A Thai woman whom Scots con man Brian Goudie appointed Managing Director of his pseudo legal company Alba Laws was today taken into custody after she failed to meet the bail requirements demanded by Pattaya Provincial Court.

As expected Brian Goudie, aka Brian Goldie, sent in his nominal managing director Sukanya Worakam, 30, to surrender first on a charge of cheating a 75-year-old American woman out of US$300,000.

Ms Worakam was able only to offer 200,000 baht – just over £4000 – of 400,000 baht demanded. Brian Goudie and his legal team remained near the court but Goudie did not enter the court environs.

He is expected to make a bail attempt on Thursday as Friday is a public holiday. Meanwhile lawyers for Sukhothai Inter Law, who represent Mrs Miller, from Madison, Wisconsin, have made a special application for bail to be refused on the grounds he is likely to flee Thailand. Failing that they want the bail set at a figure commensurate with his crime.

He has been operating on two British passports and has a history of absconding as well as convictions and a six year jail sentence in Australia for stealing from his employers.

The former Jaggie Thistle

Thailand’s Department of Business Development have confirmed that on January 27th when Goudie failed to surrender to Pattaya Provincial Court he had made attempts to remove another young Thai woman and former girlfriend ‘Miss B ’as Managing Director of Jimmi International, the company which owns the ‘former ‘Jaggie Thistle, in Jomtien, and replace her with Ms Worakam, apparently his first Thai girlfriend, whom he met nine years ago.

He cannot sign over the deeds of the property for bail while ‘Miss B’ retains control of the company.

The shares of ‘Jimmi International’ were allegedly transferred to Goudie and dormant companies he controlled, also headed by Thais,  at the request of the former owner, Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday at a general company meeting.

Jimmy Halliday, a client of Alba Laws, was dying from the flesh eating disease necrotising fasciitis at the time.

‘Miss B’ is unlikely to co-operate after an obscene video of her and stills taken by Goudie on his smart phone were put up on pornographic sites on the internet. Goudie has claimed that she stole the images and therefore must have been involved in putting them up herself – a highly unlikely scenario.

Anyone offered the deeds of the property for quick cash should therefore be cautious.

Even if Goudie is allowed bail it is expected that lawyers for Briton John Jepson will also make an application that he be kept in custody when he surrenders to bail on February 17th.

Pattaya Provincial Court has accepted a case brought by Jepson for deception. Brian Goudie falsely claimed to be a British barrister and ex officer in the Royal Marines to represent Jespon in legal matter.

In fact he started his career as a bank teller. Prior to gis arrest in Australia for cheating the mining company he worked for, he had refused to return to Scotland to face an arrest warrant for fraud, the Australian Appeals Tribunal heard. He was refused permission to stay in Australia in the grounds he was ‘not a person of good character’.A witness testified that he had told her that anyone who was honest was ‘stupid’.

COMMENT: Ms Sukanya looks like she has been used by Goudie. Further she was boss of Alba Laws in name only. It is more than possible that he gave her the 200,000 bail and sent her in to test the water, knowing that 200,000 would not be enough, so he would get it back for his own bail. In jail of course she cannot complain about his conduct. A likely scenario is that when everything is over Ms Sukanya would have been offered a stake in the ‘Jaggie Thistle’ which is worth in excess of 12 million baht. While this is conjecture it is in the nature of the beast. 

(Right: An sms from Brian Goudie to a former client Andy Mathews who had demanded 400,000 plus baht, he had lent Goudie, back. Mathews had heard Goudie was not an officer and a gentleman)


  1. Convicted twat Brian Goudie / Brian Goldie has reported on the detention of his ex-girlfriend Sukanya Worakham at Pattaya Court today. In true Goudie / Goldie style he forgets to mention he was the one who sacrificed Ms. Worakham to the Thai authorities to save his own sorry ass. As usual Goudie / Goldie cobbled together a bullshit story because he is a giant pussy. We refer to him as Bampot, his birth name is Brian Gerald James Goldie. The good news, we've been told, is that Bampot will meet justice in less than a week if he does not make amends. Goudie / Goldie was of course convicted in the UK as well as Australia and sentenced to 6 years there. We have lost count of the cases currently in Court against Goudie / Goldie, but we think it is six, with additional cases being investigated by the Royal Thai Police.

  2. When it comes to the defence of the innocent, cowardice is the only sin. Cowardice is a trait wherein fear and excess self-concern override doing or saying what is right. Cowardice indicates a failure of character. Brian Goudie is the supreme coward, prepared to put innocent people in jail whilst he walks free. He defrauds the dying and elderly then tries to lay the blame at the feet of others. Moral courage is the courage to take action for moral reasons despite the risk of adverse consequences. Clearly Brian has none. He will gladly sacrifice the innocent to save himself. คนขี้ขลาดไร้ยางอาย

  3. Brian Goudie / Brian Goldie – His case with John Jepson
    Our old adversary Brian Gerald James Goldie has reported on his case with John Jepson starts on the 18th February in Pattaya .
    We have to say that we are relieved this case is finally coming to Court – you see it means we finally get a chance to show the Court our evidence.
    Brian Gerald James Goldie of course is a convicted criminal, being convicted in the UK and sentenced to six years jail in Australia.
    John Jepson of course runs Samui Real Estate Locators, based in Bophut, Koh Samui.
    Now Bampot has a few days between now and the 18th to think about how he is going to explain why he does not want to give the THB 3 million back!
    Now obviously after reading this story, anyone doing any business with Brian Gerald James Goldie will take care about handing money over – right?
    Now we will spend a few days getting some questions together like did you run a business in Thailand for years and not pay any taxes?
    Now if I was Brian Gerald James Goldie and I read this, which I know he will, unless I wanted to be exposed horribly in Court next week, I would be trying to work out how to avoid the hammering I was going to get under cross examination and finding a way to back out without being prosecuted for filing false criminal charges and/or perjury!

  4. Thais going to jail for ripping off farangs. Thai police deporting farang (alleged) criminals of their own volition. Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria. Next you'll tell me that the hamburgers eat people here.

    The wee bampot is certainly up against it now. Hopefully for Brian K. Worakam doesn't have any brothers that are displeased with the idea of their sister getting sold out buy a serial con-man. And to NDN kudos on the response to wbgs' hysterical blog post. The nice thing about all of these cases coming down (and the fact that there is a warrant, and the bail amount is not set) is that the time for consequences is drawing nigh, and bullshit is quickly losing its currency. Gambling is illegal here in the kingdom, but if it weren't I'd take as much action as I could get (and pay 3/1 on the back end) that wee Brian does a runner. He's not built for real confrontation.

    And Brian, if you are reading: you are assuredly vile, evil (hey an anagram), sneaky, and possibly ruthless. But, you are not thorough. Not by a mile. A man that is thorough knows all the exits from his situation and your continued ramblings remind me of a rabbit in a snare. And the rabbit has only one exit.

    edit: the first bit of my captcha was 555, 555 indeed Brian.

  5. The thing about Brian's blog is he seems to actually believe all his lies. I suppose when you've lied your whole life and spent the best part of your adult life lying, defrauding and stealing- the world of reality is the last place you'll find Brian Goldie. Going back to the time he left Scotland his life has been one endless litigation.

    His childhood must of been so dysfunctional, he seems to thrive on chaos and enjoy inflicting misery and pain on other people. He shows no remorse and cannot accept he is the guilty party. He has had a multitude of failed relationships and cannot hold a job without stealing from his employer it would seem.
    When doing business he cannot stop himself cheating and defrauding the people he deals with.

    How does a former bank teller become so perverted and deranged? Is it some organic genetic problem or is he simply a psychopath with no ability to tell right from wrong? Like Noyes he will seemingly take an endless amount of court cases in some perverted attempt to one-up his perceived enemies.

    You wonder how long this can go on before the Thai courts realise they are dealing with a vexatious sociopath. He needs to be in a secure facility under lock and key. The sooner the better.

  6. Brian has been sending me his usual threats on FB from behind his key board and now the hero has blocked me……..Again…..oh well…better open a new profile…..
    He's also claiming that he's recorded all my posts on this site and FB and I'm shortly to be bogged down with litigation. He's utterly deluded……So there's internet access from inside his soon to be new accommodation in a Thai prison….??

  7. That very big of you Goudie, sending in that girl like that! The poor lass probably had no idea what she was getting into signing documents to form a company from day one.

    Now that girl is another innocent victim of yours sitting in Jail!

    This will only further disgust people and hopefully will turn some of those who may still remain close to you… I would suggest Drummond publishes the number of the proper law firm acting on behalf of the old woman so that they can be informed of your movements and where you are at all times, so they can liaise with police so you can be picked up and thrown in jail – you low life XXXX.

    1. He may have two passports for a number of reasons – it is possible to obtain two British passports but the names and details in both passports will be the same.

      He may have applied for a new passport after changing his name, in which case his original passport would be invalid.

      Or he might have two passports if he has dual nationality.

      If he has two passports by any of these routes (I myself do), then he will only have a visa in one passport and must leave Thailand on the passport he used to enter Thailand.

      That said, as a matter of caution, anyone involved in the legal battles with this individual would be well advised to inform the court of the information that he has two passports – perhaps present the photos and blogs he himself has posted on the subject.

  8. Brian reveals how totally deluded he is on his latest blog posting. For him to label Andrew a liar is laughable. Let's look at just a few of the facts.

    Stole from a bank in Scotland and fled before he could face justice.
    Tried every deceitful tactic to be allowed to stay in Australia.
    Again stole from his employer but this time faced justice.
    Was removed from Australia for being a bad character.
    Fled to Thailand.
    Lied he was a lawyer.
    Lied he was a royal marine.
    Defrauded a dying man out of his property on his deathbed.
    Defrauded an elderly lady out of $300,000
    Defrauded another man out of his property.
    Posted porn pictures of his ex online.
    Had an innocent man jailed.
    Had an innocent Thai woman arrested
    Tried to sell a property development that doesn't exist.
    Takes out vexatious litigation against anybody who speaks out against him.

    Is it just me, or am I seeing a pattern here? Who knows what else he has done that we don't know about. Section 341 of the Thai criminal code clearly states

    Whoever dishonestly deceives a person with the assertion of a falsehood or the concealment of the facts which should be revealed, and by such deception, obtains a property from the person so deceived or a third person, or causes the person so deceived or a third person to execute, punished with imprisonment not exceeding three years or fined not exceeding six thousand Baht, or both.

    I would of thought misrepresenting yourself as a lawyer fits the above definition perfectly.

  9. Reading Goudie's blog is a study in desperation BS.

    Think about your "buddy" Whacky, Brian. He was lucky. Britain wanted him back, so it was a quick flight out to where prisons are built and managed, Western stylee for him.

    You, however will apparently spend time in a Thai prison. Britain doesn't want you. It appears nobody really wants you. However, I'm sure you'll be wanted there, in the Thai prison. Very wanted.

    Maybe you'll get to hang out with Mrs. Miller's son, so he can show you the ropes. By now he probably knows the ins and outs of Thai prison life and can be the one man to stand behind you when you've got a problem.

    Heck, I can already hear him bragging about your legal prowess and how you allegedly promised you could get him out of prison. Imagine the business you'll get when the other inmates hear of how you took care of Mr. Miller and his mother! Don't worry, I'm sure the son will keep that whole fake lawyer thingy to himself and none of the inmates will assume you have money because of the 300K USD you took off the son's mother.

  10. There is no mystery in obtaining two passports. Lose the original in a safe place and then of course it turns up after the new one arrives.
    Anyone living in a turd- world country should really have a spare- we're all crooks here until proven innocent, which is some cases is not possible, (or too costly).

  11. No need to hide your original passport, it is not illegal to own more than one passport. It is however illegal to use one to gain entry to a country & then leave on a different one.

    I have had 2 and sometimes 3 concurrent passports as they are needed for work purposes where I need to apply to foreign embassies for work permits.

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