Pattaya Times Publisher Seeks Truth At Google


Fake lawyer and conman Drew Walter Noyes has taken another break from his extortion trial in Pattaya and again has returned to the United States with three children.  

Now he is Googling and Tweeting from Irvine, California that his old school friends at Google are giving him the addresses of his enemies who have posted nasty things about him on the net.

However most people are taking this with a large dose of salts. Irvine is of course where he used to live and while there is a Google office there, if he really wants to talk to Google executives he should go to their headquarters at Mountain View in the same state.

His friends convicted thief Brian Goudie aka Goldie and David Hanks, both currently on criminal charges in the Pattaya Courts, have already tried to take an action against Google through the Thai courts and failed.

Relying on ‘school friends’ in Google is also rather far fetched.  One old school friend has already sent a ‘Round Robin’ to former pupils of Jefferson High in Tennessee where he spent his last formative days – and they are well aware of his activities.

They want him back for a former pupils re-union.  He has presumably also told Google that his enemies are all mental misfits.

Google also has very strict rules about handing out personal information and if they ‘Googled’ Drew Noyes himself not only would they find a wide range of stories about him – but numerous Drew’s own what he calls ‘hate sites’.

His financial position is not what it was. Business has slumped at One Stop Service Centre. He and Wanrapa had to pay out victims to have two court cases withdrawn, and his ‘Thai wife’ Wanrapa has, according to sources protected her own future and that of their children in the event he does not come back.

What law firm?  Cut a deal with Drew?

(Incidentally at that link he claims he has 17 staff plus nine registered lawyers and 5 para-legals. As he has been having trouble providing a lawyer in his own cases people I daresay taking this with a bit of salt too)

Attempts to secure the help of the Mayor of Pattaya (He once described himself as the Mayor’s international adviser) have fallen on stony ground.

He is also no longer being accompanied by an army colonel to court cases as the National Council for Peace and Reconciliation or if not at least two army generals now know of his background.

He recently tweeted this which appears to be a sudden conversion from being a staunch pro-Thaksin man to be an ardent fan of the NCPO.

Unfortunately people who clicked on the link got this removal notice.

Its good to see some people are on the ball.

But that notice which states it has been removed because it violated You Tube’s Terms of Service covers much bigger sins.

To suggest he is connected to the Army, and the Kings Royal Guard is quite outrageous and did not go unnoticed in the corridors of power. But there are still military men he is associating with.

It is somewhat surprising that the court let him go but then again they do not know about his past in the United States and the story written about him in the Morning Star in Wilmington, California, shortly before he hopped it and re-invented himself as a lawyer in Thailand.

One wonders whether he asked ‘Google’ to remove this too.

He certainly knows how to hop it. (The last time he returned he was too jet lagged, he said, to face a court case and sought an adjournment.)

But there are people in the United States who would be delighted at his return.

He went to the US with a Seoul stop-over. Even passing the international date line that is some going down the San Diego Freeway to get Google in Orange County. But I’m guessing he might have made the Google car park.

He is due in court on September 23 and 24th. At his last appearance he was somewhat exciteable I am told and blamed the author here for his extortion case. It apparently was all a conspiracy against him.

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15 thoughts on “Pattaya Times Publisher Seeks Truth At Google

  1. There are so many good photos of Drew Noyes on the Net but I think the one of him in the police station
    ผู้ต้องหา is my all time favourite.

    But ผู้ต้องหา is entirely correct, there remains a chance to 'Cut a Deal', a thought that is no doubt in the mind of his co-accused.

  2. Drew's FB post does offer a lot to comment on……

    Is Drew suggesting that his friends that work at Google are so unprofessional that they would release a person's private information without a court order?

    Wouldn't this make Drew, Google and Drew's imaginary friends liable for breaking the laws concerning such releases?

    Is Drew's business a legal firm that has never paid taxes or registered as an accountancy firm that has never paid taxes?

    Are the Thai cyber crimes police going to contact me by email to let me know they have filed charges against my email acccount? Drew, I've met smarter rocks than you.

    I wonder how far Las Vegas is from Irvine? I wonder if the guy in Vegas that has a judgement against Drew can get in contact with US Immi to prevent him from leaving the country until Drew pays up. Then again Drew may be hoping for that very scenario.

    AD – Is Drew due in court on the 14th of September or October?

  3. Here we go again. Dilusional "dealings" with Google.

    Like Goudie and Hanks, Noyes knows what Google is, but he has no idea how it works. I do.

    He is meeting with "old school chums" who are "executives at Google"?

    There is NO ONE on the Google campus who are in Noyes' age range. There is NO ONE employed by Google that are even within 25 years of this sad guy's age range.

    The only people dumber than Drew Noyes are the people that allowed themselves to be swindled out of money by the idiot.

    He is so f**K**G stupid it is beyond human belief.

    1. I just called Google, Irvine, California and I was told they don't have an office in Newport Beach and they don't have a Newport Beach IT customer account headquarters. He really is a prize plonker.

    2. Your far too polite, the guy is a pathological liar. A dangerous and devious psychopath who has defrauded and cheated many people. He has set up fake blogs to smear and slander people who have exposed him. He has snitched and ratted out people who have been deported or worse. Then he has taken out vexatious and devious cases to try and financially ruin Andrew. We can only speculate what else he has done. Even if only half the stories we hear about him are true, he is really a slimy piece of work. He should be in jail or mental facility under lock and key.

  4. What Drew has actually done in his fantasy post is reveal he is attempting to recruit people into a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. By attempting to collude with officials to illegally break privacy laws is a serious offence to both private and national security. Internet I.P addresses are protected by law and only can be released to the police by a court order after evidence of a crime has been produced. Telling the truth about this parasite isn't illegal in countries that actually have a working legal system. Even in Thailand they'll realise what he is, just has taken a bit of time due to his pathetic brown-nosing or 'leg licking' as they say in Thai.

    I just wonder who Drew thinks he's fooling? I suspect he has returned to America to recruit some fresh suckers into one of his schemes. People to fleece must be thin on the ground for him in Pattaya so he has probably taken the daughters with him to try to sell himself as the successful expat looking for investors. Either that or to pan handle to relatives for a handout or 'loan.'

    Of course anybody who does 5 minutes of due diligence will find they are dealing with a career fraudster who will no doubt cheat them. His story about the 'vindictive journalist' must be wearing thin and even his family must know he is a life-long serial deviant and conman.

    I hope someone has emailed that journalist that wrote the original story to tell him Drew has returned, him and the others he ripped off. Hopefully some angry debtor with a long memory will go Babe Ruth on Drew with a Louisville slugger. I can't think of anybody either than Brian who deserves it more…..

  5. Drew we have heard this crap now for 3 years. Firstly you claimed the head of the Computer Crimes Police had helped you get the email addresses of people on this site. Everybody was to be arrested and deported. Nothing happened.
    Then it was computer experts from Australia.
    Recently you were claiming the new military government in Thailand had assisted you with new technology to identify the posters here.
    Now your old school friends at google are assisting you.
    Now if the police had helped you, then computer experts and then the military, you would already have this information. You told us you already knew. You must have been telling lies. Again. You tell that many lies, your lies contradict themselves. You are full of shit.
    I think he may not return to Thailand. Perhaps Andrew has finally ran him out of town.
    Drew, I want you to try and think of somebody who will miss you. there is nobody. Stay away, you are not welcome.

  6. Run, Noyes, run.
    The worst stuff on google about Noyes, (who is not gay but needs a cushion to sit down) Gouldie (who spent years in a locked away in prison when he was young and pretty with violent sex offenders) Hanks (a tough guy pimp obsessed with his own beauty who claims to have treated his Asian hotties well) and Naam (who worked at the Buffalo Bar, but, of course, was only a cashier), is on the Andre site that was started by Noyes himself.
    So what are you going to do Noyes, sue yourself? You were originally attacking Niels Colov who exposed you as the village idiot, then you spent the following years attacking Andrew Drummond who exposed you as Thailand's biggest loser, now are you turning on yourself?
    I don't believe you have friends at google, and I don't believe that they would help you after you conned your old school buddy into investing his life savings firstly into opening Cupids Man Club, that never opened and then sold him a couple of dilapidated condos above your office for many times what you paid for them. What return is he receiving on his life savings now Noyes? If he tries to sell the condos how much of his capital will he lose ?

    1. The shit never stops flowing. Pattaya Times has 500,000 readers, the army generals are after posters to this site, he is a lawyer, a doctor with a cure for AIDS, he is not in a relationship and she was only serving drinks, the Bangkok Pattaya Times, Official Blowjobs, Mumma Mia restaurant, influential friends, Scott Gold was sacked and said sorry, the police are hunting down Thor Halland, and on and on it goes. A bampot.
      I met with some influential Pattaya people last night by chance. They are only paying lipservice to him, but have had enough. He may realize this now as he has lost every case so far. He would be stupid to return. But from what we have seen from his antics over the years, well, he is indeed stupid. a complete and utter idiot.
      Now that he has my email address i wonder if he will sue me. Bring it on.

    1. Just in from Drew,

      "Just got back from a meeting with Obama and the Joint Chiefs. They liked my idea for resolving the war on terror. We had to also have a meeting with the FDA about my cure for the ebola virus. Back to Thailand soon where we will reveal exciting new plans for Pattaya which include a total clean up of the bay and our new yacht marina based on my previous successful development here in America. Our team of 47 lawyers, architects and engineers have been working on it day and night whilst we are here in America to offer people an opportunity to get in on this at the ground level. We also spoke to my old school buddy Bill Gates about the 'Drummond problem.' He said he would personally provide us with the I.P addresses of people posting on that blog so they have a chance to confess and hand themselves in before we have a crack Navy Seal team arrest them for trial. I spoke to our dear friend Maj.Gen Khuaydamgern who said they would be rounding them all up under Thailand's tough Computer Crimes Act."

  7. Message to Drew:

    I am ready to make a deal. I will confess to all crimes and implicate the other mental retard who posts under a variety of aliases including Somchai.

    Just drop me an email.

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