They’re coming to take them away ha ha. Drew Noyes predicts arrest of all his barmy enemies

Drew Noyes’ Facebook picture.

Well it’s all going potty in Pattaya. Literally.  Thailand’s most famous American Drew Noyes, the ‘Mensa’ member and founder of the Pattaya Times who is going through the local courts on fraud and extortion charges is furiously saying his enemies are, well, stark raving bonkers.

And its just a matter of time before men with straightjackets or police pick them up.

Top of his latest list are Andre Machielsen and Thor Halland, once together with Noyes,  leading lights in the Pattaya City Expats Club.

Halland is a mental patient whom Noyes says is allegedly sought by the police.

His evil mind is apparently a danger to society. Machielsen is equally off his rocker according to Mr Noyes.

To sum up, together with the Flying Sporran and Andrew Drummond they are all going to hell in a handbasket and apparently this site has been closed down again. There is no course no truth to any of the allegations.

But this is a better likeness

All the people have in common is that they exposed Drew Noyes for one act or another.  His spiel is all here at this link.

Anyway for a recap on Drew Noyes, who claims 14 years in the service of the King of Thailand, just google him in conjunction with ‘myriad lies’, ‘sociopath’, ‘extortion’, ‘fraud’, ‘Wilmington Morning Star’.

Meanwhile in moves horrifyingly reminiscent of the film ‘Boys from Brazil’ Noyes has been around his children telling them his is taking them all to the United States.

And this

At the last account – and I am not including those in the US, one of whom emails regularly and seems to want to catch up with his dad’s exploits -there were nine in Pattaya.

Not all the mums are so keen on him taking their children away.

One mum is demanding child maintenance in Chonburi family court.

Left: They’re coming to take me away haha.

Andre Machielsen who Noyes said was banned from the US for being a drugs dealer has suggested I show his US visas. I am happy to oblige. He has also produce a letter from the Royal Dutch Embassy saying nothing to the detriment is known about him. While of course I believe this is unnecessary I am happy to oblige. I have obscured bits like date of birth and passport numbers. Santa Claus is innocent.

9 thoughts on “They’re coming to take them away ha ha. Drew Noyes predicts arrest of all his barmy enemies

  1. Mr. Noyes is going bonkers, lying is no more the description here, the fantasies of a lunatic is more accurate. You notice the times he post these spinsels, he is so obsessed with being flushed out he doesn't sleep no more. I sent you some documents, the same which were presented in court, you are free to post them here if you want. The appeals court action is on track, what "bringing the case too late to court", internet crime has a 5 year time limit. Time will tell, for Noyes claiming victory is premature to say it mildly.

  2. This is where Noyes is at his most dangerous and volatile.. He has lost his "Narcissistic supply" and being a Sociopath probably doesn't help either.. I actually feared the worst for a moment when I read the recent headline "57 yr old American Publisher found dead in South Pattaya" that Noyes had topped himself.

    He is clearly out of control and acting in a very strange way, his silly blog sites just go to prove that if anyone is a danger to society right now, then it is him. I think he needs a fresh start – somewhere new..

  3. Mr. Noise is so intelligent that he opened another stage for people to warn others of this psycho. The funniest part, he is the only one who can remove this blog for it is his creation. Calling yourselves Peter Griffin or anonymous makes no difference Drew, everyone knows. It seems someone has to talk to US Embassy staff concerning deadbeat fathers and how to inform them, that is serious in US law.

  4. Is Drew Noyes running a fake Thai government website?

    Here Drew Noyes says the website is his – Is where you supposedly can ask questions to the Crime Suppression Division of Royal Police. Wouldn't most people just go to the CSD website rather than ask questions on some weebly blog page?

    Maybe Noyes is so desperate for business he set up the site so he can answer the questions by referring people to his "law" business.

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