A CCTV picture like the one taken in the infamous James Bulger murder case has been released in Thailand showing a 6-year-old girl being led away by the hand by a stranger before being brutally raped and then strangled.

In Bangkok a 32-year-old man os being held for the rape and murder of the six-year-old nicknamed ‘Cartoon’, who was caught on camera being led away from a Skytrain station in the capital Bangkok ten days ago.

Her father Sayan Petchdon had taken her to a Thai folk music concert on December 6th but shortly after 10 pm had taken her to sleep in his pick-up truck outside the venue. When he returned AT 11 pm she was gone.

Sayan wept uncontrollably when he was shown the girls floral pants that he had bought her. Her body, said police, had been found in a deserted area near the city’s Sukhumvit Soi 105 on Sunday. CTTV footage had caught her abducter in Bearing skytrain station.

Cartoon being led away

The alleged attacked, known as Nui, had only last August been released from jail after serving just three years and eight months for the abduction of a child under 15 years.

Just as the James Bulger case rocked Britain Thailand is now reeling from this horror story.

James Bulger aged 2 years 10 months, was caught on CCTV being led away by 10-year-old Jon Venables from the New Strand Shopping Centre in Bottle, Merseyside, on February 12 1993. Venables and Robert Thompson were later tried for his abduction, torture and murder.

Dr. Alan Williams, the case’s pathologist, stated that Bulger suffered so many injuries—42 in total—that none could be isolated as the fatal blow.

In November 1993 the judge, Mr. Justice Morland, told Thompson and Venables that they had committed a crime of “unparalleled evil and barbarity.  He made a recommendation that they should be kept in custody for “very, very many years to come”, recommending a minimum term of eight years.

Because of the public outcry and in the interests of their own safety, when they were released a worldwide media ban was imposed making it illegal to disclose their whereabouts.

Bulger being led away by Venables

But in 2010 Venables was arrested again. On 21 June 2010, Venables was charged with possession and distribution of indecent images of children. It was alleged that he had downloaded 57 indecent images of children. The images included the rape of children.

He was released in September having been given a new identity again.

Part of the problem with the world-wide media order was that he could not resist telling people who he was.

Left: Nui, the alleged murder rapist, from Nong Khai Province, was released last year from Nong Khai Province. Is he the same as the man on the CCTV file?


CCTV shows girl, six, being led away – Evening Standard


  1. It would not have happened if the father did not leave the child to go listen to music elsewhere with his mates and no doubt drink some more.

    But, it does take 2 to tango.

    1. Sam, I find your attempts to blame the victim of this horrible crime stomach turning to say the least. You've made assumptions based on facts not in evidence. How do you know she was in the back of the truck? How do you know he was drinking or drunk? Why does it even matter?

      Clearly a monster struck. I simply don't understand what your motivation is for attempting to shift the blame to the parent. Is there one iota of culpability that his actions remove from the monster that did this?

      Andrew, I agree that people should be skeptical in assuming that the perp has been caught. Lots of things don't line up. Also one should never underestimate the willingness of authorities to find a scapegoat in the aftermath of a horrible crime. This is not a Thai phenomenon either (cf. West Memphis Three).

      It would be a tragedy if this guy is some kind of sacrificial lamb as it would allow the monster that did this to roam free and it is guaranteed that he will strike again.

    2. Fact…the father left the child alone in a pickup truck, regardless of left in the front or the rear, it must have been unlocked for the culprit to open and take her, even if he locked her inside and she unlocked it if she woke up, does that make it ok, no thought process that the child would wake and be scared alone and maybe wander off looking for Dad?

      Fact…he went to the concert with 7 friends, how many thai guys do you know that go to a concert without a bottle of fine thai spirits? Even if he was not drinking, even if none of them were drinking, it is irrelevant because he left the child alone, drunk or not, his decision was neglectful in the simplest form.

      Why does it matter?…why do you think it would not matter ?

    3. Sam, generally someone who purports to "know" something without actually knowing it, especially when this "knowledge" fits a convenient narrative (in your case, Thai's are neglectful drunks) gets a low score on my credibility index.

      You admit later that where the child was left in the back or if the father was drunk doesn't matter, which was my point. You threw those "facts" in there to either create an air of moral superiority.

      Is it a poor decision to leave a small child unattended? Absolutely! Congratulations on being blindingly obvious! Is it necessary to kick a man when he's down and probably feeling the most pain that a person can in their life time? Absolutely not.

      I'd encourage you to examine your own life and determine what makes you respond to a horrifying crime by giving some insipid advice about parenting and moral judgment. If your response to great tragedy is telling people what you would have done better or how stupid they are for creating these circumstances, well I bet you are a treat at parties.

      I think the more important issues are is this the right guy, as if he's a sacrificial lamb that is a tragedy not only for him, but for society in general as whomever has done this will not stop. I'd also be concerned that individuals with records for abducting minors serve just 4 years. And I hope we can avoid that devolving into a discussion on corruption. The person in question is a poor orphan from the Cambodian border. It's an assumption for sure but I doubt a big General was pulling strings to get him out.

  2. Sam, you are jumping to conclusions. That poor guy must be going through hell for his mistake and parents will know just how easily it could have been their child.

    1. Yes he would and should be going through hell….well deserved in my view.

      Would you leave your child in the back of a pickup for an hour or so while you wandered off to listen to a band play?

      And yes, it could be any child, but I have never and would never, leave one of my kids in such a situation.

      Let me say this, if the father did not leave the child alone, would she still be here today?

    2. Yes, but not as mega and blindingly neglectful as that one…that people such as you and Mr Baker above cannot see the difference is earth shattering….by the way, you did not answer the question.

    3. Not knowing any facts you have established he was earth shatteringly neglectful as he was drunk or drinking with drunks having "wandered off". This is based on your knowledge of folk music concerts and "thai guys" in general.

      Hence my comment that you are "jumping to conclusions".

      Meanwhile the Beast of Bangkok has confessed to a string of murders across Thailand including this poor girl. That is not based on speculation.

      As to leaving my child asleep in the truck, I only got the truck a week ago so I have not yet had the opportunity. I had a nap in it the other day and it is very comfortable.

    4. ' I only got the truck a week ago so I have not yet had the opportunity.'…….what a pathetic statement, but seems in line with you thinking the father should win father of the year award.

      He left his 6yo child alone, period, end of story.

  3. Just saw a TV3 'special' including footage of a skull…very disturbing. Bugler case very different as it was a child on child.

  4. I would still be very cautious about this case. The suspect yesterday had still not been interviewed by the investigating officers in Bangkok. He was arrested in Nong Khai. Local police up there say he confessed. It may be that they rounded up the usual suspects. The skull footage is not convincing – after just nine days? And I am not convinced the suspect pic and pic in the sky train station sit easily with each other.

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