O Sole Mio – Noyes Sad as Brit Drummond May Not Exist

The website andrew-drummond.co.uk has gone to meet its maker. 

Established by American Drew Noyes, 60. of One-Stop-Service Center, Pattaya, something of an internet warrior, and by his own testimony the recipient of many royal decorations, the intention was clearly to discredit the author of this site.

Readers clicking onto the site are liable to get this message. www.andrew-drummond.co.uk is not available and may not exist.

Noyes had breach regulations by submitting false information when registering the site.  I like the Andrew Drummond may not exist bit though.  Had to pinch myself.

His attempt at identity theft was fairly amateur. He copies large chunks of this site re-writing sections to discredit me – then registered the domain under his own name and at something similar to the address registered for andrew-drummond.com was registered at.

Noyes – sad

Noyes is currently waiting to hear what happened to his appeal against a 2 year jail sentence for extortion while he was publisher of the now defunct Pattaya Times. He has been refused permission to leave Thailand, as have David Hanks and Brian Goldie, his partners in various scams.

5 thoughts on “O Sole Mio – Noyes Sad as Brit Drummond May Not Exist

  1. I suspect we haven't seen the last of Drews dodgy WordPress blogs…very much quantity over quality though!

  2. Oh dear, another transparent, amateur smear attempt by our mentally defective friend Drew Noyes has failed? This guy is beyond help. How many sites and blogs has he set up now? They are just puerile nonsense and his writing style outs him every single time as the culprit. All he ever does is enhance his reputation as a mentally defective social parasite and public menace. He registers a fake site in his own name, real criminal mastermind!

  3. These guys need some training on how the internet works. Criminality in the digital space is not as clandestine as they think. They seem to have no idea how they incriminate themselves.

  4. To Drew Noyes:

    Finally you show your true face to the world. It looks like you may well get your 15 minutes of infamy yet. Better late than never Mr. D Bag.

    Be careful what you ask for Drew – 'cause you're gonna get everything that you deserve. Turn around is fair play – wouldn't you say so Drew Noyes?

    Sour Puss indeed, and it fits you to a T little boy

    Keep on pouting Loser !

  5. "Dear" Drew,

    Don't worry – you're getting extra publicity on Amazon e books – you're featured in "Bangkok Boiler Room Boys – Scammed in Thailand!"

    If you're too cheap to pay for it, you can read the free part.

    But you're gonna pay Big Time, as you're starting to realize…LOL

    Keep your thick head on a swivel Mate.. cause you will be pursued to the ends of the earth.

    Your 15 minutes starts NOW.

    And the "suckers" are gonna get the last laugh dirt bag..

    I hope you Enjoy it as much as your victims will.

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