Fraudsters Brian Goudie and Drew Noyes have an interesting week ahead of them as the tide of war changes and now after nearly three years of throwing law suits against their accusers they find themselves exposed.

Goudie, also known as Goldie from Falkirk, Scotland, has been ordered back to Pattaya Court this Thursday May 8th, to explain to the court how he is going to pay back the 7.9 million baht that he cheated out of 76-year-old Barbara Fanelli Miller – while claiming to be a British barrister.

Already his co-conspirator Sukanya Worakam, 30, has had her bail of 400,000 baht seized and a warrant has been issued for her arrest, and now, claiming he has no cash, he has told the court he would like to pay Mrs. Miller back by selling the proceeds of a bar and guest house in Pattaya, but his managing director, a former girlfriend Nang has refused to sign.

He is probably regretting now posting pornographic pictures of herself and ‘his member’ on the internet living up to the sms he sent another enemy saying he was vile, sneaky, thorough, evil and ruthless.

The bar and guest house is of course the former ‘Blarney Stone’ in the Jomtien Complex in Pattaya formerly owned by Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday ,who readers will remember contracted the flesh eating disease necrotising fasciitis. Goudie cheated Halliday out of his property by getting him to sign a ‘Power of Attorney on his death bed’ and then promptly put Halliday’s company Jimmy International into the hands of his Ramidin Holdings company and himself – and appointing Nang, as MD.

Nang soon became disaffected particularly after he told her he could not have sex except with two woman in the same bed, duly bringing in Neung  a girl from ‘Misty’s Go-Go’ in Pattaya.  Goudie has since had to close the bar he had changed into the ‘Jaggie Thistle’.

Neung has since ditched him and Goudie causing him considerable public heartbreak as he made overtures to her on Facebook, but he is now back with ‘Yingmee’ a Khon Kaen girl whom he is putting through law school and she is providing eternal gratitude.


It is possible Goudie may be able to pay himself off criminal charges this Thursday providing he also gives a cash settlement to Nang – Thailand is a country where you can legally buy yourself off criminal charges if the prosecution it private.

But then he still might find not all his troubles have still not gone away.

Nang remains unconvinced about his poverty because she claims he managed to sell a large slice of his ‘Bang Kao Bay Residences’ on Koh Samui to expatriate Mr. Charity ‘Kevin Fisher’ a British businessman for 10 million baht and is now claiming on Facebook that he is rapidly developing it (with some Russian businessman).

However this land was obtained from another client in lieu of legal fees and could be confiscated under Thailand’s property ownership laws.

Goudie and Neung – heartbroken

Some people are in awe that he has not ‘done a runner’ or at least had not by April 21st last month. Running is his forte. He has been doing it all his life, firstly from the Scottish police.

His friend and co-conspirator in bringing cases against journalist Andrew Drummond (author of this site) Drew Noyes already left.

Actually Noyes was given bail on a charge of attempting to extort the Jomtien Clinic out of 7 million baht,  but had to pay another 500,000 Thai baht or US$15,460 to visit the United States for two weeks which he not surprisingly appears to have over-run.

Noyes has taken the three of four children he fathered by Nittaya Chaisit Noyes and the chances of him returning are considered by many to be bleak. He liquidated a night club complex called Cupid in Pattayaland before his departure.  He has of course said in court: ‘I am never, never going to jail’.

Nittaya and Noyes

Noyes of course ran away from accusations in America in the first place to come to Thailand, where he announced in his Pattaya Times newspaper he had come by ‘royal proclamation’ to help get the country out of the financial crisis at the time. Those accusations ranged from assault on women, sexual harassment, property fraud and share fraud.

He is due in court in Bangkok on Monday on returned criminal libel and computer  crimes charges brought by Andrew Drummond. If he does not surrender to bail a warrant will be issued for his arrest.
To come back to Thailand maybe he will have to re-invent himself.


It is not clear how the women in his life, Naam, Kung, and Nittaya, have taken to his departure, or indeed how he has looked after them.  But Kung, Wanrapa Boonsu will be left alone in the dock in several cases unless he makes his grand entrance next Monday.

It may also be a lonely life for David John Hanks,66, the Scottish-Australian former owner of Masquerades, a brothel in Melbourne, who had set his sights on being a partner of Noyes and Goudie.

Apparently he cannot leave the country, legally anyway, while enquiries started by the Department of Investigation, continue into his business of money lending to Russians at 60 per cent a month…and he too is being sued in the Bangkok courts. Oh dearie me.


  1. I don't know if the word final is relevant to the Thai legal system. Seems like these cases can run forever with delay after delay….

    Drew seems to be touring the entire US on his homecoming trip. He did say two MONTHS…he may have brought the chosen few with him but I can't see him reinventing himself in the US…still think he'll take his chances in sin city..

  2. Good job AD! Seems you ran the conman coward off. Even if he does not come back to Thailand he is going to have a hard time in American finding work. Now a days if someone changes his name to hide his past, it is easy to find out who he is by a simple back ground check. Most companies do this and well as potential investors or business partners.

  3. Well Drew has now posted what appears to be a photoshopped photo, either that or its just a weird photo, of himself and son in Seattle…very odd

  4. The photo is amateur hour stuff…if this guy had brains he'd be dangerous…

    It's almost as if he wanted to hide his current whereabouts. Now, why would he want to do that…

  5. Goudie and Hanks spotted Jomtien Soi 3 with two large Russian goons and a couple of Dong Tan boys – maybe countdown not so final after all.

    Laughing and joking! Pair of obnoxious pricks.

    Dangerous combination though, the gruesome 2 some, thai cops and Russian goons.

    Noyes allegedly back too!

    Crystal ball gone wonky Andrew?

  6. Whether Noyes would come back was of course speculation. That Goudie has a couple of men at Dongtan police station who have done his bidding is also known. I believe those days are over, but let's wait and see. Either way their demise is on the cards and I don't need a crystal ball for that. That is of course speculation too though – 🙂

  7. Mmmm…Flab the Blab……this wouldn't be another Goldie nom de plume would it?
    How does he find the time?

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