“I’m Innocent Until Proved Guilty”” – Brian Goudie

(Brian Goudie shows he has a second passport. He
alternates passports every time he enters or leaves


Runaway Scotsman Brian Goudie furiously blogged “I’m innocent” from hiding yesterday but remained reluctant to let a court decide.

He has yet to face a court to tell judges so. In fact he has yet to face a court in any of the cases he has brought or which have been brought against him.

It appears this fake barrister may have an allergy to gavels and gowns.

Meanwhile the Pattaya Provincial Court circulated a warrant for his arrest describing him as a convict.

A second warrant has also been issued for his arrest on a charge of second fraud.

Claiming to be in Koh Samui the errant fake British barrister blogged from Bangkok that he was bored having to deal with journalist Andrew Drummond, who remains hot on his trail.

He said: “Well I have had enough of playing around with this man – my story is very simple, I have two cases currently in the Court in Thailand, which I am defending.  As is my right – I am innocent until proven guilty!”

A warrant for an ‘escaped convict’ – Brian Goudie

But the future looked bleak for the con man from Falkirk, Scotland.  Police are letting him have a respite for St Valentines Day which coincides with the Buddhist holiday of Makha Bucha.’

But this, above, is the warrant for his arrest. If you spot him just point him out to the nearest cop.

Andrew Drummond – hot on the trail

15 thoughts on ““I’m Innocent Until Proved Guilty”” – Brian Goudie

  1. I can assure you this coward of a man is not in Koh Samui, well he wasn't the other week when i paid him a visit to stand in front of him and hear him call me a coward.His neighbour said he had fled the day before.
    This man should rot in a Thai jail for the misery he has caused people all his miserable life.

  2. Goudie says "By the end of next week at least one case brought by John Jepson will be finished, and when I win that case…."

    Let's play "finish that sentence!

    1. ….. pigs will start being born with fairy wings enabling them to fly.
    2. ….. judges will accept fake CV's as proof of legal qualifications.
    3……. I'll return to Australia as a beloved hero of the people. Viva Los Melbourne!
    4……. I'll make Drew Noyes my full time legal adviser. Even though Drew's a complete idiot, he's won a case against Drummond while I've lost all of mine so far. After all, Drew and I are, after all, birds of a certain feather.

  3. Perhaps innocent until proven guilty – but poor old Brian has been disappearing off a number of Facebook friend lists.

    Friends in need are one thing…. friends on the run from the law are something else entirely.

    1. Actually you would need to have a work permit to even offer free pony rides.. and I do. I'm certified by the Labor Department as a riding instructor with my own company which is 98.99 % owned by myself under Amity, so pardon me, but I'll give a free pony ride to whomever I wish.

  4. Andrew……
    Am I correct in assuming you can have only one visa as an individual and not per passport? If he alternates his passports with each entry, in that case then at least some the time he's actually working or conducting his "business" illegally in Thailand…….

    1. Yes that is right. He changes his passport each time he leaves and comes back – only one passport has his work permit attached to it. However none of his companies have paid tax. When tax is due (tax free first year) He just creates another company. Alba, Ramidin, TBS, Bang Khao Bay etc. He should however leave on the passport he arrives with.

    1. On the Theo van der schaff case he was a no show on the 4th. His lawyer reported he was ill. He has to turn up on March 11th. He is due in Bangkok on 21 in a case I have brought against him. Actually he is not required – until the case is expected. That hopefully should happen after the next hearing. These guys delay as long as possible of course. The system is rather open to abuse.

  5. Making a run to the border? Hopefully his lawyer accompanied Drew in order to have a chance to gain some insight into the Treaty of Amity and how he was invited to Thailand by royal decree.

  6. And when Brian gets over the shock, humiliation and embarrassment of his arrest he then has to contend with my multiple civil and criminal cases against him, Noise and Hanks…..

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