fully believe the Burmese boys are innocent, there are ways to tie your hands in front and then put your legs through etc. He was outside in daylight.. there were motives and a note. My hunch says this actually was a suicide. RIP

  4. In order to tie your own hands together, and then put you legs through, so that your hands are behind your back, you would normally need to be in a sitting position, even then it is not easy. I say normally because maybe a contortionist, yoga practitioner, or escape artiste might be able to pull off such a feat of human flexibility & balance from a standing position (one leg a time). If he was in a sitting position with the noose already around his neck, then how could he hang himself from that ground level position? If this poor chap was found hanging from an elevated position (such a a tree or roof beam), with his hands tied behind his back, then there is no plausible explanation for his hands being tied, unless they were tied by someone else. Rest in Peace indeed, but a full & independent inquiry should be carried out, because the plausibility of this being a suicide has to be seriously questioned, and the tied hands fully explained.

    To end speculation, one of the authorities involved in the case should simply get someone to demonstrate how this hands tied behind the back hanging position can be achieved, obviously without the actual hanging. Then there could be no doubt, and no conspiracy theories, maybe CSI LA will attempt to replicate this tragic event, and prove it either way?

  5. Anyone who actually considers for one moment that a mature twenty something farang who finds himself resident in a paradise island with an endless succession of available libertarian young folk to consort with is going to commit suicide over some estrangement and/or the death of his grannie is away with the pixies.
    This is certainly a murder but for political and commercial reasons the authorities have decided to dispense with an investigation. One wonders if the French representation in Bangkok are as supine as the British and Australian legations. Quite disgraceful really but so redolent of Thai behaviour overall.

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