Fake barrister Brian Goudie went truly on the run yesterday after not unexpectedly failing, despite his promise, to surrender to bail for defrauding an American woman out of US$300,000.

In a day fraught with angst for the 47-year-old con man from Falkirk, Scotland, who has been posing in Thailand as a barrister and former officer in the Royal Marines, Goudie fled Pattaya – after the Managing Director of his pseudo law company Alba Laws was taken into custody.

His own lawyer left first having to tackle a case in Chiang Mai – but 400,000 cash was later raised by friends of Supanya Worakam, the Thai woman he put in as his company boss.

Goudie fled as lawyers for 75-year-old Barbara Fannelli Miller filed a special objection to bail.

Meanwhile another warrant was issued for his arrest for defrauding a Briton whom he was representing in a case against a British Pattaya property developer.

 It is alleged he also defrauded the Briton out of 400,000 Thai baht and kept cash the court had awarded his client.

Goudie will be arrested in Koh Samui if he turns up next Monday to bring a case against Andrew Drummond for libel – by publishing  photo-shopped pictures of him on this site.

As he went on the run Goudie continued to blog furiously away on the net.  He claims he will be filing legal cases against Andrew Drummond and associates for providing false information that he went on the run from Scottish police for an alleged fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland. He even said he will be suing Barbara Miller.

He carries a piece of paper around with him from the Procurator Fiscal in Scotland saying charges against him were dismissed.

This is indeed true because the case, which dates back to 1994, timed out and neither Goudie nor his alleged conspirators returned to Scotland from Australia to face charges – and the Australian Appeals Tribunal ruled that Goudie was not a person of good character, by doing so.

Andrew Drummond, currently in Phuket, said:

Hanks furniture repair

 “Goudie is showing all the characteristics of a cornered tiger, or perhaps rat. He is lashing out with nowhere to go. I would expect him to head for one of Thailand’s borders.

“Ï understand the investigation into him has led authorities to start examining not only the status of his work permit but also the structures of his companies and tax matters, and that this process is continuing into the status of his colleagues, former Melbourne brothel owner David Hanks and Drew Walter Noyes, the former publisher of the Pattaya Times and now joint owner of One Stop Legal Services in Pattaya – who is currently on trial for extortion.

“If that is true they will find a can or worms.”

Fellow Scot Hanks, from Girvan, now claims he runs a furniture repair business.


  1. Good news if the authorities are also taking a closer look at 'babyface' Hanks and Noise but I wouldn't hold my breath given how low Noise especially has been running around parasite Pattaya with his various capers.

  2. Brian seems to be struggling with the word "fugitive" so I'll explain it for him in clear English.

    "A criminal fugitive is a person who is fleeing from custody or criminal charges, whether it be from jail, the police or a court warrant. A fugitive from justice, also known as a wanted person, can either be a person convicted or accused of a crime, who is hiding from law enforcement in their own country or taking refuge in a foreign country in order to avoid arrest."

    Australian Government documents reveal Brian Goldie confessed to a number of people he was wanted in Scotland and had actually committed the crimes he was accused of. That is why he had fled, become a fugitive and refused to return to Scotland.

    The case was only finalised because it expired when it was clear Brian was never going to return to face justice. Sticky fingers Brian is a serial offender as he was convicted for a similar crime in Perth where he again stole from his employer.

    If Brian had committed one crime and had led a clean life I could understand him wanting to keep his past secret but as we have learned, he is a serial conman and fraudster.

    The public needs to be warned about him and Andrew Drummond is only looking after the public's interests in revealing Brian's dirty deeds. The courts need to clamp down on these conmen using the Kingdom's liable laws in vexatious litigation. They are only trying to create financial hardship and disrupt the lives of the people who expose them.

    Brian is a fugitive, an ex-convict, a convicted thief, a conman, a fraudster and now again a fugitive. His constant denial of the facts show he is more than likely mentally ill.

    He was indeed a fugitive from justice in Scotland. A criminal who was thrown out of Australia where he was accused of everything from spousal abuse to immigration fraud. He is now a serial fraudster, vexatious litigant as well as a fugitive in Thailand.

    Brian, your not a lawyer! Reading a few law books whilst in jail doesn't get you a law degree, no country allows convicted criminals to practice law. You were never a Royal Marine. Whilst brave men were dying serving their country, you were defrauding and stealing from old ladies and people on their death bed.

    In any other country you'd be doing a lagging of at least 6-8 years right now. However, your actually a yellow coward and will probably run again. Just remember, you can run away from the law, but you can never run away from yourself or your past deeds. Karma never forgets.

  3. Somebody has asked why police have not arrested Goudie yet? Actually we have been in a position to have had a him arrested several times. It is not in our interest to have him in jail right now.

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